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For him, the difference between things of value and things without was too defined.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t ask this person of anything. The path was his own to take. The so-called Immortal Breaking Curse was already incurable in the eyes of others, at the very least, when a young cultivator like him was afflicted, then he was crippled already. He didn’t want to say too much.

Then, Shi Hao asked and consulted what kind of place this was.

In the end, he received confirmation that this was an extraordinary secret land after all!

There was a path here that needed to be protected. When he looked into the distance, there was an expanse of silence, an abandoned star system, a withered heaven and earth. However, the spiritual essence here was extremely rich.

The spiritual essence was turbulent, at times surging like a sea, at times completely sucked dry.

This place was extremely important. There was an ancient path that was guarded, waiting for something’s return!

Upon closer inspection, Shi Hao understood that this place was already in ruins, star remains in the distance. This was an ancient place, an abandoned ruined world.

Rain Deity, as well as the other creatures from the ancient times had previously arrived here, becoming soldiers to protect this place together.

Comparatively speaking, even though Rain Deity was powerful, he could only serve as a soldier here, not standing out at all. However, Rain Clan’s origins weren’t small, this clan still not considered weak.

After all, rain, winds, and lightning, these natural scenes weren’t trifling matters. In the past, they represented some ancient clans.

It was to the extent where there were some who believed that the reason these natural scenes appeared was because it represented the moods of some ancient clans!

However, in this ruined ancient world, Rain Clan declined, not really any exceptional experts to be seen.

In the end, it was an expanse of ruined cosmos, unknown just how many years ago it was destroyed. It had previously been entirely sealed, isolated from the rest of the world.

From near ancient history until now, those who guarded this place all declined, almost all wiped out.

It was because the essence energy that was released from the passage was like a haze, corroding everything. Meanwhile, the ancient path was reviving itself, an existence destined to cross over.

It could be said that the people who guarded this ruined world were almost all completely wiped out.

Only when Desolate Border’s great battle ended that Immortal Domain sensed something, receiving news about it, did the immortal gates finally open, making contact with some ancient lands, for example this place, thus allowing them to be saved.

Immortal Domain then took action, continuing to seal the passage!

“Turns out it was like this.” Shi Hao nodded. The entire ruined realm’s prosperity and decline was because of a single passage, one could see just how terrifying it was.

“Are there many creatures here?” Shi Hao asked.

“Not many, less than a million, but they are all cultivators.” That mysterious creature replied.

Shi Hao was stunned. This was a world of its own! However, its population in comparison was ridiculously few.

“If you open up those star remains, every inch of earth are crushed bones.” The mysterious individual said.

At this point, Shi Hao didn’t even need to ask much more in detail.

This world was destroyed, practically complete eradication. The reason why the remaining million creatures didn’t die was because the passage was stabilized.

“Wu, a pity. I wanted to introduce you to a certain clan’s inheritor, but you now lost this opportunity of fate.” This creature brought this up again.

“A young master? What rank in Immortal Domain?” Shi Hao didn’t seem too concerned, the corners of his lips curling upwards.

“It is hard to say, possibly a founder reincarnating through another’s body. If that is the case, reaching the top ranks isn’t an issue. If the legends aren’t true, and he is merely himself, then his name might appear in the top ten.” That individual said.

Shi Hao was stunned, truly shocked. He could look down on that so-called young master, but towards a second body reincarnation, that was extremely shocking, making all of his fine hairs stand on end.

If this was this type of monster, once they faced each other, it would be much more troublesome.

“Of course, if you weren’t crippled and weren’t willing to become that young master’s follower, you could also enter one of those ancient inheritances. If you gain their favor, there would also be great opportunities, but it would truly be difficult…” This mysterious individual said.

Shi Hao curled his lips, not feeling like saying anything. Right now, he had ancient scriptures and secret methods, did he even need to bow down before other inheritances?

“Heh, if I use words that are a bit more unpleasant, the methods passed through this world, what is so great about them? They are already methods that bit the dust. As the years pass, the times overlay, this world’s methods, strictly speaking, all came from Immortal Domain. After so many years have elapsed, even Immortal Domain’s cultivation system changed, creating new paths again. What can you bring out to compare to them?!”

These words finally made Shi Hao’s expressions change. He had long had thoughts of establishing his own path, and now, he was startled awake. Immortal Domain might have long created some paths.

However, this only further aroused Shi Hao’s fighting spirit. He wanted to go even further, see just who was stronger and who was weaker.

It wasn’t him being conceited, but rather because he already had all types of plans in mind, and now, he had stepped on his own completely unique path, using his body as the seed. If he continued to perfect it, he believed that he would definitely experience a golden age of harvest.

“This person, can I kill him?” Shi Hao was extremely brazen, asking this question.

“Rain Clan’s people, I am not concerned with them. However, you have to understand that killing a protector does not bring any benefits. In the future, you are going to be crippled, you should watch out for future karma.” That individual said.

Shi Hao was too decisive. The Everlasting Sword Core swept out. Under Rain Deity’s shocked gaze, a sword stabbed into the space between his brows, killing his primordial spirit, blood splashing all over the altar below.

This altar floating in the void was dyed red from blood.

“Is it easy to bring this ruined realm into the eight regions?” Shi Hao asked.

“It is difficult. Only within a specific time and location is there a chance of casting down a void projection, easier for the weak, difficult for the strong. Rain Deity went against the rules, casting his projection without permission, now that it met this conclusion, it can also be considered a type of predetermined fate.” That mysterious creature said. In the end, he left just like this, not paying anything there any more attention.

In the distant skies, there were all types of bright colors, divine rainbows swirling about. That ancient gate was faintly discernible.

Shi Hao didn’t waste any time, turning around to leave. With a chi sound, he pierced through the realm wall, returning to Desolate Region.

Sure enough, when he left that spatial node, it slowly squeezed inwardly, and then collapsed, ultimately completely disappearing!

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That Chen Xiang could even escape didn’t even cross Gu Dongchen’s mind because it was absolutely impossible! That was why he especially selected the elite disciples in the sect in order to let them learn the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise.

The experts of other three sea domains brought their proud disciples for the very same intentions!

“Seniors, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise is very abstruse. Although I had memorized it, my comprehension of it is still nothing but superficial! If everybody wants to understand its abstruse principles, you must first know the backdrop of how Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise was created and some of its stories. This is to let everyone realize what they are lacking, realize the greatness of its creation as well as know how insignificant we are! This is what my teacher told me. And according to him, this is one of the most important parts of the entire exercise!” Chen Xiang said with a solemn look pasted on his face. It seemed, that it truly had happened.

“But of course, we are very happy to learn the stories of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise! After all, some martial exercises need a certain level of understanding. Maybe these stories will let us gain a deeper level of understanding.” Lan Hai nodded his head and said. Other experts too nodded their heads in agreement one by one.

Chen Xiang was secretly having a great laugh. He suddenly found it cool to fool these hypocritical guys. In the future, he could even use it to have a great laugh.

“Senior really knows his stuff, truly worthy of experts whom my teacher often mentioned about. This junior completely admires you!” Chen Xiang cupped his hand to salute Lan Hai as he said with a complete look of admiration on his face. This caused Lan Hai to secretly feel proud.

Chen Xiang’s gaze swept through every expert around him. Using this opportunity, he even took a peek at Liu Menger and the girls. Then seriously said, “Has everyone heard of the Imperial Dragon Family?”

“I have heard of Ancient Dragon Family, as for Imperial Dragon Family…I’ve never heard of them.” Lan Hai shook his head, others too shook their head in unison.

In his heart, Chen Xiang secretly felt elated. Long Xueyi, this smelly dragon would often brag about the Imperial Dragon Family. If he narrated the story of Imperial Dragon Family, he could go on for at least 10-15 days easily.

“Everybody please focus, The Imperial Dragon Family is akin to emperor-like existences in the Dragon Family. The Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise was created by a dragon of the Imperial Dragon Family! And the well-known countless Dragon Martial Techniques were all created by these very members of Imperial Dragon Family! The so-called Dragonslayers Divine Martial Techniques does not only grant humans the power to slay dragons, but using the same techniques, a dragon can also slay a dragon! That’s why these techniques are extremely terrifying. People who knew me, all know that many of the martial techniques I use are related to dragons. This is the most terrifying about the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise!”

Although Chen Xiang was amusing them, it lured everyone’s attention.

“Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise is very powerful. It is a divine level technique amongst the Dragon Martial Techniques! And it is ranked ninth in the Imperial Dragon Family’s Dragon Martial Techniques. There are eight other stronger techniques above it which are said to have fallen into Mortal World!”

The crowd of martial artists burst into exclamations. The Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise was just ranked ninth!

Next, Chen Xiang began talking nonsense, from left and right he pulled out some stories, fabricated some of the nonsense, and with Long Xueyi help, accordingly added a little bit. The way he spoke seemed to make everyone immerse in his stories. As if they themselves were the protagonists, as if they were in the world of Imperial Dragon.

Like this, three days had passed in the blink of an eye. Chen Xiang excitedly said, “The most crucial point of cultivating the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise is the state of mind! You need to be like a dragon who has an aura of looking down upon the whole world. Although all seniors here are the strongest experts in the Mortal World, after you arrive at Heavenly Realm, your strengths can not even be compared with a claw of the dragon. Facing the imposing manner of a dragon, everyone will feel like an ant.”

“But, after cultivating the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, we can slay dragons!”

Chen Xiang’s nonsense went on straight for three day and three nights, yet he still had not arrived at the main point. Although some people were getting impatient, they still listened to him with rapt attention. Because Chen Xiang had repeatedly mentioned that these stories were very important, they must definitely remember! All because when they are going to cultivate the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, they could get some enlightenment from these stories.

Watching Chen Xiang conning these people, Long Xueyi could not stop laughing. She also continuously kept imparting Chen Xiang with new ideas. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also trying to find ways.

“Alright, seniors, you have to first assimilate what I have said till now. Afterward, I will begin imparting the chanting formula. Everybody has to remember the chanting formula well! If you forget even one word when you are cultivating, it could very easily lead to Qigong Deviation and you might even die!” A solemn look appeared on Chen Xiang’s face. Although these people could not cultivate the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, they needed to draw reference and create some martial techniques from it. That’s why there was no room for carelessness.

Chen Xiang rested for a moment as he discussed with the two girls inside the ring, “Is there a plan? Smelly dragon, tell me what you have discovered, what about the surroundings!”

“There is a very small hole enough for a bird to get under a table. This hole is very deep and I don’t know where it will lead! All the stone tables and chairs are protected by a strange power, so it is very difficult to break them and also difficult to probe! My divine sense is unable to enter the depths of the hole!” Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised. The Heroes Mountain was the venue of Heroes Assembly, so of course, it had to be marvelous. Perhaps, a hundred thousand years ago, this place was carefully built by the strongest of experts. And after repulsing the Demons and Devils, they might have come here to celebrate!

“According to Zhenzhen, her parents are nearby. If you open the profound beast bag, her parents will be able to sense the aura of Little White Tiger. Her parents are very strong. Perhaps, they will have a conflict with these people, this might very well be the opportunity we are looking for!” Bai Youyou said.

“At that time, you can cast the “Misty Sky” from the Black Tortoise Divine Exercise and envelope this whole area in dense mist. Afterward, you can transform into a bird and quickly drill your way into that hole which is located under the table!” Su Meiyao said.

Currently, Chen Xiang was left with no choice. He quietly opened the profound beast bag, so that the aura of Little White Tiger quietly overflowed outside. From Bai Zhenzhen, he came to learn that her father and mother were both extremely powerful. They had at least crossed the eighth Nirvana Tribulation. They could be considered as peak martial artists in Mortal World. Mankind definitely could not dare to arbitrarily start a feud with these kinds of demon beasts.

After the profound beast bag was opened, Chen Xiang began imparting the chanting formula, word by word, very slowly. This time he was speaking the true formula, however, he was very slow. In any case, the chanting formula of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise was very long, even if he imparted it at a normal speed, it would take a very long time.

These Nirvana Realm martial artists turned extremely excited just by listening to a few words of the chanting formula, because they all knew its abstrusity. They thought that by coming here to the Chenwu Mainland, their harvest was pretty huge. They felt they could create powerful martial techniques from the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise which would be handed down to the later generations by generations; making them famous throughout the ages!

Everyone remained very quiet as they aptly listened to the chanting formula read by Chen Xiang. Liu Menger and the others had a pretty good understanding of Chen Xiang’s character; they always felt that something was bound to happen. They all knew that Chen Xiang is not someone who would so easily surrender!

Just like this, half a day has already passed, yet Chen Xiang had only spoken fifty words of chanting formula. Furthermore, he repeated it three times under the pretense that others might not remember!

Chen Xiang would not truly impart the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. If someone with sinister intentions created some deadly martial technique due to it, it would bring scourge upon the common people. In particular, the devil path martial artists. And if it fell into the hands of Demon and Devil Domain, the consequences would be disastrous.

Suddenly, two overlapping tiger roars floated over from far away which was followed by a gust of wind filled with an aura of slaughter. Surprisingly, it pierced through the barrier, and awakened many people who were immersed in remembering the few words of the chanting formula!

Chen Xiang’s heart started pounding madly. He knew that his opportunity has arrived. He was currently a little tensed because everywhere around him were Nirvana Realm martial artists. If he fails this time, these guys will take care of him more strictly. At that time, it would be difficult to find any opportunity to escape. Chapter 775 – Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (1)

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Amidst ear-shattering explosions, continuously exploding Phoenix flames had dyed a large swathe of the sky and sea a startling crimson. As those frenzied flames fell from the sky, the small islets that came into contact with them immediately turned to magma.

The dreadful sounds and power being displayed had long ago alerted Supreme Ocean Palace but the Phoenix flames continued to wreak havoc with no signs of stopping and they kept growing hotter and wilder with each passing minute.

“Princess Snow, please stop! This barrier can’t be forcibly blasted open! Even if the Four Sacred Masters were to join hands, they would also not be able to do so!!”

Zi Ji was also at the eighth stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm. But when he faced these terrifyingly powerful divine flames, he also had no choice but to keep his distance, he even had to keep retreating.

“Big Brother Yun… BIG BROTHER YUN!!!” In front of the barrier sealing the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, Feng Xue’er screamed as she crazily hurled phoenix fire. But no matter how the Phoenix flames assaulted the barrier, not a single scratch was formed on it. It did not even quiver in the slightest and it would only give out threads of rippling light every now and then.

“Little Sister Xue’er, you need to stop at once!!”

Xia Yuanba had also been forced to keep his distance. He had wanted to approach Xue’er many times but her Phoenix flames were simply too dreadful. In the blink of an eye, he had already been blown half a kilometer away by those Phoenix flames. He could only howl helplessly and anxiously but no matter how he and Zi Ji tried to counsel Feng Xue’er, they simply could not get through to her.

At this moment, the Phoenix flames suddenly stopped and the firelight that had shrouded the entire island began to wane. Xia Yuanba thought that Feng Xue’er had started to come to her senses but just as he was about to advance… An enormous and extremely glaring fire lotus gorgeously bloomed around Feng Xue’er.


An all-encompassing wave of heat assaulted Zi Ji and Xia Yuanba. They both felt a pressure on their chests, as if they had been smashed by a giant hammer that had come from the depths of a fiery purgatory. They fiercely shot backwards and their clothes and hair started to burn.

This was a Star Scorching Demon Lotus performed with all of Feng Xue’er’s might and it was also the strongest attack that the Phoenix flames could display on this world! It was more than ten times stronger than the strongest Phoenix flames that Yun Che could produce.

“Little Sister Xue’er… hurry up… and stop!!”

Xia Yuanba’s cries were now tinged with pain. He retreated at full speed. His body felt like it was being wrapped in purgatorial flames as every inch of skin was being burned to the point where the pain was unbearable. It was a long time before the burning sensation finally subsided to a level he could endure. He anxiously extinguished the flames burning on his body as he began to noisily gasp for air. Every single breath that he expelled from his chest was boiling hot.

The Phoenix flames that had been raging for a long time finally began to die down as their light swiftly receded. Xia Yuanba took ragged gasps as he desperately sought to regain his composure. It was only then that he discovered that he had been blasted five kilometers away from the island that the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was located in.

Even though he had seen Yun Che use his Phoenix flames before, he had never once seen Feng Xue’er in action. It was only now that he came to the startling realization that this girl, who was as beautiful as fairy and who would tenderly and gently call him “Bulky Big Brother” was actually extremely terrifying!

On the other side, even though Zi Ji had not been pushed as far as Xia Yuanba, the trembling of his pupils were no less intense than Xia Yuanba’s… His profound strength was the same as Feng Xue’er’s, both of them were at the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. And when it came down to it, he was still slightly stronger than her. But right now, he was utterly convinced that if he were to face Feng Xue’er in battle, he would definitely eat a loss!

The eighth stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm coupled with the purest Phoenix bloodline and Phoenix flames; it was a power that was definitely able to match the profound practitioners of the Four Great Sacred Grounds who were at the ninth stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

The light of the flames had completely dissipated but the sea breeze was still boiling hot. It was just that the original island had completely disappeared and the only thing that was left was an enormous ocean-blue barrier shimmering on top of the sea as it sealed off the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest from the rest of the world. The island that had existed outside the barrier had been completely obliterated by Feng Xue’er’s Star Scorching Demon Lotus.

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