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「My, my, what is the matter~?」

Getting off Reki-kun and grasping the hands of the two, I matched the perfectly synchronized voices of Theo and Ellie as we marched towards Obaasama.


「You need two magic stones at the very least then~?」

「Yes! But, some spare for practice would be also nice」

「However, we need at least the two no matter what」

「I see…… I did not visit any Dungeons at all since coming to the Ovent too~」

「T, then!」

Our opponent of the decisive battle is the Great Hero of Ovent――Annela Obaasama.

She is naturally extremely fond of her grandchildren, so she quickly acknowledged…… or it seemed so, but the flow of her magical power was strange for some reason.

「Is this supposed to be your request to me then?」


「There must be a remuneration for completing a request」

「E, err…… Obaasama…… by remuneration, you mean?」

「Fufu…… well~ do you two properly understand how much two magic stones of the lowest quality are worth?」

Even one of the magic stones Theo and Ellie are requesting is so rare and valuable that one would be able to make a fortune for life by selling it.

Even though they are children of the Christophe House.

Additionally, Obaasama already has more money than she can possibly use, all of her jewelry is also a work of art.

Both Theo and Ellie understand that, so they are shaken up because they can’t understand just what it is that Obaasama seeks as remuneration.

The two are still not Obaasama’s opponent.

「Ba~baa, this is the lemuneation~」

「My, my~ how pretty~ Did Lily-chan raise this?」

「Ai. Only one was in a bloom~ That’s why I will give Ba~baa this as lemuneation~ Advance payment~」

「Fufu…… as expected of Lily-chan. I have received your request. Please wait for the good news」

「「Thank you very much, Obaasama!」」

「Fufu…… give your thanks to Lily-chan instead」

「「Yes! Thank you, Lily!」」

It’s not like Obaasama intended to demand the remuneration seriously.

But, magic stones are precious articles that are difficult to obtain even for the Christophe House.

It’s not something that can be given out just like that even if it’s for your beloved grandchildren’s present to their mother, so she intended to put up a little trial.

But, I understood the flow of her magical power with my eyes, so I tried replying innocently.

By the way, this was also something Ellie prepared on the way, but it seems that she got so nervous that she completely forgot about.

She’s still inexperienced, so it cannot be helped. Her combat abilities grew during the Knights’ practice, but she’s still a child beyond that.


Obaasama approved the acquisition of the magic stones, so there probably won’t be a problem.

Obaasama immediately brought Ojiisama to a Dungeon, so there will be a plenty of time for us until Claire’s birthday.

According to Obaasama, she will bring the magic stones in two or three days. Incredible, as one would expect of her.

Normally, obtaining magic stones is a long-term project in which one would have to risk their life.

However, this is our Obaasama. She apparently has means of transportation that are totally different from the normal methods.

Sani sensei said that there are some magic tools that can move between the floors, but those are limited to the specific Dungeon.

It’s a magic tool, so it’s something unobtainable for the general public.

Moreover, it apparently has limited uses too, but Obaasama uses it without hesitation.

As expected of Obaasama. She’s way too handsome.

The monsters magic stones are obtained from are formidable enemies that even a group of veterans soldiers would suffer against.

But well, this is Obaasama and Ojiisama we are talking about, so I have no worries.

There’s still a bit longer until the birthday, so I will do some practice too.

Obaasama and Ojiisama will bring several magic stones back, but I would like to rehearse before the actual performance.

Actually, practicing wouldn’t be possible without the magic tool Eliott made.

It is possible to reproduce the same functions with sorcery, but it couldn’t manage before.

But, the last time I tried my physical ability wasn’t as good, so it will be probably all right now.

At any rate, my physical abilities are in no way comparable to Theo and Ellie’s.

By the way, I can carry out some exercises with the assistance of sorcery.

Well, I can’t exceed the limits of a three-year-old though. Even with sorcery, I’m using my body, so it’s difficult.

Conversely speaking, if I didn’t have to use my body, I would be able to do anything with sorcery. I have learned that much.


Because we had to wait for Obaasama’s return to progress with our birthday plan, I parted with Theo and Ellie who each went to do their thing.

Of course, I received a storm of rubs and kisses during the parting though.

「Then, it seems that you were somehow able to manage with the birthday present」

[Yeah, it will go well since we entrusted it to Obaasama]

「Although everything would be much simpler if you could use the Aether Crystal Body~」

「That stuff is way too dangerous to bring out to the world. These things are beyond what the first-rate magic tool craftsmen can manage」

[Besides…… there’s a problem with the acquisition route~……]


The Aether Crystal Body Factory-kun raised his face from the Kutipad wonderingly.

Five six-sided dices were rolling on the screen. It seemed that Reki-kun might push the God of Poverty that was following behind him on anyone he touched.

「Well, leaving that aside…… Reki! Don’t come any closer, alright!? Don’t come over here!」

「Wafui~ (You just have to go into the minus~ just like me!)」

「Uwaa~! Uwaaa~! Stop it-! Don’t sell my things-! Not my 1.2 billion hoteeeel!」

As expected, the God of Poverty Reki-kun pushed onto Kuti sold all of her possessions on his own.

Kuti could only scream as the God followed her with a pinpoint accuracy.

[Yes, first place~]

「I am second」

「Not good, not goood~!」

「Wafii~ (I am going to be third!)」

The ending of the game was set on the number of years this time, so the game ended with the report of accounts.

But, as expected, Kuti’s situation seemed to be more than expected after her property got sold off.

Kuti whose bank went into minus in the blink of an eye was in a dead heat with Reki-kun who came into possession of her money.

「I won just barely~!」

「Wabu~ (I lost~)」

With the drum roll, a column with the final financial reports showed, and the two who nervously stared while holding their breaths, clearly divided into light and darkness.

「Haa~ ha ha ha! Did you think you can win against me, puppers! Wah~ ha ha ha!」

「Wabu~ wabu~ (Even though you are just Kuti-! I won’t lose the next time, alright-!)」

「Gaa~ ha ha ha! I can only hear the grumblings of a loser~! From a puppers!」


The sulky Reki-kun turned around and covered his face with his paws because of Kuti who was laughing out loud with a smug on her face after finally winning over him after a long while.

「…… You guys seriously get along well……」

「Haa~ ha ha ha!」



A slightly different laughter from the usual one echoed around the Reki-kun room today.

Amidst the crowd, Jiang Chen snickered as he watched Pillfire’s performance. It was changing its tune very quickly.

Before now, there’d been a focus on an honorable and respectable attitude. When profit was in sight however, it instantly reverted back to its old ways, dispensing with all pretense. The essence of its conduct was self-gain through any means necessary.

There was no reason for the Heavenly Dragon Sect and the Ninesuns Sky Sect to oppose this motion. They watched Pillfire’s performance with smiles on their faces, their tacit support evident.

The first rank sects had brought their own teams of elites. Losing any one member would be a tremendous blow. There was also no reason for them to actively scout ahead, given the risks.

Large sects always preferred others sacrificing themselves and dying on the sects’ behalf. There was plenty of cannon fodder to go around here, no?

How could those second-rate factions want a cut of the prize without paying something for that privilege?

The pressure on the inferior factions mounted. They could only begin discussions among themselves on what course of action to take. They knew that if they didn’t take stock of the situation, they would be pushed out for sure. The secret realm and its treasure would be barred to them forever.

“Everyone, it’s not the time to debate about fairness. The greatest fairness in the world of martial dao is survival of the fittest. The heavenly dao is just. You’re provided according to what your strength deserves. We either send out a few scouts right now, or we’re thrown out from the secret realm. What do we do?”

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