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Although selling the fruits for money was important, Suo Jia didn’t worry about eating them himself. After all….things that could boost one’s spirit power were things that no mage would be willing to skip out on. Suo Jia hadn’t eaten anything else but Snow Lotus fruits the past week. The fruits had become his only source of meals, and after a week had passed, he had eaten an entire bag of them.

In reality, the consumption of Snow Lotus fruits was supposed to be restrained. Eating one fruit could improve spirit power, but eating too many won’t have any effects, and thus they’d be wasted. However, Suo Jia didn’t care about these things, and gorged himself on them. Surprisingly, Suo Jia discovered that after eating a lot of them, there was a certain point where the spirit power would suddenly increase rapidly!

Finally, Suo Jia tossed the last Snow Lotus fruit into his mouth. Not completely satisfied, he licked his fingers clean. After eating 25kg of Snow Lotus fruits, Suo Jia had already gotten addicted. Unfortunately, he had eaten all of the fruits he had; besides from licking his fingers, he couldn’t do much else anymore.

Just as he was feeling sorry for finishing all the fruits, the room door opened, and Eldest Sister walked in with an excited expression. She placed a list in front of Suo Jia, and happily said, “The Snow Lotus fruits have all been sold. This is the list that Emma’s household sent; it also has the total income earned from the Snow Lotus fruits.”

Suo Jia reached out to look at the list closely. For each 0.05 kg of 9000 kg of Snow Lotus fruits that were sold, 20,000 gold was earned. The total earnings reached 360 million.

After splitting it amongst the fire wind warriors, they’d each get 5 million. They had really hit the jackpot this time. Although Suo Jia gave away half the earnings to the fire wind warriors, he himself still kept half of it. He had just spent 40 million, but then earned back 180 million; it was hard to imagine money could be earned so easily.

After receiving this good news, the first thing Suo Jia did was rush back to the underwater training area. Seeing Suo Jia walk over with such a happy expression, the girls expectantly looked at Suo Jia.

Facing the girls, Suo Jia loudly declared, “I bring good news; this operation was a complete success! All of the Snow Lotus fruits were sold out, and each of you earned 5 million in earnings!”

“Wa!” The girls all cried out in unison at Suo Jia’s words. Although they had always known that the Snow Lotus fruits were worth a lot of money, they hadn’t imagined that it could earn such a great amount.

Suo Jia said to the jubilant girls, “This time, I’ll give each of you 1 million gold for the time being. The rest of the money will still stay with me. Just as before, if you have a legitimate reason to use it, you can come to me at any time to collect the money.”

The girls didn’t really mind Suo Jia’s words. In their opinions, the million gold they were getting were their actual earnings. They didn’t plan on using the money that was in Suo Jia’s hands. Suo Jia had already given them rings worth millions of gold; when would they want money again? The additional money didn’t even need to be mentioned.

The girls all knew that the amount of money that Suo Jia spent on them would continue increasing. This was only the beginning; a strong group couldn’t just rely on the power of people. Equipment also had to keep improving, otherwise, how would the group grow stronger?

After some celebration, Suo Jia elegantly sat down. Of the 360 million gold, only 36 million had been given away. The amount of money under Suo Jia’s control had already reached 320 million. Even if he encountered a Legendary-ranked magic item, he’d still have the money to purchase it. Chapter 86 – Combat Equipment Pt. 2

Finally, everyone calmed down. All the girls consciously surrounded Suo Jia. One of the girls said, “Mister Suo Jia, this time when we went to collect the Snow Lotus fruits, we discovered many ice-elemental magical beasts. Originally….we could only run from such powerful magical beasts. However, with the interspatial rings that you have given us, we can try to annihilate those magical beasts now!”

“Yea!” Another girl chimed in, “That’s right, the defensive effect this ring has is really too formidable. With this ring, even if we encounter magical beasts much stronger than us, we’ll have the chance to kill it. Then we’ll be able to collect precious magic crystals, as well as any valuable materials from the magical beasts’ bodies!”

Hearing the girls’ words, Suo Jia couldn’t help but inhale sharply and he said incredulously, “God, you’re not planning on attracting the attention of those high-rank magical beasts, right? That’s too dangerous!”

“Of course it’s dangerous. But as long as we seize the opportunity properly, it won’t be a problem.” A girl said with absolute confidence.

Suo Jia bitterly smiled at the girls around him, and helplessly said, “Speaking with you girls is so exhausting; I don’t even know your names. What exactly should I be calling you!”

“Uh….” Muttering to themselves, the girls all knew that making Suo Jia remember each one of their names was a bit too difficult. It wasn’t convenient either, since….they couldn’t use their original names anymore.

After a while, one of the girls said, “Our names cannot be used anymore, and in my opinion, making up new ones is unnecessary, since no matter what, we can’t change our last names. I personally can’t abandon my ancestry. Therefore….for everyday communications, we should use the army numbering system!”

“Yes…..” Hearing the girl’s suggestion, the other girls all chimed in, each of them expressing their agreement.

Seeing everyone agree, one of the younger girls smiled and said, “In that case, why don’t we just number off by ages? The oldest one is #1, and the youngest one is #36. What do you think?”

“What about me? What number am I?!” Suo Jia cried out, seeing that he hadn’t been included.

Hearing Suo Jia’s exclamation, the girls all laughed out loud. That younger girl responded, “You’re obviously #0. You’re the most superior, and the leader of all of us, but you’re also the youngest!”

After hearing that he had the special #0, Suo Jia happily nodded, “Great, great. I’m very satisfied with this number. From now on, I’m #0, haha…”

Soon after, all the girls had agreed on what their numbers were. They wore a badge on their chest that had their numbers written on them, so that the number would be seen at first glance. This made addressing each other easier.

Moreover, another benefit to this numbering system was that the ones who were older became more powerful. The oldest 6 especially far surpassed everyone else; they were on a completely different level.

Although it was only based on age, in reality, they had also been numbered by strength. The oldest 6 sisters from #1-6 were each in charge of teaching 5 of their younger sisters, perfectly forming 6 groups of 6 people each. That way, in regards to both age and strength, these numbers had extremely important meanings behind them.

After organizing the number system, the most powerful #1 spoke up, “We’ve contemplated and researched many difficult and unsolvable issues before. However, now that we have these interspatial rings, everything has been resolved.”

#3 chimed in, “Eldest Sister is right. Our fire attribute can resist the ice-elemental magical beasts’ freezing abilities, and our wind attributes can make our movements faster than the magical beasts’. Adding on these interspatial rings’ absolute defense: Space Shield, our powerful combat abilities, and our great teamwork, we can definitely defeat magical beasts far more powerful than us!”

#3 sighed in admiration at the ring on her finger and continued, “Moreover…with this interspatial ring, we are also guaranteed to be able to survive outside for long periods of time. No matter whether it’s tents or food, neither of them require additional stamina to carry around. Besides, even if we get injured, we can find a good place to recover and heal. That’s why….no matter how powerful a magical beast we face, we will definitely have a chance at killing it.”

Faced with the girl’s thoughts, Suo Jia could not help but swallow hard. He knew that once they had gotten used to fighting with the extremely powerful magical beasts, the comparably much weaker humans would be like using a melon cutting knife to slice vegetables. Although this was extremely dangerous, Suo Jia couldn’t help but admit that doing this would show results. At the same time, it was also the best way to train them.

“Alright!” Finally, after much contemplation, Suo Jia said with difficulty, “I’ll agree. However, you have to promise me that you definitely cannot force yourself too much. Although strength is extremely important, it has be gained one step at a time. Don’t take unnecessary risks; if the situation doesn’t look good, immediately retreat. I don’t want anything to happen to any of you!”

Touched, #1 looked at Suo Jia and firmly said, “Don’t worry, Mister Suo Jia. No matter how adventurous we are, we still value our own lives. Unless there’s absolutely no other option, we would never lightly sacrifice ourselves.”

Reassured, Suo Jia nodded, and then knit his brows, “Originally, you girls could already set off. However….since your actions are so dangerous, I think….I need to go out and select some weapons and armors for you all. I definitely won’t let you girls use these broken pieces of metal to fight those magical beasts with your lives on the line; that’s just looking for death!”

“Ya!” The girls couldn’t help but cry out in shock at Suo Jia’s words. There was no warrior that didn’t desire for a good weapon and strong armor. However, these were really expensive, and few people could afford them. All the girls knew that this time, Suo Jia would be spending a lot of money again.

Seeing how excited the girls were, Suo Jia smiled and said, “I don’t quite understand the battle techniques that you fire wind warriors use. Tell me, what types of weapons and armors are you more comfortable with?”

In response to Suo Jia’s words, #1 happily replied, “The weapons we use are very unique. Normally, those with the fire attribute use knives, and those with the wind attribute use swords. However, dual elements like us, use weapons that are half knife and half sword. The weapons we desire the most are the Holy Cross Blades used by the Church. My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him But…”

#1 didn’t finish her sentence. The Holy Cross Blade were the highest grade weapons that the Church’s Holy Knights used. These were extremely costly to make, since they were of superior craftsmanship, and the prices were really too expensive.

The Holy Cross Blades were something that even Suo Jia had heard of before. They were really just broadswords with 60cm long shafts. The sword guards were 120 cm long, and they could only be carried on one’s back. From the distance, it seemed as if one was carrying an enormous cross.

The Holy Cross Blade’s blade was 1.5 meters long; with the addition of the 50 cm long shaft, its total length reached up to over 2 meters. Even warhorses could be cleaved in half with a single cut. This was the Holy Knight’s highest grade weapon.

However, although the Holy Cross Blades were the Holy Knights’ greatest weapons, the only ones that could really display their full strengths were the fire wind warriors. With their explosive strength and speeds as fast as the wind, they could easily make these broadswords become Death Scythes that reaped people’s souls.

Although it was extremely precious, Suo Jia paid no mind to it. It should be pointed out that Suo Jia relied on these 36 fire wind warriors the most to achieve his goal of going on the Greater Trade Routes. A mage like him that didn’t have a group of valiant warriors to protect him wouldn’t be able to face powerful foes relying on his strength alone. Only under close protection could he release his world-shattering magic techniques.

Suo Jia nodded and said, “Alright. In that case, then even though I can’t fulfill your wishes now, there will eventually come a day where I’ll be able to give each of you your own Holy Cross Blades. For now, in terms of armor, do you have any requests?”

In response to Suo Jia’s question, #1 replied, “In terms of armor, we’re more comfortable with lighter and stronger armors, it is key that they must be flexible. The most important characteristic is that they must have cloaks. We have many motions that are fully used by integrating them with the cloak. The longer the cloak, the better. The most ideal armor is the one that high-ranking officials normally wear into battle!”

Faced with #1’s words, Suo Jia felt completely powerless. This fellow really wanted everything; the armor of a high-ranking official was obviously the best battle armor. It was not only able to block arrows, but also had a powerful magic resistance.

“Alright….” Helplessly shaking his head, Suo Jia bitterly smiled, “The Church’s Holy Cross Blades and high-ranking officials’ armor are your ideal weapons and equipment, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes….” The girls all nodded in response to Suo Jia’s words. #28 excitedly said, “Once we wear battle armor like that, we would even be able to kill all the king’s horses and all the king’s men. We’d be able to roam around unobstructed. Since the beginning of history, these are the most powerful weapons and equipment for fire wind warriors!” Chapter 87 – Treasures Are Hard to Find Pt. 1

General armor was not armor that came from ancient times. In truth, this was actually modern alchemic technology that infused ancient magic into the armor. The armor’s quality was light-weight, however the strength of the armor far surpassed that of forged metal. Behind it swayed a large cloak, and so for a team, this general armor was their strongest asset. In actuality, the name general armor was not really the best name for the item. This warrior armor should actually be named Marshal’s Armor.

How much money would be needed, Suo Jia simply did not know. However Suo Jia knew that there was not yet any urgency to obtain this armor. One, was that it was too expensive and he could not afford it currently, and the other aspect was that armor wasn’t as important as weapons.

Holy Cross Blades were the weapons most suited for the fire and wind warriors. The sooner they obtained those weapons, the sooner they could grow accustomed to using them. If they obtained them too late, then they would have to decide whether or not the weapons were still worth getting.

Speaking of weapons, Suo Jia suddenly remembered that strange dagger. He took out his interspatial ring and gave the dagger to #1 and said while perturbed, “#1, take a look at this dagger for me. How powerful is this dagger after it is imbued with battle qi?”

Smoothly accepting the dagger, fire wind warrior #1 waved the dagger around a couple of times, her face exuding a bewildered expression. She was most likely shocked by the strange feeling of the dagger!

She slowly gathered battle qi, soon after… #1 infused the battle qi into the dagger. Then, with a fizz sound, #1 easily pierced through a hard stone pillar with the dagger.

Seeing this scene, Suo Jia could not help but open his eyes wide. Faced with what happened right in front of him, there was already sufficient evidence that when this dagger was supported by battle qi, it definitely had destructive power. With things turning out this way, this dagger’s value was now simply immeasurable.

Gently removing the dagger from the stone pillar, #1 shook her head in admiration. “Heavens, this dagger has ridiculous penetrating power. If you just compress your battle qi a bit, then the damage you can inflict on your target would nearly double. If a thief were to use this dagger, it could utilize backstab, gouge, one-strike kill, counterattack, assassinate… and other thief techniques. It would double one’s base power!”

Hearing #1’s words, Suo Jia immediately entered a petrified state. This was the same as saying that upon obtaining this dagger, the thief’s offensive power and destructive capacity would instantly double. This was simply ridiculous, and although it was not an Epic-ranked dagger, it’s benefits far surpassed that of an Epic-ranked equipment.

For example, the thief’s one-strike kill relied on speed and one’s courageous advancing manner. To be able to inflict three times the usual damage, this originally was already quite ridiculous. However… on this foundation, where the offensive power was doubled, then it was like doubling the triple damage! A thief, with this dagger, could create up to six times the offensive power!

Generally, if a thief’s weapon did not specialize in speed, then it specialized in one-strike killing. There weren’t many that increased attack power like magical staffs, however this dagger precisely increased attack power. One could use a limited amount of battle qi and condense it to deal twice as much damage. This was simply too frightening.

Right when Suo Jia was thinking, #1 continued her words of praise, “This dagger feels really comfortable in my hands, and it moves freely and effortlessly, strengthening your control of the weapon. It also increases your accuracy, as well as blocking sound and glare. This makes it so that even when you attack, you can maintain your stealth.”

While speaking, #1 handed the dagger back to Suo Jia and sighed in praise. “This is simply ridiculous, where did you get such a dagger from? This dagger is really priceless; it isn’t something money can buy! If this was paired up with an interspatial ring, it definitely becomes an unbeatable combination. With the interspatial ring as well as this dagger, you would still have a chance even when fighting head on against warriors.”

“Hehe…” With a smile on his face, he put away the dagger. Suo Jia laughed and said, “Alright, for the next couple of days, you all should stay in here and cultivate. I’m going out to stroll around the bazaar and see if I can pick up some other good items.” Saying these words, Suo Jia couldn’t wait any longer, and left the fire wind warriors here, as he went to look for Sixth Sister to discuss tomorrow’s plans.

This couldn’t be blamed on Suo Jia, as the first time he went to the bazaar he was able to acquire so many good things. Putting aside the Inferno Blade that no one was using at the moment, just the 44 interspatial rings, this dagger, and that mysterious blue glove was already enough to make Suo Jia so excited he couldn’t sleep.

Clearly, this dagger alone was already something that money could not buy. As for the 44 interspatial rings, even if it was sold at market price, would still be able to sell for a bit more than 400 million. Even if Suo Jia were to just exchange the Vulcan’s Roar for the 44 rings, he would still be ripping the other party off.

Lastly was this strange blue glove. Although as of right now, Suo Jia only noticed that the glove could block cold. However, even an idiot would realize that couldn’t be all there was to it, only that Suo Jia currently couldn’t figure out the other effects.

In addition, even if the blue glove had no other features besides blocking cold, even if he would have to pay tens of thousands of gold, obtaining this glove meant that he would no longer have to worry about the bitter cold invading his skin. Everyday when he cultivated in the Ice and Snow Pact, he would be able to extend his practice by five or six times. This effect directly allowed Suo Jia’s ice arts to become more powerful. The more you cultivated, the more you would benefit, this is the same for everyone.

Early the next morning, Suo Jia once again asked for a leave of absence. Continuously for the past two weeks, Suo Jia did not really attend school. He was absent every single day, but since Suo Jia had good grades and his strength was also good, the school did not care too much about it. Even if they wanted to control him, the relationship between Suo Jia and Holy Light City would make the school reconsider.

Together with Sixth Sister, the two once again hurried towards the bazaar. Immediately after the first dozen steps, Suo Jia saw a huge booth. The booth was filled with weapons and other types of equipment and bizarre items. Suo Jia rushed curiously at once towards the booth.

He immediately looked at the items that were seemingly tattered. Ever since he had the experience of obtaining that dagger, Suo Jia took a particular interest in these ragged items. After all… that was how he obtained such an extraordinary dagger.

Seeing that Suo Jia was excitedly looking at such tattered items, the stall owner laughed and said, “This little guy has a good eye, these items were all dug up from an old tomb. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some treasure among them!”

Hearing the stall owner’s voice, Suo Jia could not help but feel startled. According to the opposing party’s words, there actually might be a chance of obtaining treasures. Suo Jia was not the only person who felt this way, and after thinking about it for a while, Suo Jia quickly became relieved. This world’s treasures came in all different weird shapes and sizes, no one could consistently tell the difference. No matter how clever the appraisers were, there were bound to be some mistakes made.

After thinking about it, most Epic-ranked items, weapons, and equipment were discovered this way. If the items were old and tattered, then it would be difficult to recognize. Similar to the dagger that Suo Jia had, even though it was extremely powerful, you would never be able to find the dagger’s name on any books.

All of the Legendary and Epic-ranked equipment were previously owned by legendary figures or epic heroes, causing them to be famous. In actuality, however, the equipment used by legendary heroes and figures were not necessarily the most powerful, but simply the most well-known. After all, the equipment of those nameless heroes might be even more powerful.

As he thought about all this, when Suo Jia saw those old and tattered items, he already no longer had his previous excitement. If it was that easy to choose something, then all of the weapons, equipment, and magical items wouldn’t be so expensive. If they were to randomly sort through it one by one, then a couple thousand gold would be enough to casually buy the items.

“However…” Standing up straight, Suo Jia looked at the endless items in front of him. Within the ten thousand, or maybe even a hundred thousand items, Suo Jia was convinced that there must be at least one extremely precious treasure hidden here. The Warrior Alpha Female Although there might only be one or two, as long as they were able to find and purchase it, then this would be a successful trip.

The two most important aspects for this task were vision and luck. To find a single good thing within hundreds of thousands of items, it really was too difficult of a task. One possibility would be to purchase everything, but doing such a thing would simply be too frightening for anyone other than Emma.

While Suo Jia was lost in his thoughts, the stall owner laughed and said, “Little friend, for these mysterious items, each of them are 100,000 gold. You can randomly pick around, and if you can find a treasure, then it’s your profit!” Chapter 88 – Treasures Are Hard To Find Pt.2

“Che….” Frowning in disdain, Suo Jia who had already learned his lesson would not be tricked so easily. He looked at a few stained mysterious objects, but immediately lost interest. A good magic item, if not made of a special type of silver, had to be made of a precious metal so that it wouldn’t rust easily.

Seeing Suo Jia’s expression of disdain, the stall owner’s voice couldn’t help but rise a pitch, “Little friend, I’m not bragging. Our Ma De prestigious thief family’s booth has the highest chance of having good products. Our family’s name is exhibited there for a reason; aside from a few extremely powerful thief families, nobody else has the abilities to go on dangerous adventures!”

Hearing the stall owner’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes could not help but light up. His heart skipped a beat as he smiled, “Boss, is your family very awesome? I wonder, in Holy Light Empire’s rankings of thief families, where does yours place?”

“Hehe….” Proudly smiling, the stall owner said arrogantly, “Our Ma De family is ranked 28th in the new rankings for Holy Light Empire’s thief families. How about it? We’re awesome right?”

“Eh….28th!” Seeing the boss’ proud expression, Suo Jia had thought that the family would be ranked in the first few places. He hadn’t imagined it’d only be 28th place; how could being ranked after 20 possible be awesome!

Seeing Suo Jia’s stunned expression, the stall owner’s face immediately turned bright red as he shouted, “You brat, if we were ranked in the first 20 places, why would we set up a booth here? We would’ve opened our own family shop ages ago.”

Speaking up to here, the boss loudly said, “Go, go, go….if you aren’t buying anything, don’t cause trouble. If you could afford good things, why would you come to the bazaar? If you’re really that amazing, you should go to the Lin Sen family’s store to go buy things. They’re the first ranked thief family; you should be satisfied with that, right? Then again, how could a little brat like you be able to afford things like that?”

Suo Jia didn’t mind the stall owner’s words; on the contrary, his eyes lit up. He didn’t actually want to buy good things, but he wanted to go and make a deal with their business. With the thief dagger, Suo Jia really wanted to know whether or not the first ranked Lin Sen family would have any good items to trade with him!

Now that he knew the Lin Sen family’s existence, Suo Jia didn’t dally any longer, and immediately left the bazaar. Under Sixth Sister’s guidance, they began to walk towards the Lin Sen Commerce Union.

Fortunately, Sixth Sister knew the exact location of the Lin Sen Commerce Union. However, originally she did not know the status of Lin Sen, so she naturally did not care too much about it. Now that the young master wanted to go, locating it was not a problem.

After thirty minutes, the two individuals arrived at the Lin Sen Commerce Union’s entrance. Being the number one aristocratic thief family in the entire world, Lin Sen aristocratic family had their own commerce union within Holy Light City. The second floor was used for office purposes, while the first floor was an enormous store.

As soon as they entered, Suo Jia was blinded by the glittering items from within the store. Each weapon and set of armor glowed brightly; one could tell from a single glance that these items were of high quality.

The Lin Sen Commerce Union was extremely lively. A large amount of people entered and exited constantly. Nobody noticed a small child like Suo Jia, and the majority of them thought that he was a child that had accompanied his parents inside. They couldn’t have possibly imagined that Suo Jia was a major customer. He was not only coming to purchase things, he even had a treasure that any thief would beg for in their dreams!

After circling around, Suo Jia was a bit disappointed. Although the items in the store were all treasures and there were even Ideal-ranked goods, it was very obvious that none of these things would satisfiy Suo Jia’s needs.

Suo Jia disappointedly walked up to the service counter and asked in discontent, “Boss, do you only have these goods in this store? Don’t you have any better ones? You guys are the Lin Sen Commerce Union, you must at least have a Legendary-ranked equipment to sell, right?”

The Commerce Union’s boss rudely rolled his eyes at Suo Jia and said, “Young children that don’t understand anything shouldn’t talk about such things. Of course we have Legendary-ranked equipment, but….why would we so casually display something so precious? If you don’t have anything to do, go play somewhere else. Can’t you see we’re busy?”

Hearing the boss’ words, Suo Jia could not help but try to suppress his anger. It was inconvenient to be so young. No matter where he went, people wouldn’t respect him at all. Even buying things ended up the same way.

“Ya! It really is Brother Suo Jia!” Just as Suo Jia was inwardly fuming, a clear sound rang out from outside the door. A small figure happily bounded inside.

Without even turning his head, Suo Jia could tell from the voice that it was definitely Emma that had arrived. He turned around and indeed….Emma had arrived with some of her escorts. She skipped over to him happily. Seeing her energetic state, Suo Jia couldn’t help but groan. Did a mature, adult woman like her really need to walk like that?

Although Suo Jia also had to agree that Emma’s outer appearance had been changed by him to make her seem like a young girl of 13-14 years old, her age was after all, still set. What kind of delicate appearance was she trying to fake.

While Suo Jia was inwardly frowning to himself, Emma had already arrived at Suo Jia’s side. She pulled at Suo Jia’s arm, and asked excitedly, “Why didn’t you go to school today, and run all the way here in your free time? Did you come to buy something? If anything has caught your eye, I’ll buy it for you.”

In response to Emma’s words, Suo Jia gloomily glanced at the boss and helplessly said, “I did want to buy something, but others say that I’m just a little kid, and won’t let me see anything good.”

“What!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Emma suddenly became round. Both hands pinching her waist, she angrily shouted at the shop owner, “I don’t care if you are Lin Sen or Mu Sen, as long as you are running a shop in Holy Light City, then it is important to follow Holy Light City’s Economy Act. If I am not mistaken, all customers are to be treated equally and fair trade must be conducted. This is actually the first line of the Act, and yet you dare to…”

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