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Chen Ge looked at Su Hao awkwardly and blinked his eyes for a second.


Su Hao froze for a second and seemed to remember something. His face finally changed, “You are telling me that you don’t have Rule Force, so you can’t take action?”

“Keke~” Chen Ge coughed for a bit.

“Then do you even dare to bring me here in such a situation?”

Su Hao’s blue tendons on his forehead were exposed. Why did he keep feeling that this man is getting more and more unreliable? He wouldn’t end up dying while searching for the third card, right?

“I didn’t expect this.” Chen Ge pointed at the spiritual fish and said angrily, “How would I know these bastards would run to the sky? The original plan was to fish in this water. I just need to follow you down there to beat those weaklings. Anyway, your Shadowless God Needle can easily poke one to death.”

“Then what do we do now?” Su Hao looked at the others who were busy, “I can’t reveal my strength here.”

“It’s alright. You just need to be a bit vague.” Chen Ge whispered a solution to Su Hao, which caused Su Hao to scorn him hatefully, “You shameless guy.”

“Hehe.” Chen Ge smiled, “This is really an accident.”

“Hehe.” Su Hao sneered. He would never believe it again. However, looking at those busy people, he also knew that it would be impossible to do nothing. Otherwise, this amulet of Chen Ge would be seen through.

“Let’s go. Master will bring you there.” Chen Ge voiced out with a manner of a master. These people were shocked. Finally, they could see this man take action? What is his current strength now? Subconsciously, everyone’s eyes shifted over here. However, at this time, Su Hao stood up.

“Master, I want to give it a try myself.”

“What?” Chen Ge was startled, “You want to go by yourself?”

“Yes!” Su Hao said in an earnest tone with a prideful look, “It’s just some spiritual fish. I don’t need Master to personally take action. I will capture it in minutes.”

Everyone was surprised when they heard those words. Such arrogance!

Although everyone only attacked under their master’s guidance, many of them had already experienced the horror of those dark fishes earlier. Some fishes missed the net and almost killed a peak domain esper!

And in the sky…

There were countless of them!

“You can’t!” Chen Ge immediately rejected.

“Master, I want to give it a try.” Su Hao firmly insisted, yet his heart was cursing. Damn you! This method is also your suggestion. Yet, now you are trying to act as someone pure? Forget about it. For the sake of the card, I will endure this!

The Path Untaken “Alright.” Chen Ge finally seemed to be touched by Su Hao. He hesitated for a second, “Be careful. If you can’t do it, just come down. I will take action then.”

“Yes, Master.” Su Hao cursed again in his mind, although on the surface, he excitedly left.

Chen Ge really agreed to his request?

Everyone was a little surprised since this isn’t like the usual fishing in Taihu Territory. There were too many of them. Even the world espers didn’t dare to act recklessly. Let alone a domain esper?

Did Chen Ge take the wrong medicine today?

“Brother Chen, you seem to be assured of your own disciple.” King of Fire sneered.

“Well, the young ones can’t help but have pride.” Chen Ge lightly said in a cold manner, “Whether it’s killing intent, my disciple is good at anything and happens to lack an opponent from the same batch as him. This is why he’s arrogant. However, young man… let him learn some lessons this time, so that he can walk further in his future.”

Hearing this, those around sneered.


I’m afraid the arrogant one isn’t only your disciple!

To call him matchless from his batch meant that he was above every disciple present here! Especially those disciples with pride reaching heaven, this word of Chen Ge meant that they didn’t have the qualification to act as stepping stones. His disciple wanted to learn a lesson, and he had to rely on those dark fishes?

“Haha, then let me witness your disciple’s strength.” King of Fire sneered.

“I also want to see how brilliant Brother Chen’s disciple is!” Another world esper spoke calmly.

Everyone’s eyes were subconsciously looking at Su Hao, who had just left the ship. However, they didn’t find anything strange. This guy actually considers himself invincible within his batch?

Those disciples looked at Su Hao in disdain. They wanted to see what qualification this guy has to be this prideful! Above the flaming warship, the dark fishes dropped like dumplings from the sky. Looking at this arrogant prick, everyone’s attacks slowed down.

Su Hao smiled coldly for a second.

Just as when everyone was focusing on him, Su Hao suddenly made his move.


With one step, he climbed up the sky.

Both Su Hao’s feet vibrated, and he had already soared up the sky. His powerful physical fitness erupted like a sprinting cannonball. Just this one action alone already stunned many of the spectators. While he is fast, does it mean he can evade those dark fishes covering the sky?

Their speed was indeed slow.

If it was at the bottom of the lake, perhaps the fishes might not be able to chase Su Hao and get toyed to death instead. However, this time? There is a spiritual sea storm. No matter how fast you are, can you compete against the number of dark fishes?


Su Hao just avoided a wave. Before he managed to see where that wave of fishes landed, more fishes came toward him and instantly covered Su Hao’s surroundings that he had no way to avoid them.

“This guy is finished.”

“Hehe, even if he can hide from the ones in front of him, he can’t escape from those coming from behind him!”

“Senior Chen Ge is still not going to take action?”

Everyone was in a heated discussion, but Chen Ge was still as calm as ever as if everything was under control. However, no one noticed that his fists were already clenched tight.

He clenched so hard that they went a bit pale.

At this moment, when Su Hao was about to get hit, one saw that Su Hao’s figure shook. Before he managed to move, he got hit by a dark fish.


His body shattered and disappeared in the air.


Everyone was stunned.

Although Su Hao couldn’t escape, for him to die in such a manner…

When they were puzzled, they saw a flash of light. Su Hao appeared in another spot as if he didn’t receive any damage, stunning the crowd.

He managed to evade it?

But just now, there was no empty space within 360 degrees of him! How did he escape? Is it some kind of powerful origin technique? Everyone began to speculate.

Su Hao glanced around for a bit.

Under the deduction of Illusion Reality, he chose the best way to avoid them, Origin Avatar! This long-lost Origin Avatar showed its effectiveness once again. Using Origin Avatar to replace him while he entered the model world, this was something he realized during the beast tide. The disadvantage of this technique is that the energy consumption is enormous. The longer he stays in the model world, the more horrifying the consumption.

In the past, Su Hao managed to do so by borrowing the momentum he gained from breaking through.

As for now, since the return of his talent, Su Hao resolutely used his technique since the energy within his body was more than sufficient. Swallowed Star Not to mention, he believed that the lost energy could soon be replaced! As long as he catches one spiritual fish, the rich energy would merge into his body and restore it.



Su Hao’s location was unpredictable.

Everyone’s face opened wide as they witnessed him appearing out of thin air and sometimes, appeared in another spot. At times, he even vanished for a second or two, only until the wave of dark fishes passed him did he reappear. Such a huge number of dark fishes, yet they failed to cause him any harm. This scene was so strange.

“So terrifying.”

“What’s happening? Does this guy have a space talent?”

“Impossible, I didn’t feel any space fluctuations. Plus, even if he’s a space esper, he can’t be that smooth. After all, one needs to open the space first. Just slowing down for a split second, and the dark fishes would enter the space crack too. By then, he would meet his death while inside the space crack.”

“What a terrifying guy.”

Everyone was truly shocked.

On the flame warship, only Wan Cheng wasn’t affected. No matter how dreadful the outside world is, he would still calmly follow his master to catch the spiritual fish. However, when the corner of his eyes swept across that figure, Wan Cheng’s body suddenly froze and halted, looking at Su Hao’s direction.

“What happened?”

Yan Tianyu also stopped for a second, “You’re also affected?”


Wan Cheng looked at Su Hao’s figure for a moment before he replied, “He’s like a friend of mine. Although his appearance is different, his manner and that familiar origin technique…”


Yan Tianyu looked at Su Hao and calmly said, “In this world, there are many people who resemble each other.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Wan Cheng felt relief. Yes, how could it be him? His talent was crippled after all. Plus, even if his talent didn’t get destroyed, he won’t be this powerful.

“Master, keep going.” Wan Cheng regained his composure.

“Alright.” Yan Tianyu made a move again, and many casualties could be seen in front of him once again.

No matter how strong a peak domain esper is, he’s still cannon fodder in front of a world esper. There is only one way to fight against world espers, which is to use Rule Force!

Use Rule Force and overwhelm them!

Instead, for a world esper to deal with a domain esper only requires little consumption of Rule Force just like the time when Tian Gang dealt with Su Hao.

Even those dark fishes were not an exception.

At this time, after watching Su Hao dodge several times, this group of disciples finally realized a problem, “Although his skill is powerful, it’s only useful in evasion.”

“True, since he evaded those dark fishes, doesn’t that mean the hidden spiritual fishes also escape?”

“Is this guy here to clown around?”

After being shocked by Su Hao’s method, everyone saw that he couldn’t catch any spiritual fish at all and instantly ridiculed one after another to increase their self-confidence. When Su Hao heard these words above the sky, he could only pout his mouth. He let the spiritual fishes go? What joke are you talking about? There needs to be a spiritual fish first to say I let it go, right?

Under Synchronize Space, nothing could escape from his sight.

However, it can’t do anything if there is no spiritual fish appearing! Su Hao looked at his depleting energy that was about to hit the bottom…

Do I need to waste my Model Reversal to be a fool?

This isn’t worth it!

Su Hao frowned. Just at this moment, under Synchronize Space, a little white light flashed somewhere, and that familiar translucent brilliance lit up Su Hao’s eyes.

Here comes the spiritual fish!


The white light flickered. Everyone also saw that spiritual fish and obviously also saw Su Hao’s figure rushing madly toward the spiritual fish. However, they also saw the side of the spiritual fish. There was no gap at all as it was in between two dark fishes with similar size.

“Two dark fishes!”

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