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“It’s everyone’s responsibility to beat down a wretch!”


Other than a few rookies who did not want to engage in a many against one battle, the other rookies surrounded Shi Xiaobai. The matter regarding Naagin had long made them bear a grudge. Now, with them being mocked, how could they stand for that?

The rookies charged over while issuing war cries!

Shi Xiaobai immediately beamed.

This was experience. Come, come, hurry up and beat This King violently!

Three punches were the first to hit Shi Xiaobai. Like a long drought that received rain, Shi Xiaobai could not help but moan.

Seeing the rookies surrounding him in rage, Shi Xiaobai felt that happiness had come too suddenly!

Thirty minutes later.

As dozens of rookies took turns to violently beat Shi Xiaobai, Shi Xiaobai finally could not resist the joy in his heart. He began to brazenly laugh.

The laughter made the rookies feel like they had seen a ghost, but immediately it gave rise to more anger! Immediately, another new round of battle began. People lined up to take turns beating Tu Dahei up.

Wang Lin, who had been observing from the side for a very long time, looked at the nearby Xiang Wu and said, “I want to try and see how amazing Tu Dahei’s resistance is against beating.”

“Are you sure it’s just amazing, and not shocking?”

Xiang Wu made a rare laugh but turned serious and said, “I’m also very curious how he does it. How is he still so lively after being beaten by dozens for half an hour?”

“I’ll be going first.”

After Wang Lin said that, he walked towards Shi Xiaobai.

Xiang Wu hesitated for a moment before he followed behind.

The two strongest Annihilation rookies had finally made their move.

Three hours later.

Yes, you didn’t read wrongly. Three hours have passed.

In the entire period of three hours, there was no need to talk about Shi Xiaobai being beaten down, there was not even a single instance of Shi Xiaobai letting out a scream. And most important of all, this fellow’s body was becoming harder the more he was beaten!

During these three hours, people successively realized of the tragic fact.

Fuck, they just realized they had been giving Shi Xiaobai a free happy ending.

Nearly everyone chose to give up after struggling for a moment.

At this moment in time, only Hua Pengju, Wang Lin and Xiang Wu were putting in the final efforts.

Hua Pengju managed to sustain a very long time this time, unlike how he usually failed to get it up. The indignation in his heart made him refuse to give up.

Wang Lin, who was the strongest person amongst the rookies over the past few days, naturally had some pride in him. Although Tu Dahei appeared to be excited and happy while he was beating him up, Wang Lin could not lower his proud head.

When Xiang Wu attacked Shi Xiaobai, he realized how lacking his strength was and the flaws in his techniques. As such, he used Shi Xiaobai as a training partner, so he was still putting in the effort.

In short, there were three people who did not give up. Yama Minamiya and company did not intervene which caused the “abuse” that no longer felt the same to continue on. At this moment in time, people were not waiting for the moment Shi Xiaobai collapsed but for the moment Wang Lin and company would curse out loud with a “Fuck this, I’m done.”

In fact, Shi Xiaobai was already extremely satisfied despite the increase being extremely slow near the later stages. In three hours, his physical numbers had risen to 19, and nearing the end, it was stuck for half an hour without showing any signs of breaking the stagnating trend.

As such, Shi Xiaobai already realized that the experience from the rookies, including Wang Lin and Xiang Wu, was utterly inadequate.

“It’s time to end the battle. Time to use This King’s Turtle-speed Divine Punch!”

Shi Xiaobai thought in his mind.

But at this moment, a clear face appeared in his mind. It was a delicate face with beautiful features beneath silver hair. A faint smile suffused on the face’s lips.

“This King’s right hand, King of Snacks!?”

Shi Xiaobai was immediately shocked because Chen Lingcun’s face did not flash past his mind and instead was fixed in his consciousness. It was like a picture had forcibly occupied a computer screen.

Shi Xiaobai shook his head and blinked but he could not evict the clear face from his mind.

But immediately following that, the face in his mind started to turn blur and flash. The colors of the picture seemed to peel off, like paint that was paring.

At the same time, the experiences he shared with Chen Lingcun suddenly began playing from the end to beginning in his mind.

The scene of how Lingcun shattered his Psionic Shield with a light punch.

The scene of how Lingcun was mocked as the weakest rookie.

The scene of how Lingcun was called up the stage.

The scene of how Lingcun told him not to help Xiang Wu by acting impulsively.

The scene of how Lingcun analyzed how to conceal the identity of “Shi Xiaobai”.

The scene of how Lingcun said “Shi Xiaobai is the hope of all humanity”.

These scenes played frame after frame in his mind before they peeled off like paint, eventually turning to white blankness. And when Shi Xiaobai realized that every scene had gone white, he felt like they had all disappeared from his mind!

It was as though-his memories were being lost!

And at this moment, his mind had played the first scene of their meeting. Under the sunlight, that silver-haired youth was standing beside Ye Jiaquan with his hands in his pocket, a smile suffusing across his lips.

And this scene was just like the previous ones. It slowly lost its colors and turned a blur. It was about to turn to white blankness.


Shi Xiaobai widened his eyes slightly as intuition told him that the moment this picture disappeared, he would completely forget the silver-haired youth.

Chen Lingcun would become an existence that never existed in his world!

“Make your choice, youth!”

A fiery voice resounded in his mind. Shi Xiaobai’s body was frozen in time, but his consciousness regained its freedom.

He saw at a glance Hua Pengju and his four lackeys that were charging at him. Their face had hideous smiles and confident looks.

At the same time, black text materialized before his eyes.

[ Choice 1: Kill Chen Lingcun (A-level reward) ]

[ Choice 2: Save Chen Lingcun (B-level reward) ]

[ Choice 3: Give up on Chen Lingcun (F-level reward) ]

Shi Xiaobai finally realized that time had wound back, returning to the moment the Absolute Choice appeared. This meant that-he had failed the choice he made!

This meant that…

“Make your choice, youth!”


Author’s Note: The funny parts are over. Next up is the actual show!

1. The Chinese words used for Naagin () sounds like “hand your money over” () Chapter 122: Do not scream in pain even when balls shatter

“Make your choice, youth!”

The fiery voice continue to resound in his mind, as Shi Xiaobai’s thoughts felt like they were being mixed into a mess, while the lost memories were immediately squeezed back into his head. The scenes that had to do with Chen Lingcun was pieced back one by one.

Moments later, Shi Xiaobai’s churning mind finally calmed down, but the calm did not last long because Shi Xiaobai had realized a harsh reality-time had looped back, returning to the moment the Absolute Choice appeared. This meant that he had failed the choice of [Save Chen Lingcun] after three hours!

Shi Xiaobai recalled how he had failed twice back when he chose [Save Little Fatso], and both failures were a result of Little Fatso, Zhu Zhu, being killed by Sahadun. Hence, it could be determined that failure to save the target was equivalent to the target dying!

With the aforementioned conjectures, it all pointed to a conclusion-Chen Lingcun would die three hours later!

Shi Xiaobai’s heart immediately turned heavy. Even if the Absolute Choice repeated again, he would still naturally choose [Save Chen Lingcun]. It had nothing to do with what position Chen Lingcun had taken up in his heart. Even if it was a stranger, as long as it wasn’t a wicked person, amongst the choices of [Kill], [Give up] or [Save], he would definitely choose [Save].

He always remembered the final words his elder brother said to him in that tiny cupboard-He was the King who would eventually save the world. If he did not have the courage or will to save a single person, what was the point of talking about saving an entire world?

However, the most intractable problem in front of him was how he was to save Chen Lingcun.

The only information he now knew was that “Chen Lingcun would die three hours later”. Where Chen Lingcun was, or what fatal danger he would encounter were all crucial clues that Shi Xiaobai lacked.

In such a situation, Shi Xiaobai had to first find out where Chen Lingcun was. And the person that could provide the slightest of clues about Chen Lingcun’s whereabouts was clearly…Ye Jiaquan!

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes slightly lit up. Maybe Chen Lingcun had said something before he left, or he might have inadvertently revealed where he was heading?

Maybe Ye Jiaquan knew where Chen Lingcun was!

Time once again began spinning. Hua Pengju and company were charging at Shi Xiaobai from different directions. They believed that had sealed off all routes of retreat for Shi Xiaobai, so their strike was both ruthless and decisive!

But this time, Shi Xiaobai did not retract the tip of his foot that was about to take flight!

Shi Xiaobai was feeling a sense of pity. After the time reset, his technique, “This Turtle Is Hardest” that reached level 19 returned to its original level 0. His body was still tofu crap, and in other words, the three hours of “happy ending” was done for nothing!

Also, at this moment, Shi Xiaobai no longer had time to tangle himself with Hua Pengju and company. He no longer had time to use “This Turtle Is Hardest” to cultivate his body because [Save Chen Lingcun] was an urgent matter!

Shi Xiaobai used Crab Steps and took the simplest and most direct method of lateral side jumps to dodge Hua Pengju’s punch before shooting out of the five people’s encirclement like a beam of light.

Although this process was simple, it was done extremely fast. Hua Pengju and company did not even see Shi Xiaobai’s motions. All they saw was Shi Xiaobai flash suddenly and after sweeping up a whirlwind, he had escaped from their encirclement and sights.

At the instant when Hua Pengju and company’s punches and kicks lost their target, they were unable to retract them in time, causing them to hit each other!


Hua Pengju’s groin had unfortunately been hit by Ah Six’s kick into the nether regions. He screamed immediately and his thighs turned inwards as he squatted down. His hands covered his little partner at his groin as he constantly issued out a hissing sound.

Ah Six immediately exclaimed and hurriedly rushed to Hua Pengju. He had used a lot of strength in his kick and had failed to retract it in time. This kick had hit with full force! Furthermore, Ah Six kept feeling that he had kicked something spectacular.

“Bo…Boss, is…is that part of you alright!?”

Ah Six asked with a wretched face. He remembered that when he kicked Hua Pengju’s groin, he had apparently heard the sound of something crunch.

Ah One and Ah Three also came beside him and reveal worried looks. Would their Boss…

Hua Pengju was already in a state of confusion from the pain. At the moment he heard Ah Six’s question, he used his strength to pinch the lackey’s hand he was holding, causing a heart-wrenching scream to immediately resound.

Hua Pengju’s eyes were glazed as though he had no love in his life.

“My balls have shattered!”

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