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Berson Group

“Miss, you don’t have any appointment so you are not allowing getting in.” Outside the main entrance, the receptionist and the security guard are blocking in front of Gong Xiao Man.

On the afternoon she has made an excuse to Yao Yao that she must go out to do something, so she directly come to Berson group, who knows… she not even can get into it.

“I have said just now, my boyfriend is working at your company, I come to find him.”

“Miss, now is lunch time, you can find your boyfriend but, please tell us your boyfriend’s name, so that we can verify it and you also can get in.”

Kao, how can she know her boyfriend’s name? Whatever that she is certain, if she directly say that she is coming to find Yu Ao Tian, there is no chance for her to get inside Berson in the future.

Helplessly her eyes are looking right and left.

Suddenly… in front of the main entrance there is tall body posture of man who is walking in from the company’s building.

Gong Xiao Man eyes rolled: “Beloved! She moved faster and rushed to the man in front of her, she is extending both of her hands and grabbed at his hand, softly said: “Help me.”

Few of the receptionists and also the security guards, their face turned green…

“Han, Han, Vice CEO Han.”

Vice CEO Han? Wo Kao, so this handsome man is Berson group vice CEO?

Xiao Man eyes widen, she lifts her head up and see Han Li Shang, he has pair of cold eyes that not friendly, it almost makes Gong Xiao Man quivering because his icy eyesight, this man really iceberg, really scary…

Han Li Shang swept Gong Xiao Man with a glance, his cold eyes are looking at her who grabbing his hand, frowned and he pushes away her hand.

“Vice CEO Han, is she your girl friend?” the receptionist lady walking in front of Han Li Shang trying to find out by asking, just to let know there is no one in this company who is not afraid with Han Li Shang, the most important since all of them know Han Li Shang, this man never smiled even once.

“Don’t know.” After said, Han Li Shang not even take another glance to Gong Xiao Man, he is walking out from the company main entrance.


Xiao Man furrowed her brows, how can this man such heartless? She just asking for help, can’t he help her?

“Hey, my stomach has your baby, you want to deny it, I will keep on shouting and screaming in front of your company until you admitted!”

Suddenly, Han Li Shang stopped his footstep.

Hehe, she really not believes if this iceberg man not moved.

Just expected, the iceberg Han Li Shang is rushing in front of her, he pulled her aside, coldly said: “Little girl, what do you want?”

Little girl? Huh, he at least must be in his thirties, since he is calling me Little Girl, well…

“Da Shu (Big Uncle), you rest assured, I won’t troublesome you, I just want you to help me get inside to the company. Is it okay?” Gong Xiao Man grinning.

She looking at Han Li Shang iceberg face, simply to say his face even blacker than charcoal, perhaps in his life time he never met little girl that looked alike rascal, moreover she even called him Big Uncle!

Grinding his teeth, Han Li Shang turned his back and walking toward the elevator. Xiao Man looked at few of receptionist ladies and smile to them, pretending herself as pregnant woman and then following at Han Li Shang back, entering the elevator.

“Woah…never thought that Vice CEO Han… her is also Casanova.”

“Yeah, the most important is, he even youth killer, specialist in little girl. No wonder he never had any rumor with the beauties in our company, so the matter is…” this time few of the receptionist ladies are secretly laughing and gossiping.

“HeHe, Big Uncle, thank you.” Inside the elevator, Gong Xiao Man extending her hand and patting at Han Li Shang’s shoulder.

His eyes darken, suddenly he grabbed her wrist.

“Ouw.” At the moment her wrist feels hurt and she unhappily frowning: “Big Uncle, are you trying to harass me?”

“!” he loosens up, Han Li Shang face is turned darker and gloomy.

“Hihihihi” Gong Xiao Man little mouth smiles, she secretly staring at Han Li Shang, slowly she moves closer to him: “Hm, Big Uncle. Since you have helped me to get inside the company, can you help me for another thing?”

“Don’t be too over!”

“Aiya, you just help me ah.” Gong Xiao Man is acting coquettishly, grabbing and swaying his wrist.

Facing with this circumstance, Han Li Shang only can frown: “Do you know that you are little girl? How can you act this impetuous?”

“Well you just think me as the careless little girl. Hihihihi.”

“!” he swears, in his life time he does not want to meet this shameless little girl anymore! “Let off!”

“You don’t help me, I won’t let you off.” After said, Gong Xiao Man in spite of not loosens up she even brazen by hugging onto his waist.

“Damn!” Han Li Shang non-stop to sway her away, but she just alike Koala bear that does not let off and loosen up.

And then, just right in this time… the elevator door suddenly opened, the person who is getting inside the elevator almost freeze to see Han Li Shang situation.

“Woah, Li Shang, you this brat really good ah, I don’t even hear the news that you are dating little girlfriend.” The person who getting inside the elevator is Long Ye, he narrowed his eyes and smiling, he bends his body little bit lower and looking at Gong Xiao Man: “Little sister, how are you, I am Long Ye.”

Wo Kao, is Berson group the place where all the handsome men gather? Another handsome man but seeing carefully this person who named Long Ye is not more handsome than the iceberg Big Uncle who standing beside her, really interesting. “Hello.”

“Long Ye, are you blind? I don’t even know her!” Han Li Shang glaring at Long Ye, and then he turned to look toward Gong Xiao Man.

The problem is, Long Ye really cannot see there is any relationship between Han Li Shang with the little girl, actually he just wanted to tease Han Li Shang, the most important that he really admires this little girl guts.

“Big Uncle, just now we are so intimate, but how can you suddenly react in another way?”

“Woah.” Long Ye who standing near them really is laughing hard.

“Little Girl, if you dare to continue your gibberish, do you believe that I will throw you out from here?” It is so clearly that Han Li Shang will do so.

Gong Xiao Man unhappily pouting her mouth, humph, really a kind of Big Uncle who immune with teasing. Slowly she loosens up her hand that hugging on Han Li Shang’s waist, turned and looked at Long Ye: “Long Ye Ge Ge (Brother Long Ye), can you help me?”

“What can I do for you?”

“I want to meet your…CEO Yu Ao Tian.”

After Gong Xiao Man said, Long Ye and Han Li Shang are looking each others, Long Ye is showed his charming smiled: “Can, I do also want to meet our CEO, you go with me.”

“Thank you.” Gong Xiao Man really thankfully to Long Ye and she throwing dagger eyesight toward Han Li Shang, glaring at him for while: “See, see, both of you are man, but the difference is extremely far.”


Needless to doubt, from today onwards the iceberg lofty Han Li Shang is completely stumbling to Gong Xiao Man this little girl’s hand…

“CEO Yu.” When they are arrived at CEO’s office room.

Yu Ao Tian lifts his head up toward the expressionless Han Li Shang, he also looked at the smiling Long Ye and then the petite figure whom is standing between them which create a center of attention to his focus.

“Hello, CEO Yu. I am Luo Yao Yao’s classmate, my name is Gong Xiao Man, I have things to tell you in privately.”

After listened to three words, Luo Yao Yao, Yu Ao Tian expression turned dim: “Long Ye, Li Shang, both of you wait me at outside.”


Looking at Han Li Shang that going out from the office room, Gong Xiao Man is spitting her tongue as provocation to him.

This scenery is caught by Han Li Shang’s eyes, if to be honest he really wanted to kill that little girl immediately!

“Speak up what do you want to say.”

“CEO Yu.” Gong Xiao Man expression turned cold: “I also just listened regarding you and Yao Yao matters. I have been classmate with Yao Yao for three years, what kind of girl she is, I understand her very well. Don’t even mention that she ever slept with anyone, I dare to guarantee with my name, swearing, she even not randomly kissing mouth with…”

Suddenly Yu Ao Tian raised his hand, stopped Gong Xiao Man: “Directly to the point, the intention you are coming here.”

Damn! That is not kidding Yu Ao Tian really underworld emperor, simply to say handling him is more difficult compare to that iceberg Big Uncle!

“You must treat Yao Yao well, or just free her. Regarding about her debt to you, I will try to pay it back to you.”

“You can go now.”

“Uh? What do you mean? Hey! Actually what do you want? money or do you want to treat Yao Yao well?” Gong Xiao Man does not have intention to leave, she facing Yu Ao Tian face to face.

When their eyes are meeting each other, suddenly she can feel strange fear and scary atmosphere suppress on her: “Yu, Big Boss Yu, please give me chance to say words, today my coming is not for interfering the matter between both of you, I just purely hope to see my best friend can live happily. But now what I see in Yao Yao’s face… all are sadness, sorrow. Pardon me to disturb.” After said, she is walking out with sad expression from the CEO room.

Doomed, how can Yao Yao offending that scary man?

Although she only have short meeting with Yu Ao Tian, but if not Gong Xiao Man has little bit understanding regarding Yao Yao matters, perhaps she might pee in her pant in earlier.

He is Yu Ao Tian who name is so taboo (forbidden to call, an underworld Emperor) in Japan, it not like she does not know. Two years ago when she was in host bar the deep impression that she got from the first time saw Yu Ao Tian, he was handsome man, but this time after she met him again she really can feel that underworld emperor aura on him. The innocent Yao Yao is not suitable to have something with this man!

God really blind to put them together as couple, one is the person who live in heaven and the other one is the person who live in hell, how can both of them living together?

“Have you done?” Long Ye who sitting down in front of the office room, smiling to Gong Xiao Man.

She frowned, expressionless nodding her head: “Done.”

“Humph, just move one inch your nose with touch the wall.” Beside is Han Li Shang who coldly opened the door.

Really not understand, every times Gong Xiao Man sees Han Li Shang, she got nerved for him: “Not your business!”


“You what you? Big Uncle, every day you showing that kind of dark expression will make you easy turn to be old and wrinkle. If you are doing nothing better smiling, perhaps you may live little bit longer for couples of years. Good bye!” after said, Gong Xiao Man acted as if she is extremely happy, she happily jumping disappeared from Han Li Shang’s vision.

“Li Shang, see, you seem not better than Ao Tian, you also meet a little girl that drives you crazy.”

“You are still better to taking care your own matter, Long Ye!” he coldly said, with his darken face he walking to Yu Ao Tian’s office room.

“Long Ye, was you who bringing Luo Yao Yao’s classmate to here?”

“Ao Tian, this time wasn’t me.” After said, he narrowed his eyes and swept to Han Li Shang who standing beside him.

Yu Ao Tian is taking a glance suddenly his face is flashing a hint of astonishment…

Another second, he coldly said: “Bring that man to me.”

“Yes.” Stop smiling, Long Ye faster his step to go outside from the office room… Chapter 181 – 182

“The Number that you are calling cannot be reached”

“How can’t, why Xiao Man number can’t be reached, just please nothing won’t happen to her. Mr. driver, can you drive faster?” inside the Taxi, Yao Yao looks so worries, she is non-stopping to make phone call for Gong Xiao Man which so far can’t be reached.

She didn’t see Gong Xiao Man for the entire afternoon, therefore when she asking the others roommates no one knows where about she is, but she heard from the roommates, they said that she has collected the information about Berson Group and asking the address and then she just leaving school.

Once Yao Yao thought, Gong Xiao Man must definitely went to meet Yu Ao Tian, regarding to Gong Xiao Man’s temperament, other than how scary Yu Ao Tian is, she does not know anything more about him, just afraid she speaks few words that it would anger Yu Ao Tian, she even does not know how she death. So that she hurries hailing Taxi and go to Berson Group.

About 10 minutes, she arrives at Berson Group, fortunately she has met the receptionist ladies for few times before, so that she does not need to waste much time and then get inside Berson Group.

Using elevator directly to the CEO’s office: “Miss Mo, Miss Mo, is CEO Yu in his office?”

“Miss Luo, I am sorry, CEO Yu is busying to settle his business, please wait for a moment.”

Xiao Man, nothing should happen to you. “Miss Mo, can you tell me, is there a girl who looks at same age with me that coming today…”


There is sound of things being smashed from inside the office room. Another voice is also come along with that crushing sound. Won’t it be… Xiao Man?

She does not wait for Mo Xue Tong to response, Yao Yao is rushing to go inside the office room as if flying arrow, but when she enters the office room what her eyes see…

The floor is covered with fresh blood from the man’s body that lying down there, the air is filled with blood smell. “Ah!…”

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