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The mental devil was stunned. “Seriously? You can’t take it anymore and want to surrender?”

“Surrender my a*s! It’s because I’ve finally figured out what he is trying to do and found a solution to deal with him. Chances are that I can really annihilate the supervillain in the counterattack!”

Putting on a confident, cold smile, Li Yao said quickly, “Hey, do you not feel that what this ‘Blackstar the Great’ has been doing seems a bit too shameless and stealthy? It is rather different from what we expect of the founding emperor of the Imperium of True Human Beings and much more lowly, isn’t it?

“We speculated that he did not recover his peak strength and might even have a lot of hidden diseases. That’s why he could not compete with the four Kurfürst families openly and could only play the dirty tricks while hiding inside the queen’s body.

“Then, if we were such an incomplete Blackstar the Great, what would be our top priority? To find and possess a stronger body, of course!

“With that in mind, Li Linghai’s inconsistent attitude toward Li Jialing and Li Jialing’s critical role in the whole scheme will be perfectly explainable. He is the brand-new container that Wuying Qi has chosen for himself.

“Come to think of it, Li Jialing is indeed a very suitable candidate. That is why Wuying Qi offered him a piece of ‘Imperial Fire Pearl’ through Li Linghai. It was probably part of the preparations for the possession!

“But don’t forget that we got a piece of the Imperial Fire Pearl too, which was even larger than Li Jialing’s. What does that suggest?”

The mental devil asked back, “What?”

“Idiot. It suggests that we are one of the ‘backup containers’ that Blackstar the Great prepares to possess!”

Li Yao grew excited as he continued, “It is very possible. Our body is so healthy and strong. Which thousand-year-old ghost would not be drooling when they see it? Now, Li Jialing is still missing. If I were Blackstar the Great, I would certainly possess the body before my eyes at the earliest chance for safety reasons!

“Hehehehe. Then, it is much easier. This old fart couldn’t have foreseen how mysterious our soul is and that the last thing we are scared of is possession! In the next moment, all we need to do is to pretend that we are weak and lackluster and allure him to possess us. If his soul is tricked into the gap deep inside our brain, we will be winners for sure!” Chapter 255: Beren’s report

There’s a garden, and we were guided to the shed there.

Even if the hotel is big, it is still strange to have a shed at the third floor of a hotel, and on top of that, there’s a garden.

From the window of the room there, I could appreciate the pseudo-japanese garden.

No well, it does feel strange to have palm trees and several colorful fruits constantly changing colors, but I think this enters into the category of a japanese garden.

I don’t have much knowledge about gardens after all.

I am simply feeling like: what the hell is this?

The inside of the house is tiled and the rooms were covered in tatami mats.

It may be a mix of japanese and european style, but it is a bit more relaxing this way.

Probably because my house felt similar to this.

Nevertheless…there’s 4 rooms and the passage is wide enough for two people to walk side by side.

How fearsome is Chihiro Man Rai restaurant.

“Now now, Waka-sama, over here.”

After checking out the rooms and the garden, Beren guides me again.

Well, even if I say guide, he simply led me to the room where I saw the garden, and made me seat at the seat of honor.

Around the square table, there’s a number of floor cushions.

This is something I see for the first time in this world as well, but for me, it is a fresh view.

It is been awhile since I have seen a room without chairs.

When I sit, Mio beckons Iroha-chan and both of them sit as well.

I did suggest Beren to take a seat too, but he stayed standing.

‘It would be outrageous to sit before Tomoe-sama comes’, apparently.

The Forest Oni, Shii, in a terrible twist of fate, respects Eris and is mimicking a lot of her speech and conduct, but in this kind of situations, she hasn’t been able to completely mimic her.

At her roots, Shii is a serious and athletic type of girl, so she hasn’t taken a sit either.

If it were Eris, she would have the guest Iroha-chan sit, and while at it, she would also sit as well, no doubt about it.

Seems like Akua and Eris are pretty admired by their juniors, but the athletic type ones, no matter if male or female, are easily attracted to Akua’s side, but for some reason, Shii is one of the worst cases.

Her way of fighting is one that’s rare in Forest Onis, close range combat, and she is the power type that swings around a metal rod that doesn’t match her small stature.

In this part as well, she is not similar to Akua and Eris.

Hokuto who is at her side, is one of the 4 Arkes.

He is a serious person and likes fights.

We don’t interact much, but I heard from Tomoe that he likes ninjas.

His looks are that of a big man of good build, and yet, he has a technical battle style using strings.

The reason these two were chosen to accompany us this time was because, from Tomoe’s perspective, ‘they are the casts that fit the best in terms of physique and ability’.

Beren, who had encouraged me to take the seat of honor, is probably the person within the Elder Dwarfs that I speak with the most.

In terms of weapons, he has a decent mastery in a good amount of them, but the one he is the best with is the axe. In terms of magic, he can use self-buffs and healing, but the other magic is on the negative side.

Even so, calling him a warrior would not be accurate.

Beren’s fighting style is to use a variety of equipments and tools with effects, and by taking advantage of those, he aims for a decisive strike with his axe.

My impressions when spectating him, feels like the style of magic warriors.

Hm, she is here.

“Sorry for the tardiness.” (Tomoe)

While I was thinking about the people from the Kuzunoha Company that have come with us to Lorel, I felt the presence of someone at the door.

After an apology, Tomoe entered the room.

Confirming that Mio, Iroha-chan, and I were sitting, she nods and finds her floor cushion to sit on.

“Sorry about leaving you a troublesome matter like that.” (Makoto)

“It’s okay. Aside from the fried rice that is famous, there’s also many other things that seem to be delicacies as well, so I think we will be able to enjoy the meals here for a few days.” (Tomoe)

“As expected of Tomoe-san. Gud jobbu-desu.” (Mio)

Before I got the chance to answer, Mio makes a thumbs up satisfied.

“Leave it to me, Mio. As we journey, we will eat their specialties. That is one of the good parts about journeys-ja.” (Tomoe)

“Just as you say. Fried rice, I wonder just how good of a rice dish it will be.” (Mio)

It is rare to see Tomoe and Mio be so in sync, and they are all smiles too.

“Oh, you guys as well, good work-ja. Now then, take a seat already. Let’s hear your report.” (Tomoe)

I can tell that the two of them are in a good mood.

After this, as long as there’s no troublesome things coming out from anyone’s mouth, it would be great.

The three heed the words of Tomoe and sit.

…In seiza.

N-No well, it is true that that’s not incorrect, but is that okay?

By the way, I am sitting cross-legged, Mio looks like she is in seiza, but she is actually more slanted to the side. Tomoe and Iroha-chan are doing seiza.

Tomoe is used to it already, and Iroha-chan did it naturally so she is most likely used to it as well, but…I haven’t seen Beren and the others doing seiza at Asora…

Well, they did it themselves so let’s not mind it.

“Well then, I will begin.”

The three look at each other and Beren nods.

The report begins with Beren huh.

If I remember correctly, he entered the country from the north mountain ranges.

Seems like it was because the dwarfs he is familiar with are living at the north side.

“Beren huh. Fine, begin.” (Tomoe)

“Yes. I received the order to act independently from Waka-sama and the others, and to enter the country from a different way to gather information. So I crossed the Tortoise Soul mountain range and passed the mountain belt to reach Kannaoi.” (Beren)

“The Tortoise Soul mountain range?! The one at the north national border…” (Iroha)

“Ah, yeah. That’s right, Ojou-san.” (Beren)

“Iroha, sorry but, please stay silent for a bit. Hm, right. Beren, Hokuto, Shii, let me introduce her. This girl is Iroha. Fate brought us together, and she is a guest that will be accompanying us for a while. Then Beren, continue.” (Tomoe)

Now that I think about it, we didn’t properly introduce her… I feel like they already knew.

“Yes… after I visited the village of my acquaintance dwarfs, I traversed to mostly settlements of demi-humans on the way, but what piqued my interest was how high the good will of demi-humans was towards hyumans, and also, the attitude of the hyumans towards the demi-humans.” (Beren)

“As expected, it was a lot better compared to other countries?” (Tomoe)

“Yes. But…both sides had the influence of that special existence called Wise. Accurately speaking, the good will of the demi-humans is directed towards the Wise, and this indirectly affects their view towards the hyumans in this country that treat the Wise well. The comparatively softer behaviour the hyumans have towards the demi-humans is also…because the Wise are tolerant with the demi-humans, so it indirectly affects them as well.” (Beren)


If the Wise are japanese, they would definitely treat the demi-humans more equally than most of the hyumans in this world.

The Wise were loved by the demi-humans, and as a result, the hyumans in this country that were actively giving the Wise shelter were favorably seen.

Favorably huh.

It somewhat feels like a warped relationship…but delving deeper would be uncouth.

This is allowing them to have a better impression with each other compared to other countries, so if their relationship is also better, there’s no need to touch the topic.

“That’s why, when the absence of the Wise is long, there’s the tendency that the relationship between hyumans and demi-humans deteriorates. There have been conflicts recorded in the past.” (Beren)

“That’s a lie-desu! It is because the demi-humans try to advocate for too much authority-” (Iroha)

“Iroha, we will hear that later. Don’t make me say it so many times.” (Tomoe)

“Y-Yes, sorry.” (Iroha)

“The first dwarf village I questioned didn’t interact much with hyumans. Of course, there weren’t conflicts between them either. However, in a number of mountain villages, there was indeed that kind of reality. No doubt about it.” (Beren)

“We are not doubting you, Beren. Continue. We have already understood the relationship between demi-humans and hyumans, so move on.” (Tomoe)

“Then, this is a report I have brought to Tomoe-sama before. Along my journey, I told the clearly skilled craftsmen and the people that were especially interested in migrating about the ‘Kuzunoha Company’, and there were several cases where the other party got pretty proactive about it. We have already made the proper arrangements.” (Beren)

Ah, if I remember correctly, I heard that from Tomoe before. That there were quite a lot of people aside from the first dwarf village he went to, that want to move to Asora.

Wanting to migrate and being proactive about it doesn’t exactly mean that the settlements are fed up with hyumans, but I heard that more than half of them are.

I think I will be meeting the people that Beren has already spoken to in the near future.

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