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“Buddha is merciful.”

All the other Buddhas lowered their heads and muttered in a soft voice.

Right now, the heart of the Ancestral Buddha was burning with rage. How could he not understand what that Buddha Lord was trying to imply? How could he possibly allow him to act so brazenly?

At this moment, the Ancestral Buddha left the place and appeared within a completely endless void.

Today’s affair was one that he had to settle immediately. For that human to dare to act so audaciously, the only path awaiting him was death.

At this moment, the Ancestral Buddha raised his finger and sent a long Buddha light into the void, penetrating through the boundless river of space and time.

“Ancestor of the Star race, Ancestor of the Night Devils, please have a meeting with Your Buddha here.” The Ancestral Buddha muttered in a low voice. His words came out as Buddhist texts that floated in the void.

All of a sudden, a galaxy river appeared within the endless void. This galaxy river was endless and filled with all sorts of stars. Within it was a particular ancient star that was flushed red, above which stood a figure.

“Ancestral Buddha, what do you require?”

“Ancestor of the Star race, we’ll discuss when the Ancestor of the Night Devils arrives.” The Ancestral Buddha replied.

Right after the words of the Ancestral Buddha finished, a pitch black streak of light arrived from a distance. This black streak of light was the blackest thing that one could ever find in the entire universe. There was nothing blacker than this.

“Ancestral Buddha, what’s the matter?” The voice of the Ancestor of the Night Devils was cold, and his eyes pitch black. If anyone were to exchange a single glance with him, they could just sink in and be lost in the endless darkness forever.

“The two emperors here, Your Buddha would wish to seek help from you guys to take down a single human.” The Ancestral Buddha requested.

While the Ancestral Buddha might feel that there was something up with the human, taking him down naturally would not require him to personally come forth and seek help from these two emperors. There was something else he wanted to discuss.

“Hue!” The Ancestor of the Star race laughed out. “Ancestral Buddha, you asked for us to come over. I don’t suppose this should be the only issue, right? For three of us to take action over a single human, it’s not as though he’s some heaven revolting powerful being, is he?”

“Naturally that human isn’t of the greatest concern. I’ve heard that the Great Sage of the Monkey race and Goddess Nuwa of the Snake race et cetera had met in private, and have formed an alliance. Now that this era is on the cusp of destruction, the chance of a true eternity is still ever so elusive for us. If we don’t band together, there’s practically going to be no chance at all.” The Ancestral Buddha continued.

“There’s such a thing?” The Ancestors of the Star race and the Night Devils exchanged a single glance. Even though this was what they said on the surface, they had already understood this fact in their hearts.

“Naturally. It’s not as though the words of Your Ancestral Buddha could be madness, could they?” The Ancestral Buddha replied.

The 3,000 Demonic Gods of the Ancient race were all competing with one another, and their hearts were not aligned. The same could be said for these great emperors of the thousands of races. All of them had their own agendas.

The true path to eternity wasn’t one that was so easily obtained.

In the previous era, everyone was defeated and had to go back into slumber. Now that they were awakened, they naturally had to fight their way to the top once more.

The Ancestral Buddha said many things to these two emperors. However, the prerequisite for everything was for them to help him take down that damned Human.

For the Ancestral Buddha, everything that had happened today was something that he couldn’t endure at all.

On the other hand, the Ancestor of the Star race ruled over all the endless stars in the sky. For him to seek out a single Human in this vast world was something that he could do with ease.

“Where are we now?” Reverend Shakya followed Lin Fan and came out of the void. He looked around him with bewilderment, not knowing where they had arrived.

“How could I possibly know?” Lin Fan shook his head. The changes in this world had been simply way too huge. Along the way, Lin Fan could already feel a couple of different auras.

These auras belonged to different races out there, and they were all grouped up into masses. He had sensed a few of those oppressors of the Ancient race from the past as well. However, the current Ancient race was not as dominant as before.

Just that road along here earlier on, Lin Fan had already come across quite a few waves of Ancient race beings that were slain by the beings of the thousands of races.

And to Lin Fan’s surprise, the cultivation states of the beings of the thousands of races had actually skyrocketed to an unbelievable extent!

There were as many Divine Celestial level 7 beings as dogs, and comparable number of level 8 state beings that trawled around the entire place. He could grab a whole bunch of level 9 state beings wherever he looked, and there were quite some level 10 state beings!

This was simply too huge a change, to the extent that Lin Fan was starting to think that this wasn’t the same world as the one he had experienced before.

And indeed, it was as Lin Fan had thought. The changes were great indeed. Compared to the past, the difference could only be described with nothing but Heaven and Earth.

With the fusion of the Infinite Worlds, the Laws of the universe had upgraded to an even higher level. In the past, reaching the Divine celestial level 10 state was harder than difficult could be. But right now, as long as one’s affinity was there, it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

“By now, the changes in this world have been extremely intense. In the past few years when I was on the run, I had come across many places where sects were set up. Back in the past, all the beings of the thousands of races would group up in a bunch and join any sect. However, right now, they are all divided out clearly. Every race has a sect of their own, and they never accept anyone unless they are from the same race.”

“These are truly some great changes.”

Reverend Shakya could not help but lament over the great changes that had taken place.

Right now, the Ancient race was no longer a problem for the thousands of races. Because of that, with this time available for them to grow, those genius disciples naturally soared in their cultivations, and were unstoppable in their paths forward.

Lin Fan did not say anything. These were situations that he had expected to begin with.

And just at this moment, they sensed some commotion happening up ahead.

When Lin Fan brought Reverend Shakya over to this place, he was already feeling a little puzzled.

There were a group of beings of the thousands of races gathered facing a mountain up ahead. The mountain looked extremely normal. However, there was a tremendous amount of power gathering within it.

“The Eternal God Seat is hidden within. This time around, we must definitely get our hands on it.”

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was surprised. An Eternal God Seat hidden in a forbidden ground? This was way too strange… With various spices inside, the authentic fried rice with the UAE taste was unique. Normally, the Chinese wouldn’t feel comfortable eating that.

Just because of that, many restaurants either abandoned those unfamiliar spices directly or added a few ones that suited the local people’s taste. That was why Silika didn’t feel comfortable eating them.

It was as uncomfortable as the people from the Sichuan Province eating fake Spicy Hotpot and people from Hu’nan Province eating the fake Small Spiced Lobster.

Therefore, Silika wasn’t in a good mood these few days. It was also the reason why a simple Vegetarian Pilaf could make him satisfied.

Luckily, Yuan Zhou cooked very quickly. Even if the rice was braised for a short while, he quickly made it.

“Here are the dishes for the three of you.” Zhou Jia carried the dishes to them.

“Thank you.” The three of them thanked her at the same time.

“Please enjoy your meal.” Zhou Jia said that courteously and then went to carry other dishes.

“Oh. There isn’t the slightest fragrance?” Silika knitted his brows and felt a little disappointed.

“Manager, don’t feel disappointed so quickly. You’ll understand after you eat some.” Ma Zhida hinted to him with a smile.

“Yeah, he’s right. Eat some and you might be able to find a surprise.” The director felt like she was riding a tiger and could not get off easily, because she also found there was no fragrance from the rice.

Even those unauthentic Vegetarian Pilaf served in other restaurants had at least some taste of spices. Here in this restaurant, however, there were none. That was sufficient reason enough to explain that. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a good time to give up the hope.

“Alright. Judging from the color, it looks good.” Silika shrugged but had totally given up the hope inwardly.

The rice was placed in an ordinary black porcelain pot. The long pale brown rice grains were well-separated. In the center of the rice, there was even something like raisins, sesame seed and peanuts.

“Please taste it now.” Ma Zhida said to him again.

“Okay, alright. I will.” After a nod, Silika took the spoon and started to eat.

He scooped up the rice and stuffed it into his mouth directly without even looking at it.

“Um?” Silika raise his eyebrows in surprise.

Once the rice was stuffed into his mouth, a strong taste of spices rushed straight into his throat. It was exactly the UAE taste that Silika was familiar with.

Following that was the softness and chewiness of the rice. While being chewed, it tasted like gelatin.

A strong taste along with a little bit spiciness and pungency suffused his mouth at the beginning, then came the fragrance of the rice that could not be neglected, which made the pungency more distinct.

“Ka Ka”, Silika bit the peanuts into pieces. Then, the characteristic fragrance of the peanuts rushed out immediately and right after that was the sour and sweet taste of the raisins.

The raisins were definitely the top-grade goods. They tasted soft and tender with some unnoticeable grape juice but also had the peculiar taste of gelatin at the same time.

“It’s way too delicious.” Silika swallowed up a mouthful of fried rice and a shine immediately appeared in his eyes as he said loudly.

“Why is there such an authentic pilaf in China?!”

“This chef has absolutely been to the Middle East, or else, he’s from the Middle East!” Silika made the judgement resolutely.

“Boss Yuan is a Chinese. I don’t know if he’s ever been to the Middle East before.” Ma Zhida explained.

Silika felt it unbelievable, “How could there be such an authentic taste?”

“Manager Silika, it’s great as long as you are satisfied.” There appeared a complacent and proud expression on Ma Zhida’s smiling face.

“Oh, definitely. I’m more than satisfied. The taste is really wonderful, even better than most chefs in the Middle East.” Silika said sincerely.

“Little Ma’s recommendation is fairly nice.” The director felt it was a wise decision on insisting him to eat just now.

It was the very first time that Silika had revealed a satisfactory smile while eating.

“Okay, let’s stop talking. It won’t be so good when it gets cold later.” Silika wasn’t in the mood for talking at all. He started to eat once he lowered his head.

“Director, shall we eat now?” Ma Zhide said to the beautiful director proudly.

“Sure. Perhaps, this dish is also fantastic.” The director pointed at the food in front of her and said with a big smile.

“Of course it’s delicious.” Ma Zhida nodded his head affirmatively.

“Hey, don’t talk. Concentrate on eating.” Silika raised his head and looked at the two chatting people discontentedly.

“Okay, alright.” The director immediately answered smilingly.

Seeing the two people eat silently, Silika nodded his head with satisfaction and continued enjoying his delicacies.

“There wasn’t any fragrance when it was served at the beginning, but now it’s so tasty. Miraculous!” While eating, Silika was still talking and sighed with emotion.

Then, he gulped down another big mouthful of the fried rice.

While he was chewing, Silika was enjoying the various stimulating tastes released in his mouth from the fried rice.

“It’s absolutely delicious.” Silika signed with emotion.

Like always, Yuan Zhou’s fried rice was only enough for one to be 80% full. Besides, one would feel that the portion was even smaller when eating something delicious.

Therefore, the rice was already all eaten when Silika felt that the meal just started.

Looking at the empty black pot, Silika was a little muddled.

“Did I eat it up so quickly?” Silika said unbelievably.

“Yes, sir.” Ma Zhida nodded his head with a quite earnest expression.

In his heart, however, he was laughing at him, “Hey Hey. So now you can see how great Boss Yuan’s craftsmanship and rules are!”

“Miss, please get me another serving of fried rice.” Silika said to Zhou Jia standing at the side after he came out of his daze.

“Sir, I’m sorry. But according to the rules of our restaurant, one can only order one dish of the same type every time.” Zhou Jia went up and explained carefully.

“What?” Silika felt that his Chinese was too poor to understand that.

“I mean you can’t order what you have just eaten again.” Zhou Jia explained frankly.

“Hey, I don’t understand. I need the fried rice ordered just now, the delicious fried rice.” Silika pointed at the empty bowl in front of him and said seriously.

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