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He moved until he was beside the internal organs strewn beside the corpse.

“Many of the internal organs for a human are placed closely together. For example, the liver and the gallbladder, the pancreas, spleen, stomach… those parts are all located very close to one another.

“I noticed that when the murderer was cutting open the abdomen, he cut out many of the internal organs and threw them out… I was unable to understand the reasoning behind this action of his.

“However, looking at the way the murderer operates, I had this feeling that the murderer’s methods were similar to that of a skilled surgeon.

“Because… generally speaking, only a surgeon would be so proficient toward internal organs and dissection techniques.

“You see, while the murderer was cutting out the internal organs… I have examined them and found that the liver and gallbladder are in a undamaged state! There are no traces of cuts on the surface of the liver at all.

“The same holds true for the spleen, pancreas, stomach sac and others.

“When I was examining the corpse, I found that the colon is also in a complete state. There are no cuts on it at all!

“You have to know this, when removing the liver and stomach sac… those two parts are located very close to the colon. That is especially true for the liver. Through my examination earlier, there are no cuts at all on them!

“The average people could not possibly be so skilled!

“This is not a matter of just picking up a knife to cut meat. Every internal organ was cut out in a complete state where no damage was caused to the main parts! This is something very difficult to accomplish, something that ordinary people could not do!

“I am willing to bet. Ordinary people would not even be able to identify many of the parts!

“Additionally… if the murderer is really a surgeon. I will have to admit that this fellow’s expertise with the scalpel is higher than mine.

“I thought about it. If I had to be the one to do the dissection, I would not be able to guarantee that I could cut out so many internal organs without making a single mistake and cuts on the organs.”

Perhaps it was done by a doctor with a high level of mastery – well, that counts as a clue.

Chen Xiaolian noted that down.

“Also…” Dr Mu hesitated once more. However, he appeared to have figured something out – since he’d already said it, there was no need to refrain.

He took a deep breath. “The fatal injury on the deceased’s neck shows that the wound was inflicted from the left into the right.

“This could mean… the murderer may be left-handed and held the knife with his left hand. Or… I cannot be certain that he must certainly be a left-hander. However, the murderer is someone who can use his left hand. It is possible that the murderer is an ambidextrous person.”

All right!

A skilled surgeon who may be left-handed, or ambidextrous.

Chen Xiaolian looked at Dr Mu. “Is there anything else?”

Dr Mu reflected for a moment. “None at the moment.”

“Very well, thank you. You’ve helped us a lot.”

At that moment, Phoenix moved over with a handbag in her hand.

It was a very chap and flashy handbag.

“This belongs to the deceased,” Phoenix said coolly. “I’ve inspected the contents of the handbag. There is a mobile phone, purse and…”

As she spoke, she furrowed her brows and opened the handbag to let Chen Xiaolian inspect the contents.

Glancing at it, Chen Xiaolian saw a cheap looking makeup kit, a small bottle of perfume and…

A long row of… condom packs!

“There is a lot of cash in the purse,” Phoenix frowned.

Considering the matter at hand, Chen Xiaolian came to understand Phoenix’s meaning.

In a developed country like Europe and the US, people rarely carry a great deal of cash with them. Especially now that money had gone paperless, most people would not carry much cash with them. Not only would that be inconvenient, it was also unsafe. The majority of the people would prepare the necessary amount beforehand and only bring some change with them.

Under most circumstances, those who would use cash. … they were people involved in illegal transactions such as drug trafficking or…

Looking at the pile of condoms and the stacks of cash inside the purse…

Clearly, the deceased woman was highly likely a… sex worker, en, a prostitute [1].

“We… can we leave this place? I want to go back,” Dr Mu who was standing beside inquired. “Also, I think I should still…”

“You still want to report this to the police, right?” Chen Xiaolian turned his attention to Dr Mu.

Dr Mu did not say anything. However, his attitude and expression clearly stated everything.

Chen Xiaolian was not surprised – this was a normal reaction after all.

“I am sorry, Dr Mu. I cannot let you go away like this,” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “You will have to come with us.”

“… … what?” Dr Mu became somewhat nervous. “You… you people cannot do this! You people do not have the right, I… I…”

Chen Xiaolian gripped his shoulder and said. “Believe me; this is for your sake!”

“No, I want to…”

Dr Mu tried to struggle.

It was at that instant…


The sound alerted everyone who was standing on the platform.

A lamp that was located some distance away suddenly burst!

Before they could calm themselves…

Bang! Bang bang bang bang!

Bursting sounds rang out in succession! The lamps on the platform burst apart one after another. Soon, the entire platform was engulfed in darkness!

The first thing Chen Xiaolian did was to grab onto Dr Mu. He placed Dr Mu right beside himself. Lun Tai and Bei Tai quickly moved over and the three of them placed themselves around Dr Mu.

The platform had fallen into darkness!

In the darkness, Chen Xiaolian heard Phoenix’s voice. “Do not panic, be quiet! Dagger, Monster, follow me. Titan brothers, watch our backs!”

Then, a cold breeze suddenly blew toward them from the distant rails.

When the cold breeze hit everyone’s body, Chen Xiaolian felt a surge of cold air penetrating his entire body!

It felt as though he was standing within a world of ice and snow! The bone chilling cold spread through his body!

Goosebumps broke out throughout his body!

“Look! What is that?”

He heard Bei Tai’s voice.

Not far away, a faint green coloured speck abruptly appeared within the darkness.

The green coloured light began moving as it increased in size. It then came together…

To form a… translucent human figure!

It clearly had the shape of a woman. However, the figure was translucent and it fluttered about. Her legs could not be seen, and was instead a mass of chaos.

A sigh. It was as though the sound had entered through his ears and into his heart!

After that, a voice filled with vengeance rang out!

“Who? Who killed me? Who touched my body?!”

The translucent and illusory figure suddenly turned around.

Even in the darkness, Chen Xiaolian was able to accurately feel that the woman’s face, her eyes…

They were staring intently at him…


It would be more accurate to say that they were staring intently at the one beside him… Dr Mu!


A sharp and shrill scream rang out!

The sound was extremely harsh and brought with it a peculiar magic. It felt as though the sound had been magically transmitted into their ears! Chen Xiaolian, Lun Tai and Bei Tai felt pain in their eardrums. The feeling of pain even penetrated its way into their minds!

“It’s a ghost?” Lun Tai shouted loudly as he tightly clutched his ears.

It was then that the female ghost, whose eyes were staring intently at Dr Mu, suddenly revealed a grim and ferocious expression. She screeched and charged forward!

“Take him away!” Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate. He pushed Dr Mu to Lun Tai even as he summoned out the Fearless War Axe. He rushed forward to intercept the female ghost.

Head Cleaver!

His war axe drew an arc as it cleaved down toward the female ghost.

A cold flash accompanied this axe strike!

However, the war axe simply went through the female ghost! Without encountering any resistance, it whistled down.

At that same instant, Chen Xiaolian’s body, together with his war axe went pass the female ghost’s body!

In that same moment, Chen Xiaolian felt as though he had just charged through freezing cold water. The freezing feeling nearly suffocated him!

When he was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, he came to realize that the female ghost had completely passed through his body.

Chen Xiaolian quickly turned around to see the female ghost pouncing toward Dr Mu.

Dr Mu was being pulled by Lun Tai as they ran away. They ran toward the top of the subway station.

Chen Xiaolian pulled out a handgun and fired!

Bang! Bang!

Two shots rang out but the bullets simply flew through the back of the female ghost before striking one of the pillars, causing sparks to fly!

The female ghost did not slow down and she continued to chase after Lun Tai and Dr Mu.

Bei Tai howled out. He tore out a seat that was fixed onto the side and hurled it forward. Unfortunately, the seat too struck thin air as it sailed past the female ghost.


Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank!

It would appear that their weapons and normal attacks would not work on ghosts!

Chen Xiaolian quickly reconsidered all the attacks within his arsenal.

If it’s a ghost, it should be a spiritual entity.

However, against spiritual entities… both Lun Tai and Bei Tai’s skills would have no effect. Lun Tai’s skill is Muscle Fruit while Bei Tai’s skill is Air Incarceration. These two skills can only affect material bodies. It would likely be of no use against spiritual entities!

As for me…

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