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On the contrary, he looked relatively satisfied.

Based on his guess, everybody was possibly transported to a area like this and each and every single space has a special treasure. In other phrases, if they want to get their hands on far more treasures, then they should break the array and go to the next area.

Arrays, to Ling Xian, who possessed the inheritance from the Immortal of Ancient Arrays, was nothing at all.

If almost everything matches his prediction, then every single single room would have a treasure within. This indicates, much more than half of the treasures in the Imperishable Temple will quickly be inside his pocket. As a result, how could he not be fired up?

“It appears like the Imperishable Temple is tailored for me.” Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He mentally named out and the sixth rank spiritual medicine flew within his storage pouch.

Even although to him, a sixth ranked spiritual medicine was well worth nothing at all, as an alchemist, he requirements to consider no matter what he encounters. It may be useful in the long term.

“Okay. Now, about this array.” Ling Xian faintly grinned. He manipulated his Qi to investigate the shapeless array hidden within the room.

As he searched the area, he discovered that the ancient array within the space is a prohibition array with no other abilities. Its only goal was to lock down this place. It was since of the Imperishable Temple did the array boost in strength. Even if Ling Xian attacked it correct now employing all his strength, he will not hurt this array a tiny bit.

In other phrases, every person who entered the Imperishable Temple can not use force to get out of the area, they had to break the array.

“This is intriguing. An array that are not able to be broken by force means I have so considerably advantage.”

Right after realizing the unique properties of the array, Ling Xian’s smile brightened. He knew all about ancient arrays and did not find this certain one challenging.

Nevertheless, the rest of the cultivators here have been not as capable. Other than the humankind, the other beings only knew how to cultivate and very handful of learned ancient arrays.

Thus, Ling Xian was all smiles.

“I greater hurry and break the array so I can get some treasures. I can then locate the leaders of the other beings and destroy them.” Ling Xian wiped off his smile and focused on the array.

The array itself is not quite high in ranking, but it was very hard and hard to break. For any other array masters, it will take a few days at least. To him nonetheless, it will not take prolonged.

After he started breaking the array, even himself was frightened by his insane speed.

It was all since he identified a couple of loopholes in the construction of the array. Hence, he formed his hand seals and began displaying the array methods discovered from the Immortals of Arrays.


There was no then.

Of program, the array was broken, nothing at all happened right after.

“I… is it supposed to be this easy?”

Feeling the stress on him gradually disappear, Ling Xian was totally dumbfounded. He did not consider this array would be so effortless to resolve.

Based on his preliminary evaluation, he truly could break this array fairly simpler. But he believed it would get at least a handful of hours. However, it only took a handful of breaths for him to get rid of this array. How could he not be shocked?

Fortunately, there was no person else but him close to here. If any person else was here, their eyes would’ve fallen out from shock!

“What is it? Logically speaking, I shouldn’t have been this fast…” Ling Xian frowned and pondered left to correct. He searched for a cause why he was in a position to break the array so fast.

Very rapidly, he discovered his cause. It wasn’t that the array itself was too simple, it was that his array understanding have after yet again refined.

Yes, when he was on the islands, his array understanding was currently fairly profound. Right after all, he had the inheritance from the Immortal of Array and he had excellent enlightenment. Hence, anything array associated was effortless to him.

Even even though for the duration of the number of months he was right here, he did not review arrays in distinct, for the duration of the three months of his leisure living, his mentality strengthened.

The strengthening of his mentality brought fantastic transformation to himself. 1st, his enlightenment with ancient arrays increased. This was why he was able to break this array inside of breaths.

Even however this array was not substantial in rank, it was quite complex. Quite couple of folks can locate its weakness and use it to their advantage. Hence, what he did was not an simple activity.

Even if a actual and experience array master was here, they would not have been able to perform better.

“It would seem like my degree with ancient array can soon full with the masters.” Ling Xian’s lips curled up, revealing a proud smile.

He has only been in touch with arrays in the previous handful of many years. Inside these number of many years, he has grown so much. This in itself was extraordinary.

If this was any person else, their tails would be wagging up to the sky. It was normal for him to be relatively proud.

As proud as he was, he was also relatively impatient. Believe about it, if an array that will take other people days to fix only took him a number of seconds, what did this indicate?

It meant it’s feasible for him to totally raid this place!

“Alright, since I can break the array so quick, then who, other than me, deserve all the treasures in this area?”

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. Contemplating about the probability of acquiring his hands on all the treasures, his heart felt heated.

Then, in huge strides, he passed via the gold walls and left this spot.

Then, just as he expected, another gold room surrounded him.

“So it truly is correct.”

Ling Xian smiled and did not hesitate. He walked to the box in the center of the space. There, he noticed an additional sixth ranked spiritual medicine.

He was satisfied and somewhat disappointed. But thinking about how several a lot more rooms are waiting for him, he grew to become really motivated.

“Let’s go! I will run this area empty!”

With this goal in thoughts, Ling Xian as soon as once more displayed his insane speed and began his unimaginable raid.

To a unusual talent like him, the Imperishable Temple was like a minor sheep right now. It was tough for the Temple to stand straight in front of the ferocious lion.

Every time Ling Xian acquired a treasure, he would break the array then transport to the next room. Then, he will take the treasure and breaks the array again.

Just like that, he was stuck in a repetition. Nobody knows how several rooms he passed through or how several treasures he got. All that was happening was that his pace was rising and from the handful of moments of breaths it took him in the starting, now it only took him a mere 2nd to break an array.

By now, he was also lazy to even look at the treasures. He waved close to his hand and stepped into the following space.

This produced him speechless and impatient. Following so many rooms, none of these treasures had been substantial in rank or of great value.

Hence, Ling Xian made a decision to investigate the whole array surrounding the Imperishable Temple and to obtain all the numerous treasures at as soon as!

One has to admit that this was a crazy and an ambitious considered. A thought that was harder than climbing up to Heaven!

If he succeeded, then he would be a pioneer.

“The array in every space is various, but comparable in design.” Ling Xian leaned against a wall and drew out the array structure in his mind. He mumbled, “What I need to do now is to feel of these arrays as a group rather than as a singular 1. I need to have to break it from the root.”

“This is a very difficult feat. But if it was too simple, then there would be practically nothing difficult and it would not be fun…”

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He knew that it was extremely hard to total this intense activity. But, he was also lazy to repetitively break this cycle. As a result, he made the decision to try out it out as a way to devote time.

Thinking about all the arrays he has broken, Ling Xian fell into deep thoughts. In his mind, a blueprint of all the arrays formed. There have been millions of lines and millions of patterns in this blueprint of his. Even if a true array master saw it, they would come to feel a headache.

Even so, Ling Xian had a good attitude. He in no way aimed to break this array as a total, he simply taken care of it like a puzzle he could do for enjoyable. Thus, he did not get a headache. On the contrary, he was really interested.

Just like that, he concentrated and imagined the total design of the Imperishable Temple and critically studied it.

But, right off the bat, he ran into problems. Since he could not be confident if the Imperishable Temple in his imagination was precise.

To know that the Imperishable Temple has existed for centuries. There have been numerous array masters who came and attempted to break the array. But with no exceptions, all the array masters have been helpless against it.

From this, one could conclude that it was a difficult process to attempt and figure out the Imperishable Temple!

“No matter what. Just assuming my imagination is correct, I should consider to discover a weakness from it.” Ling Xian nodded and shoved his messy ideas to the back of his thoughts. He commenced learning the array in his imagination.

Just like that, time went by tiny by minor.

Ling Xian shut his eyes tightly and targeted on studying the array in his mind. He experimented with to figure out the weaknesses from the image in his brain.

With out a doubt, this was a difficult mission!

If this was any other array master, they would not even be in a position to image a blueprint of the array in their mind!

However, Ling Xian was able to do this. From this alone, he had outdone most of the array masters!

Just as he centered on solving the array, the wall prior to him suddenly shook. A water ripple was designed and the whole room dissolved.

In the up coming 2nd, a lady with skin white as snow trespassed through the walls. Like a fairy landing from above, her elegance was out of the world.

The temperament provided off by the girl was like a genuine immortal, terrifying.

Ling Xian frowned and gradually opened his eyes.


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