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Even Lu Tuo who was fighting against Mo Dao in the distance was greatly shaken up.

After the heavenly arts clashed, everything became still.

The two both withdrew. However, at this moment, golden willow branches appeared one after another, silent as they quickly extended, covering Wang Xi.

They suddenly extended from the void, extremely abrupt.

Wang Xi moved her sword core, wishing to cut them apart, but things didn’t go as she had expected. The golden willow branches were too sturdy, some covering her body, immediately binding around her.

“Break for me!” Wang Xi shouted. Her entire body burned, divine force erupting, wishing to break the branches. The Darkness Immortal Gold sword core also moved in her hands, wishing to cut through all of the willow branches.

“You can’t break them.” Shi Hao said. Symbols appeared on those branches one after another, wrapping tighter and tighter, binding Wang Xi in place, imprisoning her in the void.

Everyone was stupefied. Wang Xi was captured? Were they hallucinating?

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The golden willow branches released metal colliding sounds. These willow leaves, these willow branches were actually like chains, having a metallic feel as they winded about Wang Xi’s body, wrapping around her tightly.

“Break!” Wang Xi released a light shout. All of her beautiful hair flew about, her tall and slender body struggling intensely. The Darkness Immortal Gold sword in her hand brandished about, producing string after string of sparks.

She wanted to break through the restrictions, cut apart these golden divine chains, but these willow branches instead became tighter and tighter, tough and unbreaking.

Even though the Darkness Immortal Gold sword was sharp, cutting through a few, the others quickly filled in the spaces. These golden willow branches had a type of powerful life force.

“Wang Xi was captured!” Everyone cried out in alarm, and then they were stupefied, all of them not knowing what to say.

This left everyone feeling shocked. That was but a long life family’s young miss, a fairy who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, stunning and exceptional, fighting strength unmatched, yet today, she was captured like this.


An expanse of Li Flames surged. Wang Xi burst into flames, releasing light flames from every inch of her snow-white skin, burning willow branches one after another.

Soon afterwards, she was submerged in fiery light.

At this moment, Shi Hao had long turned into a streak of light, rushing over, quickly taking action to capture her.


Wang Xi wasn’t an ordinary person. Even though her flesh was temporarily bound, she could still move. She tore apart the void, moving out, wishing to escape from this place.

Right now, her right arm was also wrapped around, the Darkness Immortal Sword left her hand, cutting at the divine chains of order around her body under her primordial spirit’s control, at the same time resisting the powerful enemy behind her.

However, this still couldn’t stop Shi Hao’s steps. After all, she was restricted, her combat strength diminished.


In the next moment, ten figures appeared around Wang Xi’s surroundings, all of them her spiritual bodies. They all rushed murderously at Shi Hao, these bodies including a Vermilion Bird, Golden Crow, Nine-Headed Snake, and all types of powerful divine birds and vicious beasts. Of course, there were humanoid creatures as well, but they were all spiritual bodies that were nursed within heavenly passages. Right now, they worked together to attack Shi Hao.

“Wang Xi was forced to this extent, starting to use her spiritual bodies, truly having no other way!”

“I never expected the female heavenly talent would be suppressed by someone who had previously followed her, about to become a captive, this really leaves one speechless!”

Everyone knew that these spiritual bodies couldn’t change the situation because the other party had spiritual bodies too. This meant that Wang Xi was already desperate.

Everyone sighed. This was probably the first time this heaven’s pride woman was ever captured, right?

Shi Hao laughed. His body moved, but he didn’t produce ten heavenly passages like the others, but rather a hazy sphere of light. However, many creatures rushed out from within.

“Kun Peng?!” A few people cried out in alarmed.

“Human shaped lightning?”

“A willow tree?!”

Shouts of alarm sounded again and again, everyone’s eyes widened.

Even though they long had their speculations, seeing the youth display the Kun Peng technique, and then even mysteriously activating the Willow Deity’s precious technique, already guessing at his identity, this was now a type of confirmation.

It was because as Shi Hao sent out his spiritual bodies, all of this combined with the precious techniques he excelled in, everything was exposed, revealing who he really was!


The heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, ghosts wept and deities howled. Shi Hao’s spiritual bodies moved out together to face the other party’s ten great spiritual bodies, fighting intensely, carrying out a great massacre.

It was clear that the undisguised Shi Hao was powerful, incomparable, every single spiritual body grasping a world shocking great divine ability. Now, they were all overlaid together, the power incomparable.

This place erupted with chaos!

“He is Huang! He actually didn’t die, arrived in our Heavenly Deity Institution!”

“Didn’t Yuan Qing take action, sending him to Origin Ancient Mine? It was rumored that he already died in the mines, why is he appearing here again?”

“Heavens, turns out he is Huang, that youth from the lower realm named Shi Hao! Finally obtained proof! Didn’t I say before? How could a young supreme being appear mysteriously from nowhere?!”

A loud commotion immediately sounded, these people excited and stirred up, watching the battle fervently.

Wang Xi was about to be captured. Everyone sighed. This was an absolutely terrible thing for the Wang Family. One had to understand that this was the clan’s most stunning disciple, someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy!

Moreover, this youth had previously offended them, making them feel humiliation, putting them in an awkward situation. Meanwhile, previously, there were even more strange rumors around Wang Xi.

Being captured by this young man, for Wang Xi, for the long life family, definitely wouldn’t be anything good!


The battle in the void was intense. A few figures were blasted flying. Wang Xi’s two spiritual bodies suffered serious injuries. The conclusion everyone was expecting was about to happen.

Suddenly, an unspeakable pressure immediately surrounded everyone’s minds, including Shi Hao. He cried out ‘not good’ inwardly, quickly withdrawing.

A streak of exceptional sword radiance fired out from the space between Wang Xi’s brows. It was too fast, releasing blinding radiance as it flickered about, directly hacking down towards Shi Hao!

“What is that?”

“Did Wang Xi’s primordial spirit leave her body?”

“Heavens, how can this sword energy be this frightening, it is a bit more frightening than even the Chaos Calming Art! How did she refine this?”

Many people cried out in alarm. Right now, Wang Xi’s physical body didn’t move, but between her brows was a divine rainbow that left her body, too fast, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

Only a few people could see that this was Wang Xi’s primordial spirit leaving the body, a small female infant that was the same as herself. It was the size of a fist, carrying a finger length small black sword. Endless light erupted as she rushed at Shi Hao.

This type of scene was extremely strange!

It was because that small figure, despite being a primordial spirit, didn’t flow with primordial spirit force, but rather sword energy. The sword energy was like a sword constellation, revolving around her body.

How could primordial spirit force be turned into sword energy, turned into an unmatched sword constellation?

Everyone cried out in horror, every one of them shivering inwardly.

“This isn’t the Chaos Calming Art, but it is even stronger! What kind of sword intent is this?”

“Wrong, this is the Chaos Calming Art, moreover refined to the most profound state, turning the primordial spirit into a sword core!

“Heavens! How did this girl refine it? This is too frightening! Did you all see the little black sword in her hands? It is like the Darkness Immortal Gold, unstoppable. It is refined from primordial spirit! If the female infant disappears, the primordial spirit turns completely into a sword core, it would become unrivaled, reaching an unmatched realm!”

Everyone was shocked. Turning the primordial spirit into a sword core, this was something that rarely happened since ancient times. Especially at her age, it was completely unheard of. This really was unprecedented.

Shi Hao’s fine hairs stood on end. He felt a type of killing intent. When that primordial spirit rushed over, it was incredibly domineering, able to cut down gods and devils, unstoppable, too terrifying!

If it wasn’t for him evading quickly, he would have been directly pierced through!

He really never saw a sword constellation like this, hacking down from the void, destroying all things. The most important thing was that she was too fast, difficult to evade.

If not for him not holding anything back, using the Kun Peng method, immediately moving the divine wings to quickly evade, then just now, he would have his head removed by the primordial spirit sword core.

This was too shocking!

Shi Hao began to move about, leaving behind afterimages one after another.

A black afterimaged moved past, fast to the point where it was difficult for even the Heavenly Eyes to capture. This was the Chaos Calming Art’s primordial sword core, killing in a virtually undetectable manner, impossible to defend effectively against.


Sparks flew in all directions, the noise ear-splitting.

At the same time, Shi Hao stopped, no longer evading.

“Finished, the Chaos Calming Art’s sword core’s speed is inconceivable. If he stops now, then there’s no way to evade. Once one goes on the defensive, they will be killed!” Someone said with a sigh.

“The Chaos Calming Art is simply unfathomable!” A few people agreed.


They clashed again. Shi Hao was now angry. He formed fist imprints, clashing with that primal chaos sword core, causing sparks to fly in all directions.

“What? What kind of fist imprint is he using? It can actually keep up with Wang Xi’s speed, able to shake up Chaos Calming Art’s primordial spirit core?”Many people cried out in alarm.

One had to understand that the primordial spirit core exceeded one’s imaginations. Once it was activated, it could basically defeat all enemies at the same level.

“He merged the Kun Peng Technique with many other profound mysteries, using the most direct type of combat instincts to fight, relying on his intuition to stop the Chaos Calming Art’s primordial sword core!”

Everyone trembled inwardly, that type of speed was too fast.

Now, they already couldn’t see Wang Xi’s primordial spirit sword core. Even if they activated their Heavenly Eyes, they could still only see some afterimages, unable to see their real bodies.

The expressions Princess Yao Yue and the others had long changed. The current Wang Xi was undoubtedly frightening. Just how many people could match her current strength?!


Suddenly, Shi Hao’s entire body shone, the supreme being blood inside of him activating, instantly displaying three types of precious techniques!

Heaven Calamity Light, Reincarnation, as well as a third unknown divine ability that could support the two divine abilities were activated, making the first two more powerful made the divine force his body erupted with even more frightening. Right now, three types of precious technique symbols were moving about within the blood in his body, overlaying, making him erupt with the most dazzling light!

In that instant, endless light appeared, rushing out from his body, submerging this earth. The overlaying precious techniques were everywhere, engulfing all directions.

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A cry of alarm sounded. That sword core was stopped, the small black sword the female infant carried growing dim, leaving her shocked.

The primordial spirit sword was unstoppable, so how could it be damaged? Wang Xi was confused, starting to panic a bit.

Shi Hao was even more shocked. If it was an ordinary person, they would have long begun to age, how could they resist the power of reincarnation? This was especially the case after the third type of precious technique was added, the power flourishing even greater, profound meaning becoming more complex.

However, Wang Xi’s primordial spirit didn’t age, only the small black sword becoming damaged.

Wang Xi didn’t dare face this attack, quickly flying back to her physical body, not willing to take risks. It was because her primordial spirit hadn’t fully merged with the sword core, not achieving the state of all methods immunity, sturdy and unbreaking degree. If she delayed any longer, she might suffer a disaster.

Only after it underwent a great change, the female infant changing, her primordial spirit fully becoming a sword core would she have reached an unmatched state. When that time came, she couldn’t care less what type of method the other party used, she would just directly cut them down!


A rain of light danced about, sweeping through this place. Heaven’s light, Reincarnation, and the third technique activated together, the energy devouring mountains and rivers, slaughtering their way over to Wang Xi, sweeping through her primordial spirit, making it dim quite a bit.


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