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Giant flames appeared around Qingfeng Li, covering an area hundreds of miles wide. They raged continually, burning up all of the corpse energy. Then, sunshine broke through.

Qingfeng Li only cleared up a few hundred miles. anything further was still as dark as ink, and covered with corpse energy.

Black Puppy walked to Qingfeng Li and said to him, with a serious and heavy face, “Be careful of this Underworld Monarch. Even if he has not yet reached the half-step saint realm, he probably comprehended some of the laws of the half-step saint realm.”

Having heard what Black Puppy said, Qingfeng Li nodded. He knew that the Underworld Monarch was a top tier enemy even without Black Puppy’s warning. He would not be careless.

Qingfeng Li had clearly felt, from the rolling corpse energy, that the Underworld Monarch was almost at the half-step saint realm, and had comprehended some of the half-step saint law.

As soon as someone comprehended the half-step saint realm law, he could draw support from the saint level power of the heavenly dao and then form a type of suppression towards self-cultivators.

Fortunately, Qingfeng Li practiced saint and the immortal level cultivation techniques. He could resist suppression from the corpse energy in the sky.

Had he been facing any other self-cultivator, they would already be in grave danger. Qingfeng Li looked at the dark air in front of him and shouted, “Inferno Realm.”

This time Qingfeng Li’s inferno realm was even bigger, and the flames fanned around him in an area several thousand meters. It was red everywhere. The flames burned the dark corpse energy in the sky and on the ground.

After the corpse energy was burned out, it turned into a strand of dark smog and disappeared in the air. Afterwards, sunshine poured out onto the ground and purified the filthy ghost creatures.

Deep in the Underworld Necropolis, the Underworld Monarch burst out with a raging howl. He didn’t expect Qingfeng Li to burn his Underworld Necropolis before his very eyes, it was a slap on the face.

Even the terrifying zombies and ghosts under the Necropolis shrieked with fear. They quickly flew out from the underworld and ran toward the darkened lands in the distance. They didn’t dare get close to Qingfeng Li for fear they would be burned by the flames surrounding him.

This moment, all the ghosts and zombies whispered, “This young man is truly powerful and he dares to burn the corpse energy on our land.”

“Exactly, and in front of the Underworld Monarch’s face. He doesn’t care at all.”

“Why doesn’t the Underworld Monarch make a move. If he waits any longer, our Underworld Necropolis will suffer a severe loss.”

Many ghosts and zombies were not happy with the Emperor’s attitude. Even now, he still hid in the deepest parts of the Underworld Necropolis. He had only released some corpse energy but had not appeared himself.

To be honest, the Underworld Monarch had just comprehended the half-step saint law that very moment and wanted more time to strengthen it. However, Qingfeng Li was already at his doorstep, he didn’t have any choice but to face the enemy head-on.

If the emperor waited to strengthen his ability, the entire Underworld Necropolis might be burned by Qingfeng Li’s flames.

“HongLongLong… Asura Magician HongLongLong… HongLongLong…”

A series of loud rumbling noises came out from the Underworld Necropolis. They were extremely loud and pierced the whole sky. In the distance, dark energy was rolling and corpse energy was everywhere. The entire place was surrounded.

A giant palm of corpse energy flew from far away. It slapped down on top of the flaming area above Qingfeng Li.


The palm hid the sky and covered the earth. In an instant, it put out all of the flames.

Qingfeng Li’s face sunk and he stepped back. “No wonder he is one of the four supreme monarchs on the Crimson Fire Continent. His abilities are indeed powerful, and he broke my Inferno Realm with just one attack. Let me use a different realm. I will try the Gravity Realm, the Five Thousand Times Gravity Technique.”

Qingfeng Li used the Gravity Realm with a loud shout. His Gravity Realm had already advanced by leaps and bounds. After it had been through the twists and turns of the gravity in the Mystic Sun Realm, it even broke through to becoming five thousand times stronger.

A massive pulling power was formed, stemming from the ground. That pulling power became several threads of dark fog, the dark fog was gravity, and sucked the giant palm towards the ground.

However, the palm was the Underworld Monarch’s and contained terror power. It had reached the half-step saint realm, blocked Qingfeng Li’s five thousand times gravitation, and returned to the air.

Qingfeng Li’s face changed again. He truly noticed the disparity between him and the half-step saint level. They were not at the same level at all. Even if he reached the ninth level spirit monarch realm and mastered strong cultivation techniques, it would be extremely difficult for him to defeat the Emperor.

Qingfeng Li’s face became a little heavy. He said to Xue Lin, “Stay behind me and do not come out. I will deal with this Underworld Monarch. I can’t let him control the fight.”

“Whirlpool Sky Halberd!”

“Qingfeng Li shouted and waved the Yin-Yang Sky Halberd forth. He then stirred with all his strength and formed a giant whirlpool.”

The whirlpool had two colors, black and white.

The black and white colors formed a pointy cone shape and took half of the space. They formed a strong whirlpool storm, rushing towards the Underworld Monarch’s palm in the sky with invincible strength. Boom, boom…

With an unrivaled strength, the vortex instantly tore through time and space, reaching mid-air in the blink of an eye. The vortex then absorbed the Underworld Monarch’s Corpse Palm, crushing it to pieces.

The Underworld Monarch let out a muffled huff, clearly surprised. He said, “Kid, I didn’t expect you to possess the Yin-Yang Saint’s Sky Halberd. I haven’t given you enough credit.

As one of the four monarchs of the Crimson Fire Continent, the Underworld Monarch was naturally worldly. With thousands of years worth of living under his belt, he was well-informed of the Yin-Yang Sky Halberd’s legend.

Now that he had seen it with his very own eyes, the sight startled him. After all, even his powerful Dharma treasure was no more than a Half-Step Saint Level item. Qingfeng Li, on the other hand, actually possessed a saint-level treasure, higher than his by a small level. Naturally, his heart was filled with hunger and greed.

Plus, the Underworld Monarch could see that the Yin-Yang Sky Halberd wasn’t fully activated. It was, at most, activated to a third of its full potential.

If it was entirely activated, Qingfeng Li’s previous strike would’ve wounded the Underworld Monarch. After all, the attack from a saint-level item was equivalent to that of a saint. Normal half-step saint self-cultivators didn’t have a chance against it.

At the sight of his Yin-Yang Sky Halberd’s effects, Qingfeng Li looked delighted. He didn’t expect for his Yin-Yang Sky Halberd to be saint level dharma treasure once used by the Yin-Yang Saint. With Qingfeng Li’s prior knowledge of the Yin-Yang Saint Technique, it was the icing on a cake.

Qingfeng Li waved out his Yin-Yang Sky Halberd relentlessly, unleashing countless rays of black vortices. These black vortices were laced with white light, the juxtaposition of the two colors reminiscent of the beginning of time.

With the powers of Yin and Yang, the black and white light charged forward ferociously. With an unrivaled strength, the cone-shaped tornado instantly destroyed all of the black corpse energy in the atmosphere, tearing into nothingness.

The Underworld Monarch was livid. He said coldly, “Qingfeng Li, you really think I’d be afraid of you just because you have a saint item in your hand?! I will show you my true powers now.”

Black Coffin!

Focusing his energy, the Underworld Monarch took out a coffin. It was entirely black, more than two meters long. It was created by a special type of material and was carved completely with patterns of the undead. These patterns depicted the undead as eerie and as ferocious as could be, ever so frightening, as if they’d been sent from hell.

At the sight of the coffin, the black puppy’s expression fell. It said, “The Black Coffin. I can’t believe the Underworld Monarch reached the Black Coffin. Qingfeng Li, be careful. It’s a near-saint level item.

Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows as he took a step back. The Black Coffin made him feel cold, the kind of chill that sent shivers down his spine.

Although Qingfeng Li’s Yin-Yang Sky Halberd was a powerful saint item, it was only one-third of its way on being fully activated.

If the Black Coffin was completely activated, its strength would rival his Yin-Yang Sky Halberd.

The Underworld Monarch waved out his Black Coffin, transforming it into a ray of black light. The black light formed into a corpse energy coffin and rushed towards Qingfeng Li ferociously.

Qingfeng Li immediately waved out his Yin-Yang Sky Halberd, marking the air, piercing it forward, and striking it against the Black Coffin.


Suddenly, a loud boom came from the sky, blowing apart the surrounding air.

Even the tough grounds of the Underworld Necropolis was left with a massive hole. The hole was thousands of meters deep, its bottom nowhere in sight. The surrounding rocks, trees, undead items, hell ghosts, zombies, and everything else died in an instant.

Deng deng deng deng…

Qingfeng Li’s body retreated back a dozen steps, his face colorless.

Even his halberd-wielding hand was shaking. He looked at the Black Coffin with a face full of shock. He said, “Too powerful. It’s unstoppable.”

From its previous attack, Qingfeng Li could sense from the Black Coffin a force exceeding 30,000,000 kilograms.

This meant that its strength exceeded that of his Yin-Yang Sky Halberd’s by 10,000,000 kilograms. It was impossible for him to fight.

Luckily for him, Qingfeng Li possessed the Mortal Purgatory Body, making his body as tough as iron, his skin and bones as hard as golden hell rocks. This was why the attack didn’t injure him. If it had been anyone else, the attack would’ve shattered their bones.

The Underworld Monarch looked at Qingfeng Li as he said coldly, “Not bad. You were able to block my Black Coffin. That means you are capable. However, you will still be dying today.”

Wielding his Black Coffin in mid-air, the Underworld Monarch unleashed black corpse energy, covering the entire sky with it as he dashed towards Qingfeng Li once more.

Qingfeng Li pointed his Yin-Yang Sky Halberd forward, striking forth relentlessly. The halberd collided with the coffin, sounding a sky-shattering blow.

Countless gashes emerged in the surrounding air as if the sky had been pierced, as if everything had been torn open.

Luckily, Xue Lin had listened to Qingfeng Li’s previous warning of staying far away. Otherwise, she would’ve been blasted by the violent energy as well.

Although the attack forced his body backward and bloodied his hands, Qingfeng Li didn’t suffer too much. He still managed to block the Black Coffin’s attack.

However, he knew that he had to change the situation. For now, the Yin-Yang Sky Halberd protected his body from sustaining injuries, but he would crumble once the enemy attacked with other techniques.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes grew cold as he churned his brain for a solution. I can only use the Golden Flames thrice so that’s not an option. All three uses must be saved for the fight against the Crimson Fire Monarch. He was Qingfeng’s biggest enemy.

For the Underworld Monarch, Qingfeng Li thought it would be better to use other tactics.

Focusing his mind, Qingfeng Li took out the Thunder pearl from his interspatial ring. He knew that other than fires, corpse energy, undead items, and coffins were also afraid of lightning.

Qingfeng Li’s Thunder pearl contained a thousand lightning bolts, with all of them elevated to the middle-grade.

Qingfeng Li channeled his Thunder Chant, unleashing its thunderous powers. He then held the Thunder pearl tightly in his hand, activating the thunder and lightning from his body.

Pa pa pa pa pa…

Suddenly, a thousand bolts of lightning shot out of the Thunder pearl, unleashing incredible powers as soon as they appeared in mid-air, leaving cracks in the sky, cleaving towards the Black Coffin with destructive energy.


The sound of a thousand lightning bolts striking the Black Coffin gathered into one deafening blow, smashing open countless holes, rendering its corpse energy useless. At the sight of his cracked and disfigured Black Coffin, the Underworld Monarch felt a sharp pain in his heart. He immediately took it back, hiding it away into his body. He then glared at Qingfeng Li with chilling eyes.

“Bastard! You damn freak! How could you have thunder powers? How is this possible? Even the Crimson Fire Monarch can’t control the thunder!”

The Underworld Monarch stared at Qingfeng Li. Although his gaze was murderous, it was also laced with confusion.

Qingfeng Li said in disdain, “Just because the Planet Ruler can’t control thunder, doesn’t mean I can’t. Today is the day you die!”

Qingfeng Li’s voice was deadly as could be. He couldn’t wait to murder the Underworld Monarch.

Taking control of the thunder pearl once again, Qingfeng Li shot out a thousand lightning bolts, each rushing towards the Underworld Monarch with fury.

The Underworld Monarch’s gaze heavied. Although he was now as strong as a half-step saint master, more powerful than Qingfeng Li, he knew that he was still a Corpse Emperor. Long-term living in the Underworld Necropolis meant that his body was covered by corpse energy and in turn, thunder and lightning was his worst enemy. Once struck, even he would suffer significant injuries.

The emperor’s eyes flashed coldly as he took out a stick of incense.

The stick of incense was more than 10cm long, but it was circled by an endless stream of black fog, reminiscent of phantoms from hell, so frightening that it could almost steal away souls just from a single sight of it.

Qingfeng Li couldn’t look at it any longer. He could feel that it was a powerful dharma treasure of reaching at least saint levels.

Qingfeng Li had guessed correctly. Its name was the Undead Sacred Incense, left behind by an undead saint 100,000 years ago.

The Underworld Monarch opened his mouth and recited a chant from the Ancient Era of the Universe. Qingfeng Li had previously learned the language, so he was able to recognize it.

As for the chant’s content, however, Qingfeng Li couldn’t decipher its meaning. Basically, the chant was obscure and difficult to understand. Plus, it was laced with a chilling aura.

As the Underworld Monarch read out the chant, he took out many black skull patterns, instilling them into the Undead Sacred Incense, eliciting a bone-chilling energy from the weapon.

The frosty energy spread across the atmosphere, freezing the skies and earth. From it, emerged a block of black ice. With unrivaled power, the black ice arrived at mid-air in the blink of an eye.

The black congealed hundreds of lightning bolts from Qingfeng Li and remained in a stalemate with the rest.

Qingfeng was stunned by the sight, his eyes filled with disbelief.

This was the first time he had shown such an expression. He wasn’t even this surprised during his meeting with the Yin-Yang Saint. The current sight in front of him, however, had surpassed his wildest imaginations.

The black ice had actually frozen his lightning attack. He had never seen or heard of such a thing. It was as if he had witnessed something from the legends.

Not only was Qingfeng Li surprised, but Xue Lin, Mengyao Xu, and the others were also completely stunned as well.

They had previously thought that Qingfeng Li’s Thunder Pearl was enough to defeat the Underworld Monarch. Now, defeating the Underworld Monarch seemed like an impossible feat.

The Underworld Monarch’s Undead Sacred Incense was too powerful, with its black ice containing an unexpected holy aura. It was definitely a saint level Dharma treasure as it was able to freeze lightning instantaneously.

Of course, the main reason was because Qingfeng Li’s thunder powers were too weak. It was, at most, a middle-grade attack. If it had been improved to a saint level, it would’ve destroyed the black ice.

The Underworld Monarch laughed loudly, saying coldly, “Qingfeng Li, stop being so arrogant. My Undead Sacred Incense is a saint level dharma treasure. It is extremely powerful. I wouldn’t even use it under normal conditions. Now that you’ve seen it, today will be your demise.”

The Underworld Monarch froze the lightning in the sky. He then waved out his palm, striking heavily onto Qingfeng Li.

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