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“Blast her one more time and what if it doesn’t work?” Vulture No. 1 asked in a low voice.

“We have done what we can.”

“Being pushed here, we all know that we’re just being used as a human shield,” Prince didn’t bother to cover up his face of sarcasm.

“Those impure bloodlines hiding outside the quarantine area being onlookers while we fight for our lives here, we have gone above and beyond!” As they were both in conversation, the dagger in Prince’s palm appeared to have a silvery-white square glow. It seemed to be some sort of jewel emitting a gentle yet blinding shimmer.

As for Zhi Jinqin, the earlier self-denoting ice person had caused the majority of the cave to be frozen. A peculiar transparent radiation had suppressed the movement of the monster Zhi Jinqin became.

However, this wouldn’t last very long.

The ice surface on Zhi Jinqin was cracking and melting with lightning speed and her body was once again expanding.

“Last bet!” Prince’s eyes redeemed as he saw the development of Zhi Jinqin, it could not be delayed any longer. Once Illusionist’s powers were activated and broken free from the boundaries of the earlier blast, only death would await this limited group of manpower!

The lines of whatever international citizen were blurred and the fear brought upon by Zhi Jinqin’s disease had forced them to the edge!

“Go!!” Prince let out a roar and charged from the right whereas Vulture No. 1 dashed from the left.

Illusionist’s abilities encompassed the illusion field, making them lose their sense of direction as well as their ability to break free from it.

At the stage they were at, the only thing they could do was give all they had.

As Vulture No. 1 sprinted, he gently pressed on a little button in his hand.


Periphery of White Crab Island.

The ocean was rocking hard wave after wave. A large group of warship could not contact those within. The acting commander’s heart was in his mouth. Although many elite experts went in so there wouldn’t be much of a situation, a lingering feeling of oppression hung over him.

A few of those who knew the inside story remained in their respective cabin and dared not come out. They were afraid the officers and soldiers could get an inkling and affect their spirits.

The sun was rising from sea level like a brilliant golden wheel, radiating the entire sea territory, warship and helicopters into a soft golden glow.


Suddenly from beneath the ocean, deep on the seabed, a large dark figure slowly emerged.

The warships floating nearby started to roll badly as if a massive object was shaking the ocean surface.

However, everyone had received information and instruction before to leave out a vast empty spot of the sea. Nobody knew why such a big piece of the ocean was left out for. There were even people complaining about how such a large territory could accommodate quite a number of warship but now seeing this, all the soldiers and officers held their breaths. The surge of the wave was so high, almost the coverage of half the White Crab Island that if it were to emerge out of the surface, it would be a sight.


They hadn’t let go of their breath when suddenly, a deep bugle-like howl of a giant beast was heard coming from beneath the water surface.

The howling was endless with inexhaustible energy.

“They pressed the final key I gave them.” Beneath the ocean, a large voice echoed. It was of a human but a whale wailing-like sound.

“Lord Sea God…” On the largest few ships, transmigrators from various places communicated through a contact device as they solemnly stared at the large black figure emerging from the sea.

“Sword Master Garen has not arrived?” Sea God asked in a low voice.

“No, he should be on his way.”

“No, I suspect that we’re locked in by Illusionist so all satellite communications are down.

“She must have used some tactic to isolate us here,” one of the transmigrators spoke with an upset tone. They only came over to lend a hand because they were infected as when transmigrators die, they could still continue to reincarnate so their fear towards death wasn’t as strong as the locals. For a moment, they appeared in vigorous high spirits. However, no matter Sea God or the rest who knew what was going on did not let them know that Illusionist Zhi Jinqin was at a level of affecting Soul Ring and Souls just like Slayer, perhaps even stronger. Once they were killed, it wasn’t as simple as reincarnating. The possibility of reincarnation would perhaps be stripped away.

“I suspect that she may have long known the existence of us transmigrators,” Sea God said in a deep voice. His voice was so loud that no matter what tone he used, everyone’s ear would rumble.

“No matter her plans, as long as Lord Sea God is around, any resistance is futile.” A transmigrator had witnessed the strength of Sea God and was confident.

“Do we need to wait for Sword Master?” A transmigrator asked. “This is a crucial battle involving the entire fate of the planet.”

“No matter how strong Sword Master is, he’s still only one person.

“Even if he settled Slayer, he can’t be of much more help than Lord Sea God at a battle of this large of a scale,” one of them rebutted.

“We’re not waiting.” Sea God made a decision. “Pressing the button would mean that they are at the last critical moment in there. They wouldn’t press the button if they hadn’t exhausted all resources.”

He paused, “Prepare to cooperate attack.”

“Understood!””Yes!” The group of transmigrator couldn’t answer in unison. It was obvious they weren’t organized.

Sea God’s large black figure slowly surfaced from the sea. From afar, it was a speck of its back yet almost the size of a large warship. It was terrifying.

Before the other soldiers on the warship could react, Sea God swam to the back and gently flicked his tail.

Pulling such a distance, it made a flip and its massive black tail violently swayed. Its large body of an island rammed onto White Crab Island with accelerating speed as though it was a collision of two planets.

Was it trying to destroy the entire White Crab Island!!?

Yet at this very moment, a wave of Soul Power ripple that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye was spreading out from the center of White Crab Island and swept past the surrounding warships, dodging transmigrators and even massive Sea God who was ramming at full speed.


“What is it? Another resonance in dreamland?” Parakeet held onto Yuria’s shoulder with worry and gave a few shakes but Yuria’s eyes were rolled back and showed no signs of response.

Yuria had earlier inactively resonated in a dream, went deep into a cave and saw Zhi Jinqin. Could it be the same situation as before?!

Parakeet had actually taken Yuria on a detour. It wasn’t foggy and it was a small island, yet they had been traveling for a long time but hadn’t reached the core. The only possibility was that she was leading Yuria in circles.

Yuria was the only one that could turn the tables while the rest could be used to exhaust Zhi Jinqin.

That was her plan but she didn’t think that the dream resonance could bring to this uncontrollable phenomenon.


Something was going on on the island as it started to tremor. It was as if they weren’t standing on an island but rather a floating plank that could flip over any time.

Parakeet had undergone years of training after all and could naturally find balance with one hand supporting Yuria, but was pushed away out of the blue.

“You’re awake!?” Just as she was at a loss, Yuria’s pale-white face came to sight.

“I must hurry! Or else it will be too late!!” Yuria shouted and dashed out, disappearing in the thick mist without Parakeet leading the way.


“There’s still thirteen minutes to go,” Nine-Tailed Fox reported to Garen in a low voice on the surface of the sea.

“And then we’ll reach White Crab Island. No mistakes this time!”

Garen nodded and did not say more. Up to this stage, he didn’t care about the livelihood of this planet but to a minority as well as the path to Lighthouse sealed, he bore a different attitude. Lighthouse was the only place he could keep his body and ability while reincarnating. He was now at the peak of a Low-Level Demon Class. He had four Soul Rings and close to twenty Soul Seeds. He was no longer the regular void hunter exploited by body-snatching Black Sethe.

Even when placed within Endor, he was a strong force to be reckoned with.

Demon-Class was not that easy to achieve. Not one didn’t have a bloody past. Even a top Legion Class, Nine-Headed Dragon Queen Nadia managed from countless killing spree.

His thoughts lingered off elsewhere.

Garen retrieved his line of gaze.

“Sea God must have arrived. Perhaps there’s no chance for my grand entrance,” he joked.

Nine-Tailed Fox was smiling at the side. She was at ease. Sea God was the representative of this planet’s strongest that even nuclear bombs posed no threat. Such a terrifying tactical expert couldn’t be defeated by a single entity.

All transmigrators never doubted Sea God would fail. At most, it would be how it succeeded.

“After this battle, I really am sick of it. I plan to retire to a librarian position at the Lighthouse.” Kong Xinxue seemed burnt out. “What’s the point of reincarnating when all our traces will be wiped away anyway?”

“Are we in the same boat as these locals?

“The only difference is living a single lifetime and several lifetimes.”

“It’s just that our opportunities and our world are larger and more vast than theirs.” Nine-Tailed Fox nodded.

“Sounds good. I will accompany you too. The knowledge of various energy system recorded at Lighthouse’s library is bountiful. Even if they’re at the beginner level, we can still prolong our lives regardless of how dumb we are. Living up to a hundred is no problem.”

“Don’t worry, after this battle. The chance of encountering such is rare.” Garen comforted them.

“You should worry about yourself first,” Nine-Tailed Fox rolled her eyes at him.

“Don’t get used to the free time now, you’ll be occupied once you’re at Lighthouse.”

“You’re basically the first fierce expert in all of Mother Stream that could fight against an ancient Demon Class.”

“Killing Slayer proved your strength.”

“The forces of us transmigrators are still weak and would need to rely on you for many things.”

“Of course, we’ll count you in on all intel for various worlds.”

“A place like Lighthouse, as long as you’re strong enough, it’d be heaven…” She softly sighed.

“How many Demon Class experts like me are in Lighthouse?” Garen casually asked. Although he could find such a thing on forums, he was simply too lazy to visit the forums. It was more convenient to ask an alive person in front of him. He could verify these things then anyway.

“Not more than six.” Nine-Tailed Fox shook her head.

“The strongest is Magic Lamp Alzara. He was sealed in a magic lamp of the universal civilization for over six thousand years due to a racial war. Now that he’s out, he is still partially impacted by the magic lamp.” A white ray of light burst to full bloom above White Crab Island.

It was a white light that not everybody could see. It was a huge ripple triggered by the Soul Energy Force.

With White Crab Island as the median point and at a range of tens nautical miles was a hazy view as if a white mist had spread out.


In the vast clear skies, a lightning struck by.

Sea God crashed its head onto White Crab Island. However, its massive collision force was stopped by an unsighted resistance several hundred meters from the island.

The large force counteracted against a boundless barrier before Sea God. They were in a standstill.


Sea God roared violently. Its giant black tail was wagging so ferociously that it swept up ripples of waves towards both sides behind it.

Many of the warships were rocking from the man-made tidal waves. They rushed to distance themselves.

“Idiot.” Right in the center of White Crab Island, the white mist evaporated, revealing a piece of vast white open space. The surface of the open space cracked open into a pitch dark hole and a voice was heard coming from it.

A giant monster almost ten meters tall slowly erected from the hole.

The monster was brown all over as though it was wearing a leather dress but with closer inspection, it was actually naked and its body naturally grew brown flesh. Its head was triangular in shape as if it was wearing a hat and bore three eyes but no mouth. Its trap was on its abdomens and blisters densely formed above and below the cavity. Yellow pus was oozing out of the blisters.

“Why do you want to protect this filthy world?” The monster flew up and looked at Sea God at a stalemate with the barrier.

“Filthy?” Sea God retreated back. “In the eyes of the filthy, there is only filth in the world. In the eyes of the kind, they will see the world as kind. The problem is yourself.”

It took one swirl with its tail.

“Fossil Sand!”

At the sound of its voice, Sea God’s muscles began to expand rapidly. Lines of a Red Cross stretched out from his back to the front of its head.

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