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Ling Tian laughed till his sides hurt, and the originally hostile Yu ManTian and enraged DongFang JingLei couldn’t help but open their eyes wide in surprise when they witnessed that scene.

“Dammit, just how did the four of them grow up? Two pairs of twins?!” A long while later, Yu ManTian was the first to start cursing! At the same time, he stared at the four of them like they were a rare animal, inciting a look of rage from the four of them!

“Who are you?! What enmity do you have with my DongFang Family?” Obviously, DongFang JingLei did not recognize the famous Third Master Yu.

However, this single phrase by DongFang JingLei made Ling Tian have a good impression of him. DongFang JingLei was a member of the Eastern Zhao’s Imperial Family. Seeing that Yu ManTian created trouble at his doorstep and even harmed his subordinates, he immediately decided to settle matters with the ways of the pugilistic world. This was his implied meaning when he proclaimed to be from the DongFang Family. If he had said that he belonged to the ‘Eastern Zhao’s Imperial Family’, Ling Tian would have definitely looked down on him. At the very least, regardless of how good his martial arts were, he still acted like a man!

“This Third Master was bored and is here for some exercise.” Yu ManTian said unreasonably. As he looked towards DongFang JingLei, he felt as though that glossy and gleaming hair of DongFang JingLei looked extremely unsightly. In an instant, Third Master Yu had already added a ‘greasy head’ label for DongFang JingLei in his mind.

“Are you Third Master Yu, Yu ManTian?” A guard had whispered something in DongFang JingLei’s ears and DongFang JingLei responded immediately with a bitter look on his face. Why did this fiend look for us just after we arrived in the Sky Bearing City? Who provoked him?

“That’s right! I am the Third Master!” Yu ManTian’s said with his nose pointed up in the air. He was originally here to create trouble and would naturally not be courteous. “I heard that your DongFang Family aggressively came in to the Sky Bearing City! How majestic, how baleful! You actually dare to look down on this Third Master?! Very good!”

DongFang JingLei was completely speechless as he thought, Not to mention the fact that we were extremely low profile; even if we were aggressive, what has that got to do with you? No matter how powerful your Yu Family is, your territory is still in Northern Wei. You can’t possibly turn into the local snake of Sky Bearing right?

“Third Master must have had some misunderstandings. Ah ah…” Now that things had developed to such an extent, DongFang JingLei only wanted to settle the matter quietly. While Yu ManTian was a rash brute, the Yu Family behind him was an existence that everyone had to be wary of. They had no choice but to give some face to the Yu Family!

“This Third Master did not misunderstand anything! I am here today for a fight!” Yu ManTian shouted.

He ChuLai and He ChuQu then stepped out in anger and said, “Your Highness, since Third Master Yu wants to exchange pointers with us, why not let us brothers learn a thing or two from him?”

“Stop. How is this a place for the both of you to speak, step down.” After reprimanding the both of them, DongFang JingLei cautiously looked towards Ling Tian and said, “May I ask, this young noble is…?”

Ling Tian replied with a smile, “I am Ling Tian, Your Highness is too kind.”

“So it is young noble Ling.” DongFang JingLei replied with an ‘oh’ and looked at him with a profound glare, “I have long heard about your fame from Eastern Zhao. Young noble is indeed extraordinary and meeting you far exceeds hearing your name.” Ling Tian thought to himself, Are you trying to praise me or mock me? However, DongFang JingLei’s tone did not contain a trace of mockery but was filled with sincerity instead.

If DongFang JingLei was only trying to ridicule him, Ling Tian wouldn’t have taken notice. But looking at DongFang JingLei’s attitude, Ling Tian couldn’t help but attach some importance to DongFang JingLei.

Yu ManTian, who was by the side, said with impatience, “Oi, DongFang JingLei, are we going to fight or not? Are you going to let them fight or are you going to take action personally? Those two brats look pretty pleasing. Just let them fight and this Third Master will leave after I have a good fight.”

DongFang JingLei laughed as his eyes turned serious, “The both of them are not a match for Third Master Yu. Let JingLei exchange a few moves with Third Master. If JingLei is lacking in any way, I hope that Third Master will show me some mercy.”

Yu ManTian then said with dissatisfaction, “In a spar, of course we should give it our all without showing any mercy. Why are you acting so wishy-washy? Hurry and come at me!”

However, DongFang JingLei still remained respectful, taking a step back and stuffing the hem of his robes into his belt. Cupping his fists, he said, “Third Master Yu, please give me a few pointers!”

In that instant, the aura emanating from DongFang JingLei’s body changed drastically. It was like the tall mountains and deep ocean, emanating a fearless attitude!

With an ‘eh’, Yu ManTian let out a laugh, “So, you actually have some skill and you are probably no weaker than this Third Master. It seems I finally met a good opponent!”

DongFang JingLei smiled slightly as his body darted forward suddenly. As Ling Tian noticed DongFang JingLei’s footwork, Ling Tian realized that while he was charging in a straight path, every step he took would veer slightly to opposite directions equally. After every step, his speed would increase slightly. By the time he charged in front of Yu ManTian, his speed was already three times his original speed! What mystical footwork!

“Third Master, receive a punch of mine!” In mid-air, a loud roar sounded and DongFang JingLei’s right fist struck out! In Yu ManTian and Ling Tian’s eyes, they could clearly see that while this punch looked to be a straight punch, he actually let out a right hook first, then pulled it back before sending out his fierce punch!

That right hook had covered all possible areas where Yu ManTian could retreat to! While the attack seemed slow, Yu ManTian was already unable to avoid the attack. This attack of his was indeed like an all-in bet, the explosion of a flash flood! Observing this single punch, it was obvious that DongFang JingLei wanted to settle this fight with a single exchange!

While DongFang JingLei looked extremely refined, who would have thought that he was such a mad-man when fighting?!

Yu ManTian then let out a shout, “Good!” Making a half squat, he received the attack with a simple punch of his own. With his explosive temper, this direct confrontation was exactly what he wished for! Thus, his fighting spirit was further ignited!

“HONG!!” A loud explosion sounded as the two fists clashed with each other. The force from the fists sent a gust of wind in all directions, stirring up the dust around them.

DongFang JingLei knew that things were not turning out well, as Yu ManTian’s strength was far above his expectations. Feeling a sweetness in his throat, he took seven to eight steps back before finally stabilizing himself. With a ‘gudong’ sound, the mouth of blood was swallowed back down as his suave face turned red.

At the same time, Yu ManTian was not in a good state either, taking five steps back and leaving five deep imprints behind. His chest rose and fell heavily as he looked towards DongFang JingLei with an odd expression. He never imagined that this mild-looking fellow in front of him would have such strength!

While DongFang JingLei retreated, his eyes were fixed on Yu ManTian’s reaction. At this moment, he let out a bitter laugh and said, “Third Master is indeed a top-notch expert of the Yu Family. I have lost.”

DongFang JingLei’s original plan was for him to fake his full strength and exchange blows with Yu ManTian. With his World Defying Hidden Dragon Manual’s true qi protection, he wouldn’t suffer any injuries. Then, he would feign weakness and admit his defeat. At that time, he would be able to satisfy Yu ManTian’s desire for a fight and protect the strength of his own family. At the same time, he would be able to observe from the side as Yu ManTian challenged the other families.

While Yu ManTian was an expert of the Yu family who had even defeated the world famous killer Ye BaiFei, DongFang JingLei was certain that his strength was definitely above Yu ManTian’s. It was based on such confidence, and also the fear that a real conflict would arise if Yu ManTian fought the He brothers, that he accepted the fight personally. At the same time, he was also thrilled by the idea of a spar and disappointed about the lack of chances for him to spar with other experts. He was certain that this arrangement would be the best for both his enemy and himself. Chapter 196: Approaching Smoky Thea

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What he didn’t expect was that Yu ManTian’s skills were actually at such a high level! He had already exerted all his available strength and was even using the unique skill of the DongFang Family, but all his strength was actually forced back by Yu ManTian to the point that his internal organs received a huge amount of damage! His original intention to feign weakness somehow became real, making him depressed beyond belief! All of this was based off an inaccurate intelligence report that made him greatly underestimate Yu ManTian.

The reason why Yu ManTian had such insane martial skills was because of his attitude of a martial arts fanatic. Six months ago when he dueled with Ye BaiFei, he won, but miserably with seven stab wounds. As the saying goes, ‘one will bravely change when met with shame’. He had poured his heart and soul into training, experiencing a breakthrough and reaching the peak of the lower gold jade tier! On the way to Sky Bearing, he again suffered a loss under Ling Tian, thus making him more determined, and naturally his cultivation progressed insanely fast.

In an instant, DongFang JingLei had already lost, and seeing all the guards nearby him looking furious he immediately admitted defeat. In the event that one of them made a wrong comment and created a huge war, regardless who won or lost, bad blood with the Yu Family would be set in stone!

From Ling Tian’s viewpoint as a spectator, the original intention of DongFang JingLei was clear. Putting himself in JingLei’s shoes, this was the best strategy that JingLei could use. However, it was a mistake for JingLei to employ the techniques of the World Defying Hidden Dragon Manual. This only served to further fire up Yu ManTian into using his maximum strength, and so his plan backfired! But Ling Tian still had a good impression of DongFang JingLei. His act of forcibly swallowing down his blood was not to save face but to preserve his vitality. Furthermore, to admit defeat with such a graceful demeanor, just his attitude would earn the respect of others!

Yu ManTian panted a few times, before shouting out, “Awesome! Today’s battle was so many times better than the one I had with that black dressed kid! The DongFang Family indeed lives up to its name! DongFang JingLei, your skills are superb, your fame definitely stems from your merit!”

DongFang JingLei could only laugh bitterly. To prevent a loss of vital energy, he had forcibly swallowed his blood, which was exceedingly harmful to him. Right now, his face was deathly pale as he spoke, “Since Third Master had enjoyed it, could I have the honor of inviting you for a cup of tea and to further improve our relations?” He might have been injured, but he didn’t forget his original mission. Strike while the iron is hot, if he could befriend the Yu Family, then even a critical injury would be gladly taken by him!

Yu ManTian sized up him, before commenting, “It would be better if you go rest and recover first. This Third Master still has to visit the BeiMing’s and the NanGong’s. I hope that their experts would be at your standard at least. I’ll bid farewell first!”

DongFang JingLei smiled as he gave a salute, “Then I shall not keep Third Master.” His attitude was natural and unrestrained, as though no fight had taken place between them.

Ling Tian’s face revealed a warm smile as he appraised DongFang JingLei. In his heart, the DongFang Family was greatly elevated. For a family to raise such a child, one could see that the family was not an ordinary one, at least far above the standards of the NanGong Family. It also seemed like the DongFang Family were a group of concealed talents.

DongFang JingLei also smiled at Ling Tian as he said, “JingLei will pay a visit to young noble Ling in the next few days, as it seems like young noble will be very busy today!”

Ling Tian laughed as he replied, “Your Highness is too polite.” Deep in his heart, he was filled with elation; DongFang JingLei’s eyes betrayed some of his thoughts, as though there was another meaning behind that. What purpose could he have?

After sending off Ling Tian and Yu ManTian, DongFang JingLei’s face turned from pale white to ashen. He could no longer endure it and returned to his room to rest.

The Yu Family’s cultivation methods were definitely not ordinary and were above the methods used by all the other Great Families. Even the well-known World Defying Hidden Dragon Manual wasn’t a match! Looking at Yu ManTian’s back, Ling Tian started to develop more plans of his own.

The next stop was the BeiMing Family, and the result was just as expected by Ling Tian; the top expert of their family only lasted for the time it took to drink a cup of tea under Yu ManTian’s frenzied assault!

This gave Ling Tian a huge surprise. Yu ManTian’s skills were a cut above the rest, to the point that he was only a notch lower than Ye QingChen who came from Beyond Heavens. However, Ling Tian never felt that Yu ManTian’s martial arts had reached this current level!

After going through battles with the XiMen and DongFang Family, Yu ManTian still seemed to have defeated the BeiMing Family with ease! There was a limit to one’s energy and strength, and while Yu ManTian’s energy was pure and exquisite, it wasn’t forged out of steel! However, he got fiercer the more he fought, which puzzled Ling Tian to no end. Based on his assumptions, Yu ManTian would have to spend some time to get rid of the BeiMing Family, then ending with a draw together in the fight with the NanGong Family.

However, Yu ManTian was like a lively dragon and an animated tiger, jumping about excitedly all over the place! This was completely different from Ling Tian’s original assumptions, as his sources told him that these people should have cultivations similar to Ling Jian, or even more profound! The other time when he was fighting against Ling Jian, the battle was so bitter, so how could he be so relaxed after three consecutive rounds?

After they walked out from the BeiMing Family, Ling Tian passionately put his hands on Yu ManTian’s shoulders, complimenting him nonstop, but secretly releasing a thin thread of spiritual sense and inserting it into his meridians. Surprisingly, he found out that although they had seen better days, Yu ManTian’s injuries and fatigue were nowhere near as serious as he thought they would be. What was the reason behind this?

Ling Tian was only blindly looking at it from the point of pure martial arts and had come to a dead end in his thoughts. When Yu ManTian was facing those three experts, it was different from his battle with Ling Jian. When comparing notes, while they might be competitive and insist on fighting to the end, no one would resort to a life-and-death battle without a good reason.

However, Ling Jian and Yu ManTian were embroiled in a life and death battle the other time. Every move made was to reap the opponent’s life, leading them to dance at the doors of death quite a few times! Furthermore, Ling Jian’s movement techniques originated from Ling Tian and were ephemeral and unpredictable. His intangible killing intent was locked onto Yu ManTian, and that also had an adverse effect on his performance. As for all these duels, Yu ManTian constantly had the chance to recover. Also, since he kept winning, it caused his morale to soar towards unprecedented heights; so why would he feel tired?

Smoky Thea Tower was now right in front of them, but it had vastly changed from its current appearance a few days ago. It had been temporarily closed down and reorganized. Everyone at the lobby was discussing this incident, but no one knew what was going on.

Two huge banners, tens of feet long, were hung from the top of the roof. The golden words flashing on them were the size of half a room, and together they formed a complete sentence.

The first banner read, “Heroes from all eight directions converge,” and the other banner read, “Banquet for all heroes under Heavens,” and at the bottom was written “Smoky Thea awaits your presence, do you dare come?” Only when someone came closer could they see what was written on a red cloth and hung on the wall below the two banners.

“Hearing that all heroes under the heavens have gathered in Sky Bearing, we of humble backgrounds are excited beyond belief. The fame of the seven countries and Eight Great Families has rung far and wide. To show our hospitality, Smoky Thea will not be opening for daily reservations, but instead is offering rooms free of charge for those of the Eight Great Families! We hope that this will create a story that will be talked about in Sky Bearing for the next millennia to come, the honor of having such experts residing in our place. To all heroes, we hope to see you here!” Written below this was the location for everyone to gather, the lobby.

“All free! My grandma, this Smoky Thea really has got the money. This is no ordinary brothel!” Yu ManTian couldn’t help but whisper, and even the Xue brothers couldn’t help but let out an expression of shock.

Only Ling Tian smiled bitterly, his original plan was to ask Gu XiYan to empty out the surrounding places around Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion, but he didn’t expect that woman to actually lock down the entire Smoky Thea Tower for this matter! To think that she could raise up such a fuss in just a day and night! Such resolution and determination made Ling Tian extremely pleased; this Gu XiYan was definitely someone who could get things done!

By doing so, this would cause the different influences to have misgivings as to what Smoky Thea was planning. But whether they felt suspicion or apprehension, so long as one family moved in, the rest of them would rush to move in as well!

While this might be a trap, in front of the heroes under heavens, this was a matter of face that a great family couldn’t afford to throw away! This was especially so for the words written on the red cloth, “Smoky Thea awaits your presence, do you dare come?” This was a blatant provocation, as though telling everyone, “Those who do not have the guts to even stay here might as well tuck their tails and go home!” Chapter 197: Gain Some, Lose Some

Translator: DavidT Editor: DavidT , Rock

Why won’t I dare to? Dammit!” As Third Master Yu saw the last two phrases, he flew into a rage immediately, “Xue Leng, pack up immediately when we return. We will move to this darn Smoky Thea Tower. Regardless of what they are scheming, will this daddy here be afraid? We are the heroes and valiant knights of the pugilistic world!”

Xue Leng and Xue Fei looked at each other without making a single sound. Looking at the red cloth, they both knew that things wouldn’t end well. With the explosive temper of their Third Master, he would be set off by the smallest thing. As long as he saw the sign, he would definitely move into the Smoke Thea Tower, even if he knew that he would lose his head in the night! With only Third Master Yu being present, it was akin to the monkey ruling the cave when the tiger is absent! While the little princess was present, she was obviously unable to persuade Third Master Yu. The both of them could not help but sigh in their hearts!

My dear family head, of all people, why did you have to send this ancestor to Sky Bearing? If we allow him to continue to do as he pleases, someone will die for sure! This Third Master is the best at creating trouble and is a complete troublemaker!

With a stomach full of anger and excitement from his victories, Third Master Yu gallantly rushed to the inn where the NanGong Family was staying. Without a second thought, he kicked the door down and charged in! Then, he flew into an outrage like a tiger among a flock of sheep.

NanGong TianHu, who had an equally explosive temper, also jumped out in rage. Like two mad bulls, they ran amok in the inn, causing NanGong TianLong, who was in hiding, to change his hiding place three times!

The face-off between the two of them was like heavenly lightning meeting earthly flames, with the sound of their clashing fists ringing throughout the whole inn. At the very end, both of them only attacked without guarding, taking turns punching each other. The two top-notch experts acted completely like street ruffians tangled in a fist fight.

After a full hour, victory and defeat finally became obvious. NanGong TianHu lay on the floor with bruises all over and his robes in tatters, panting heavily with his eyes still filled with a crazed fighting intent. However, he could no longer get back up.

As for Third Master Yu, he was still as steady as a mountain and bursting out with laughter. However, his whole face was filled with bruises, with swelling all over his head, and his silk robes had been transformed into beggar’s rags. A bruise could be seen on the corner of his lips, and even breathing would make him feel pain. However, a look of excitement and satisfaction could be seen on his face!

Such a battle was completely to the liking of Third Master Yu. Even when he left, he still looked at NanGong TianHu with a trace of reluctance.

That night, Ling Tian lay in bed thinking about the things that had happened today. His mood was a complete mess, and he didn’t have a clue as to how he could start organizing his thoughts. The gentle moonlight crept into the room silently, with the sky being filled with the dreamy white light. Ling Chen was curled up in his embrace like an obedient kitten, deep in her dreams. Her jade-like arms wrapped around Ling Tian’s neck tightly with a sweet and blessed look on her face.

My plan to let Third Master Yu fight all the four main families shouldn’t be too bad, right? Even if the Yu Family’s head knows about this, he will probably agree with me!

In life, for everything that is gained, something must be lost. When Ling Tian used Yu ManTian to suppress the various powers, he also pushed the Yu Family’s prestige to the peak at the same time!

The Yu Family did indeed live up to their reputation of being the number one great family! A random martial arts fanatic, Third Master Yu, was actually able to defeat all the top-notch experts of the various powers, leaving them without the chance to fight back at all! After tonight, this thought would permeate into the hearts of all the heroes in the continent. The prestige of the Yu Family would definitely rise up another notch after what went on today. This was something that Ling Tian didn’t want to see happen!

However, Ling Tian had no choice but to do this. First, with the various powers gathered in Sky Bearing, the situation was extremely delicate. Every single power was beginning to get restless as they all had been thinking that they were number one in the world. Furthermore, the ties between the great families were complicated with many years of accumulated grudges. If Ling Tian didn’t suppress them from the start to keep them in their place, they would inevitably break out into chaos. As long as two parties started a battle, the already highly-charged atmosphere would definitely break out into the flames of conflict. If that happened there would certainly be no turning back. Thus, Ling Tian had to weaken all of their strengths to a state where it was within his control! Finally, Ling Tian also needed a party to attract the attention of everyone. The number three figure in the Yu Family, Yu ManTian, was without a doubt the most suitable person!

After Yu ManTian created so much trouble, the pride of all the so-called ‘number one’ experts would definitely be kept under control. As long as Yu ManTian stayed in the Sky Bearing City, none of them would dare act with unbridled aggression! At the very least, they would no longer be as unrestrained as before.

Another benefit was the fact that Ling Tian gained a rough understanding of the strengths of the different families. The only pity was the fact that he failed to witness the fight with the XiMen Family because he had to comfort Yu BingYan. Ling Tian was extremely curious about what kind of a person would have such an ‘eye-catching’ name!

After showing off his invincible might, Third Master Yu was naturally extremely delighted and had come over to find Ling Tian for a celebration. Actually, the celebration was just an excuse, and the real reason was his desire for good wine. After a few rounds of drinking, Old Madam Ling, Duke Ling and Ling Zhan also rushed over to exchange pleasantries with Yu ManTian before leaving. When they left, they instructed Ling Tian to prepare himself as they were going to enter the palace for a celebratory banquet because Consort LingRan was pregnant again.

Hearing this piece of ‘good’ news, Ling Tian was stunned for a moment. This piece of news reminded Ling Tian that his aunt was in the imperial family of the Sky Bearing Empire. In his future plans, he would definitely end up harming Ling Ran, Princess JiaoYue, and this unborn baby. Just what should he do? Choose his family? His own ambitions? This was an extremely difficult decision!

Ling Tian shut his eyes and let out a long sigh. After a long while, he finally decided to not think about it anymore for the moment. Things will definitely turn out fine in the end. Why do I have to worry so much about it now?

Just when he was about to fall asleep, a thought suddenly surfaced in his mind and he couldn’t help but be startled. Ling Tian was suddenly reminded about how he was drugged before he was born. As a mere successor of the Ling Family, he already had met with such treatment. With his aunt carrying the Emperor’s son, would she also face something like that?

Ling Tian knew that his aunt’s greatest regret was the lack of a son. Now that she was pregnant, she would definitely place all of her hopes with this child. If someone were to come up with a scheme and cause her to lose her child, Ling Ran would suffer a devastating blow! With Ling Ran’s personality, she probably wouldn’t be able to endure the trauma!

I must definitely visit the palace soon, Ling Tian thought to himself as he shut his eyes.

The next morning at dawn, Yu ManTian, who had gotten drunk again, didn’t dare wait for Ling Tian to visit him with fragrant wine. As soon as the sun was up, he rushed the Xue brothers to pack up their things and move to the Smoky Thea Tower. With him being the number one hero in the Sky Bearing City, he was thinking that he must definitely pay a visit to the Smoky Thea Tower!

Helpless, Xue Leng could only accompany Yu ManTian to the Smoky Thea Tower after seeking instructions from Yu BingYan. However, since Yu BingYan’s identity was not publicized yet. Thus, she made use of this fact to stay at the Ling residence.

At the front of the group was the spirited and energetic Third Master Yu. At the back were the glum-looking guards of the Yu Family. As for the female guards, they naturally stayed with Yu BingYan at the Ling residence. The male guards were all assigned to Yu ManTian, making them all extremely displeased.

However, no one expected the fact that the first family to move to the Smoky Thea Tower wasn’t the Yu Family, but the NanGong Family! This made Yu ManTian extremely depressed, almost wanting to find NanGong TianHu for another battle!

After the battle yesterday, the NanGong family received news of the Smoky Thea Tower inviting all the heroes of the continent, with opinions of those from the NanGong Family being divided. But right at that moment, NanGong Yu said, “Since the Smoky Thea Tower dares to invite all the heroes of the continent, there definitely won’t be any problems. If something happens, the Smoky Thea Tower and the whole Sky Bearing Empire would definitely suffer attacks from the whole continent! At that time, no empire or family, including the Yu Family, would be able to stop the joint revenge of the various powers! With the Smoky Thea Tower being so provocative, Yu ManTian from the Yu Family will definitely lose his cool and be the first to move in. As long as he moves in, all other powers will definitely move in as well, for fear of looking weak. If we end up being the last to move in, we will definitely be belittled by the others. Since no one else has moved in yet, why don’t we take the chance and be the first ones? At that time, we will be able to make our NanGong Family stand out from the crowd!

NanGong TianLong raised his thumb up in praise and agreed with this idea. So the NanGong Family actually moved into the Smoky Thea Tower that evening. Even the heavily injured NanGong TianHu forced himself to walk into the Smoky Thea Tower. Even though Yu ManTian rushed to move into the Smoky Thea Tower, he still ended up in second place. Chapter 198: Terms of the Duel

Translator: chuchutrain Editor: DavidT , Rock

Third Master Yu was depressed beyond belief when he saw NanGong TianHu, his head swollen like a pig’s head, standing at the pavilion assigned to the NanGong Family and laughing sinisterly. After he had finished the registration, he ignored the hospitality of Gu XiYan who had urged him to stay and walked out with a frustrated expression.

Suddenly, a wave of familiar danger swept past his heart. Raising his head, Yu ManTian’s face revealed joy, as in front of him was a youth dressed completely in black, looking at him with the gaze of a hawk!

“Aiya! It’s you, kid… Third Master has finally found you…” Yu ManTian immediately identified the youth as Ling Jian. While he didn’t know Ling Jian’s name, the battle between the two the other day was the most dangerous, as well as the most thrilling fight he had ever had in the last few years of his life. So how could he forget this person’s features?

Before he even finished his sentence, Ling Jian shot a glare at him, whispering quietly, “Follow me!” before turning away.

Yu ManTian was overjoyed, trailing behind Ling Jian without another word. He didn’t even seem to care that the other party was a ruthless murderer! Neither did he consider that a trap could have been set!

Would it be better to simply call him an idiot rather than a martial arts fanatic?

After the battle that day, even though Yu ManTian had always admired the white dressed youth, he felt that the white dressed youth won mainly because he took advantage of his own weakness at the time. While he admired the white dressed youth’s strength, he didn’t respect that white dressed youth. However, this stubborn and fearless black dressed teen struck a chord with him, making him feel that it was a pity such a talent became a killer. This was because Yu ManTian felt that the teen resembled him when he was younger, creating a sort of resonance with Ling Jian.

As for Ling Jian who was leading the road in front, he had a rare sense of appreciation. Yu ManTian might seem uncouth and insensitive, but he was actually a down-to-earth, hot-blooded fellow! Ling Jian only had admiration for this sort of person. He thought that to actually have such a friend wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all! This was the first time Ling Jian had thought of befriending someone, and if Ling Tian were to hear of it, he would be gratified for sure.

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