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“We can’t find Mr. Lu,”the director replied . After a while, he decisively said to Lu Jinnian’s assistant, “How about this… Perhaps Mr. Lu is really busy, so I’ll shoot this scene some other time. I’ll wait for news on Mr. Lu, you can go now, and we’ll reschedule the scenes later.” Chapter 198: Why Couldn’t It Have Been Me?(8)

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“Thank you very much, director,” Lu Jinnian’s assistant thanked. politely He bid the two of them farewell, took his phone, and dialed Lu Jinnian’s number as he turned to leave.

The director apologetically said, “Xiao Qiao, we’ve probably got you all done up for nothing again.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Qiao Anhao glanced at the assistant, who was already a fair distance away, before she turned back to the director. “So, director… You’re busy. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be off to remove my make-up and go back to the hotel now.”


“Bye.” Qiao Anhao smiled at the director, then turned around to chase after Lu Jinnian’s assistant. She ran ahead and blocked his path.

“Miss Qiao?” Lu Jinnian’s assistant stopped walking, put down his phone that never got through, and asked politely, “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Lu Jinnian, was he injured?” Qiao Anhao asked straight forwardly.

The assistant thought back to Lu Jinnian’s request from yesterday. He paused for a moment, and kept up his polite smile. “Sorry…”

“I know he’s injured.” Qiao Anhao didn’t wait for the assistant to finish but rushed to speak first. The assistant gulped but didn’t say a word.

“His back is injured, am I right?” Qiao Anhao chased up.

The assistant twitched his lips before he finally gave a quick nod. After pausing for a while, he asked, “Miss Qiao… he drank a lot at the party yesterday with you all, didn’t he?”

When Qiao Anhao heard these words, she subconsciously lowered her eyes. Lu Jinnian did in fact drink a lot during rock, paper, scissors, and because she knew the trick to his play, he lost many rounds to her.

Yesterday, she really didn’t know that he was injured… Qiao Anhao bit her lip, and gave the assistant a gentle nod.

“I knew it!” In an instant, the assistant’s voice grew anxious. “The wound on his back is so serious, how could he drink alcohol? It’s definitely infected by now. The wound must have gotten worse. He’s in hiding, just like the last time, during the historical drama filming.

“Because he didn’t get a stunt double, when he lost focus during a fight, he twisted the tendon in his left ankle. He didn’t tell anyone about his injury that time! I didn’t even know either until four days later, when I was in his hotel room. He staggered out from the shower then and just fell to the ground. Then I knew he was injured!”

At this point, the assistant became completely furious. “Four days… Twisted tendon… Pushing himself for four days… His ankle swollen to the size of a bun! When he arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that if he had pushed himself for a bit longer, he would have ended up crippled!

“I really don’t understand what’s wrong with Mr. Lu. He’s like this every time he gets injured or sick. He doesn’t say a word to anyone and hides away alone. He doesn’t let anyone find him, and he exerts himself without a word. I really don’t understand what he’s thinking deep down.

“Unless, he doesn’t know how to scream in pain? He’s incapable of the most basic ability of loving oneself! Say… where do you think he’s gone? He hasn’t picked up the phone, nor replied to any messages!” The assistant couldn’t help but pace irritably on the spot as she muttered non-stop. “I’m so worried, and I’m wondering how is he right now?

“Miss Qiao, what do you say we do?” the assistant, who had stopped walking and turned to look at Qiao Anhao, asked. However, Qiao Anhao had already turned to leave and was quite a distance away by then.

Qiao Anhao removed her make up, asked Zhao Meng for the car keys, and drove off.

The crew were located in the southern part of Beijing and Mount Yi was in the northern part. It took her a total of almost three hours by car to reach Lu Jinnian’s mansion on Mount Yi. Chapter 199: Why Couldn’t It Have Been Me?(9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

Besides the occasional sound of birds chirping, the world from halfway up the mountain was incredibly peaceful and quiet.

The dazzling rays of sunlight shone on the mansion, giving a grand plating of gold light.

This was the second time Qiao Anhao was here. Yet, she still couldn’t help but sigh in appreciation, stunned by the view of this otherworldly place like Taoyuan.

Like the last time, the mansion gates were left wide-open, so Qiao Anhao took a turn into the courtyard. She saw the car that Lu Jinnian drove last night parked by the pool.

So he was hiding here all alone… Qiao Anhao stopped the car, pulled out the keys, and carried her bag as she walked toward the mansion’s gate.

She pressed the door bell, but nobody came to open it. She creased her brows, growing more worried from the bottom of her heart. She circled around the the back of the mansion like last time. She saw that his floor-to-ceiling window that she had entered through last time was half open, so she walked up to it, pushed it open, and entered the mansion.

Qiao Anhao got to the corridor of the second floor and walked to Lu Jinnian’s bedroom door. She raised her hand, ready to open it, when the door was pulled open first from the inside.

When Lu Jinnian woke up the next morning, he was a little groggy when he saw Qiao Anhao in his arms.

He was completely dazed out for a long while before he gradually remembered that he had left The Royal Palace last night on his own. There, he didn’t drink a lot. In the middle of the night, he drove aimlessly around the empty streets of Beijing. His mind revolved around what she had said in restaurant, “My first love isn’t as lively or interesting as any of yours. It was a crush, and I’ve loved him for many years, I even studied hard just to enter the first class as him. After that, I studied hard once again to enter A college.”

He felt like someone had brutally clutched his heart, and didn’t stop squeezing it. The pain hurt so much, it caused his whole body to thrash around. Eventually, he settled for going to a bar on his own, and drank his sorrows away for quite a long time.

Actually, when he came out of the bar, he realized that he was very clear-headed. He could even control the speed of his car especially well. He could stop at a red light, and go through a green one, but for some reason, he drove back to Mian Xiu Garden.

He didn’t actually blackout, so he clearly remembered everything that transpired. Even though he spoke the words hidden deep in his heart whilst he was intoxicated, he didn’t make any major mistakes.

Lu Jinnian heaved, his head feeling a little heavy and his back scorching with pain. At that moment, he knew his wound must have worsened from the drinking last night.

Even if he wanted to rest for a while with her in his arms, ever since he were young, whenever he got sick or were injured, he was used to being on his own. He forced himself off the bed, put on his clothes, and left.

He forced himself to endure the pain in his body as he drove to his mansion in Mount Yi. Back in his room, he took two anti-inflammatory tablets before he laid straight on the bed. He fell asleep in a daze up until he heard the faint sound of the doorbell.

When he left the bed, he realized that when he came back earlier, he had forgotten to change into his slippers; he just walked barefoot to the door. When he pulled the door open, he saw the pretty Qiao Anhao standing before him.

Lu Jinnian thought it was an illusion, and was stunned on the spot.

Qiao Anhao was also shocked by Lu Jinnian suddenly opening the door. She quickly collected herself and took a good look at the horrifyingly pale man in front of her. Chapter 200: Why Couldn’t It Have Been Me?(10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

Qiao Anhao eyebrows creased and she reached her arm out to Lu Jinnian’s forehead to feel for whether or not he had a fever.

But just as her fingertips touched between his brows, Lu Jinnian abruptly snapped out of his daze. He remembered the wound on his back, and without even thinking, he grabbed Qiao Anhao’s wrist, “Who let you in?”

Qiao Anhao was so shocked by Lu Jinnian’s sudden move, she shivered. With her head raised, she looked at him, who was about to speak. His cold tone of voice became calmer when he said, “Get out of my mansion!”

When he finished speaking, he ruthlessly flung her hand away and slammed the door shut. Qiao Anhao instinctively reached out to push the door, but she clumsily slipped, hitting the door frame.

Lu Jinnian tightened his brows, reaching to grab the door to stop it.

He glared at Qiao Anhao’s fingers that were dangerously close to being crushed between the door. His tone of voice had a hint of anger when he spoke next. “I’m telling you to get out of my mansion!”

With that, Lu Jinnian wanted to shut the door again, but he saw that the woman had annoyingly grabbed onto the frame. In the end, he could only grit his teeth and fling the door open.

He reached out and clutched Qiao Anhao’s arm. All of a sudden, he picked her up and strode downstairs with a blank expression.

“What are you doing?” asked Qiao Anhao. With those words, Lu Jinnian immediately opened the front door, and brutally threw her out! Without even waiting for Qiao Anhao to respond, the door in front of her slammed shut with a “Bang”.

Qiao Anhao reached out and smacked the door. Not a single sound was heard inside. She turned her head. Through the wide, shining, floor-to-ceiling windows, she saw that Lu Jinnian had already strode off upstairs. She pouted before going around the back and entering the mansion through the same floor-to-ceiling window again. Having had her first experience of being kicked out, this time her steps were particularly light.

The bedroom door wasn’t closed. Lu Jinnian was spread on his stomach out on the bed with his head staring out the window at who knows what… Qiao Anhao carefully tip-toed closer to the large bed.

When she drew closer, Lu Jinnian realized that something was off. He instinctively turned his head, but before he could clearly see Qiao Anhao’s face, she quickly sat on top of his waist.

The sudden weight made Lu Jinnian slightly crease his brows.

Subconsciously, he reached out to pull Qiao Anhao off of him, but her somewhat cold hands were one step ahead. Without any warning, she rolled his shirt over him to expose the wound on his back right before her eyes.

Lu Jinnian stopped abruptly, his arm halfway-up, and his entire body stiffened.

On his fair back was a giant graze. Since the wound wasn’t dealt with sooner, there were some areas that were infected. Especially near the shoulder, which was incredibly red and swollen.

Seeing this, Qiao Anhao’s face turned pale white. She bit her bottom lip and asked in a low voice, “Was it when you came to rescue me? Was that when you got injured?” Chapter 201: Will You Always Love Her? (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

Seeing this, Qiao Anhao’s face turned pale white. She bit her bottom lip and asked in a low voice, “Was it when you came to rescue me? Was that when you got injured?”

They were filming a modern drama, so there weren’t any fighting scenes. The only thing that could have injured him was when he grazed himself whilst catching her as she fell off the swing…

Qiao Anhao suddenly thought back to the look Lu Jinnian had given her that day when she opened her eyes. Those eyes had been filled with worry and confusion. However, his expression changed very quickly, and so she wasn’t quite sure. Deep down, she was a little doubtful, but now, seeing that he had injured his back, the absolute doubt and struggle that she had tried hard to forget, her inner most feelings resurfaced once again…

Lu Jinnian… did he… care a bit about her deep down inside? Or else, why would he sacrifice himself to save her?

Qiao Anhao’s heart was confused. Her intuition told her that she guessed correctly, but she was also afraid that she was just over-thinking things. In her heart, she thought about it for a long time. By the end, she couldn’t help but gently lift her eyelids to look up at the side of Lu Jinnian’s face. She carefully worded her question and asked, “That day, why did you save me?”

Lu Jinnian’s fingers trembled lightly as he tried to grab Qiao Anhao’s hands. He tightly grasped and let go again… he let go and grasped again tightly. In the end, he fell back on the bed without a sound. After staying silent for a long while, he then shut his eyes and masked his emotions, then said in a flat tone, “If anything unfortunate were to really happen to you on set, there’s no way I could explain it to Xu Jiamu.”

Why did he save her? He loved her so much… How could he let her get hurt right in front of him?

He thought… the most depressing thing in the world was probably this. He clearly cared about her, which is why he was so selflessly brave. However, he could only find a reasonable excuse to make himself look like he didn’t care.

So he actually saved her, all because of Brother Jiamu… Qiao Anhao was disappointed, but she still let out an “Oh” to say she understood.

Lu Jinnian didn’t make a sound.

After staying silent for a long time, Qiao Anhao then remembered why she was here. She looked at the wound on Lu Jinnian’s back. She wanted to reach over to touch it but was afraid to hurt him. Eventually, she pulled her fingers back and asked in gentle voice, “Doesn’t it hurt?”

Lu Jinnian’s hand tightly grasped the bedding.

Doesn’t it hurt?

They were such simple words, but to him, they were what he had once craved.

Because he had a bone marrow transplant when he was young, his health was abnormally weak. After his mother passed away, how could a child only ten years old look after himself. He would often have a cold or get a fever.

When he went to the clinic, he would see other children his age treated like gems by their parents, but he would forever be alone. Back then, he was young and craved attention. Even though his mother told him that his father and the Xu family had nothing to do with him, he still ran over to the Xu family’s apartment block doors with a fever. Hoping to get just a little of his father’s attention… no… just to be seen, he waited at the doorstep for a very long time before his father finally came to him. But before he could speak, his father furrowed his brows and asked with a dark look, “Who allowed you to come here? Leave!” Chapter 202: Will You Always Love Her? (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

His father didn’t even look at him but walked into the office block. To his father, Lu Jinnian was of no relation to him, as if he was a stranger.

There was practically no one who cared if he suffered when he was sick, if he was injured and in pain to the point where he felt that he could never feel suffering or pain.

But now, she actually asked if he was in pain…

They were such careless words, but they easily pierced the softest part of his heart.

When Qiao Anhao posed her question, she reached and opened her bag, took out the disinfectant, ointment, and bandages she had bought in the pharmacy.

She picked the cotton swabs to firstly disinfect Lu Jinnian’s back. Perhaps because of the pain, Lu Jinnian’s back suddenly tightened.

As though Qiao Anhao also felt the same pain travel through her, her hand struggled to hold the cotton swab.

To stay composed and divert her attention, she couldn’t help but ask, “When you got injured, why didn’t you say anything? Even if you didn’t want to let other people know, you still have to go to the hospital to get it checked up. If the wound isn’t properly handled, it could easily get infected.

“Also, yesterday, why did you drink so much? With an injury like this, you shouldn’t drink alcohol at all… For someone so old now, how can you not look after yourself…”

Ever since Lu Jinnian was young, his personality was always that of a loner; he did he like to talk, and he preferred silence. However, now, by his ear, all he could hear around him was her gentle, long-winded chatter.

Perhaps because it was the first time Qiao Anhao had to take care of such a ghastly-looking wound, she seemed particularly timid. Her voice carried a slight tremble, which made her gentle voice sound especially cute and attractive.

She said one thing after another, without repeating a sentence, nor showing a hint of stopping. Yet, he didn’t think that it was the least bit annoying. In actuality, as listened to her jabber on, an indescribable warmth took over his heart.

With eyes shut and body spread out on the bed, Lu Jinnian didn’t say a word. It looked as though he had fallen asleep, but the corner of his lips hidden under his arms carried a slight hint of a smile.

Only when Qiao Anhao finished handling Lu Jinnian’s wound did she climb down from his body. Then, taking a few anti-inflammatory pills into her hand, she said, “Take some of these pills, you’ll get better in no time.”

As she said this, she grabbed the bottled water from the cabinet by the headboard. She twisted the cap off and carried it over to the bed. That was when she discovered his eyes were shut, his breathing was long and heavy, and he had already fell asleep.

His eyelashes were long, like two wings. Under the light, his nose line was accentuated, forming a beautiful shadow.

His expression was still and calm. The corner of his lips was slightly arched, as if he was smiling. His dazzling features unexpectedly contained a hint of warmth.

Qiao Anhao bent her body to stare at Lu Jinnian’s face for a very long time. She couldn’t help but draw closer, and secretly plant a light kiss on his face, before running away, blushing like crazy. She took the bottled water and pills to the cabinet by the headboard. Then she discreetly pulled the blanket over his body, picked her own bag, and quickly left the bedroom. Chapter 203: Will You Always Love Her? (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

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