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Recognizing his intent, Emperor Shen Zhui took his leave.

The moment he left the main hall, Zhang Xuan’s eyes lit up.

He didn’t think that the problem with gathering Tongxuan realm manuals, which had left him with a splitting headache, could be settled that easily.

Given his capabilities, finding a book or two regarding Tongxuan realm isn’t a problem, but it would be nearly impossible to gather a thousand books. However, it is different for Emperor Shen Zhui. As the sovereign of a country, it should be simple for him to gather a large number of Tongxuan realm manuals.

Most importantly, he doesn’t require quality, only quantity.

He doesn’t need any of those family hereditament secret manuals, he just needs a sufficient number of manuals.

“Old master…”

Sun Qiang walked over.

“What happened in the past few days? What are those people outside doing?”

He was put under the scrutiny of the three master teachers and Emperor Shen Zhui from the moment he arrived at the entrance of his mansion. As such, until now, hadn’t had the chance to clarify the situation.

“Reporting to the old master, in the few days of your absence, your name has spread far and wide in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom…”

Sun Qiang explained the occurrences in the past few days in a concise manner to him. Zhang Xuan then understood what had actually happened and he couldn’t help but be impressed by the rallying ability of a master teacher once more. It is no wonder that everyone dreams of becoming a master teacher.

“Old master, this is something that the three masters left behind…”

After which, Sun Qiang passed over a storage ring.

“Un!” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

As he thought, given how wealthy the three master teachers are, how can they possibly not give any benefits when he had put in so much effort to guide them?

After dripping blood onto the storage ring to claim ownership, he peered into the ring and his eyes widened immediately.

The quality of the ring is much better than the one he is currently using.

Even though they are both low-tier storage rings, the space inside the storage ring that Liu shi gave is 30-meter-cube one, ten times larger than the 3-meter-cube one that he has in his hands.

Putting every aside, this ring is probably worth several million by itself.

Numerous treasures were placed within, be it precious herbs or the mountain of gold coin. Judging with a casual look, he assessed the value of contents within to be probably greater than ten million.

“Such an incredible sum…”

With just a single glance, Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but sigh.

Master teachers are truly generous. Just a casual gift from them is worth several tens of million.

Of course, he also knew that it was a friendly gesture from Liu shi and the others. Otherwise, there was not a need to spend such a great amount just because he had offered them guidance on their cultivation.

“In the few days that old master was absent, Lord Ling Tianyu had also visited several times and he brought another five million gold bills over…”

Sun Qiang presented another stack of gold bills.

Even though he knew that his status had risen, he did not dare to hide the money other people had passed to him and handed them over to the old master honestly.

“This is the entrance fee collected from other visitors in the past few days. I have compiled a name list…”

After which, Sun Qiang handed over a booklet. Casually flipping through it, Zhang Xuan was astonished, “So many people?”

“Reporting to the old master, a total of twenty-seven people visited the mansion and paid the entrance fee. Here is a total of eighty-one million…”

After which, Sun Qiang gestured and two guards carried a chest in. It was filled with numerous money bills.

“The heck…”

Looking at the mountain of gold bills within the chest, Zhang Xuan felt as though he was going insane.

Initially, he thought that earning twenty million would be a nigh impossible task. After seeing the sum before him, he realized that he had underestimated the prestige of a master teacher.

Just by announcing his name, despite not getting to see him beforehand, people are willing to deliver such huge sums… No other occupations would be able to achieve such a feat.

“Help me tell those who had paid up to visit tomorrow. I will solve their problems one by one. As for those who didn’t pay the entrance fee, get them to leave. From today on, I won’t be accepting any other requests…” Rubbing his glabella, Zhang Xuan gestured.

Since he has already accepted their money, he can’t possibly refund it. Moreover, dealing with the twenty-seven people’s problems would be sufficient keep him busy for quite awhile.

“Yes!” Sun Qiang nodded his head.

Placing all of the gold bills in the chest and those on hand into the storage ring, he took out a single bill and gave it to Sun Qiang. “Here is your reward. I’ve already said it, I will reward you greatly for following me!”

In order for a steed to gallop swiftly, one has to first feed it sufficiently. In fact, if not Sun Qiang’s effort in dealing with visitors these few days, he might not have earned this much money.

Besides, this fellow must have probably suffered quite a few scares in the last few days. This is just a small sum of money. With his identity as a master teacher, he can easily make as much money as he needs.

“A million…”

Noticing the denomination of the bill in his hand, Sun Qiang was shocked and he knelt down immediately.

This amount of money is something he could never have earned in his entire life.

“Starting from today, regardless of what the old master commands me to do, I won’t bear a single word of complaint…”

Sun Qiang made a solemn vow in his heart.

After following the old master, he gained not only pride and money, but also achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation. Such kindness and attention from the master… these are things which he would have never achieved by himself by simply muddling along for a lifetime.

It can be said that the old master had opened a whole new world to him. It is as if he had granted him a new life.

“Alright, I’ll be heading out for now. Help me deal with those people at the entrance!”

Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

To him, the most important matter now is to collect his medicine and help Yuan Tao and Zhao Ya awaken their unique constitution. And after that… sleep!

After five days without rest, he is thoroughly exhausted. If not for the rise in his cultivation realm, he would have long fainted into a deep slumber.

“Yes!” Sun Qiang nodded his head.

Aware that the front entrance is swarming with people, Zhang Xuan left the mansion through the back door. After finding a remote alley, he took off his disguise, changed his clothes, and transformed back into his original appearance.

With his looks restored, he immediately started walking with big strides toward the Apothecary Guild.



In Lu Xun’s classroom, various students stood neatly in a line.

Of which, there are Zhu Hong, who sent the war letter to Zhang Xuan’s classroom, Mo Xiao, Zheng Yang’s good friend, and a few other people.

If Yuan Tao, Liu Yang, and the others were present, they would surely be able to recognize that these five are the ones who would be competing with them as according to the list.

A few days ago, they were only Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm cultivators. But right now, the aura they exuded felt clearly deeper and stronger. They had all managed to advanced to Fighter 2-dan.

“Not bad!”

Seeing the improvement in his students, Lu Xun nodded his head in satisfaction. It appears that the large amount of resources invested and the effort that he had devoted to nurturing them have not gone to waste.

Having attained Fighter 2-dan, his students should be able to easily defeat Zhang Xuan’s students.

“Lu laoshi, Master Teacher Yang Xuan… has appeared!”

Just when he was about to delegate some matters to his students, Wang Chao laoshi entered abruptly. Excitement could clearly be seen in his eyes. Chapter 481: Yao Mountain

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Passing by Ji Mountain City, Ji Hao took a hundred and twenty thousand Ji Mountain warriors and two million, seven hundred and twelve thousand clansmen with him.

The migratory troop grew much larger than before, with millions more large livestock and hundreds of thousands of large vehicles that fully contained all kinds of supplies added it. The troop swelled to an extreme extent, and Ji Hao lost his mood to enjoy cultivation. Instead, he had been running around the troop and handling all kinds of emergencies day and night.

The hard work lasted all the way. During the journey, Ji Hao’s troop encountered around ten homeless migratory clans who didn’t have their own territories. After communication, clansmen from these migratory clans, that numbered more than six hundred thousand in total, happily became Ji Hao’s clansmen as well to be directly under Ji Hao’s lead.

Two months after the troop left Pu Ban City, the totemic battle flag Po created for Ji Hao finally rose and fluttered in the air.

The totemic battle flag was over five-hundred meters squared, entirely flame-red and had raging flames coiling around it. In the middle of the flag was an outstanding three-legged gold crow, quietly floating with its pair of arms stretched. From its beaks, a flame stream was released, transforming into an ocean of fire surrounding the flag.

This totemic battle flag cost quite a lot precious materials of Po, especially those remaining bones of tens of ancient Gold Crows that Po collected in a deep and dangerous chasm back in the ancient and wild jungle of the Southern Wasteland. All those Gold Crow bones had been melted into the battle flag as well.

The quality of this battle flag could even be compared with a natural crafted holy weapon. It contained a nine-grid devil-burning fire lotus magic formation in it. Po had been rather generous to Ji Hao, this little brother of his, as the core of this nine-grid devil-burning fire lotus magic formation was a pre-world fire lotus, coordinating with nine pre-world powerful objects that had the nature of fire. With Ji Hao’s current power, he could easily burn a Magus King into ashes with this flag. Until Ji Hao improved his power a bit further, with this battle flag and the fire lotus magic formation contained in it, he could resist attacks launched by even Divine Magi.

The totem of three-legged Gold Crow painted on the flag seemed to be a true living being. As the battle flag flying forward along the troop, Mr. Crow had been excitedly hovering around the battle flag every single day. On the ground, nearly ten million people would raise their heads and look at this dazzlingly blazing totemic battle flag, and somehow, a bit of passion and devoutness was added to their hearts.

The cohesion of the migratory troop was improving day by day. Because of the appearance of this totemic battle flag, all people in the troop, including those warriors and clansmen Ji Hao bought with money, quickly started seeing that three-legged Gold Crow as their spiritual sustenance.

Mental outlooks of people in the troop had constantly been changing. Earlier, those people bought by Ji Hao were all inanimate and seemingly lifeless during the journey, which made them looked like a group of walking corpses. However, after Ji Hao showed this totem battle flag, the looks on these people’ faces grew brighter each day. Every day, one could find the smiles on their faces turn bigger and brighter than the day before. After showering under the warm shine released from the battle flag for two months, one could hear loud and clear laughter let out by countless people in the migratory troop every single day, coming straight from their hearts. Everybody had become more energetic and spirited.

Shaosi ordered those patrolling warriors to move around the entire troop every day and continuously advertise about Ji Hao’s background.

Ji Hao was born in Gold Crow Clan in Southern Wasteland, which was a ‘powerful’ clan that inherited the power of ancient three-legged Gold Crow. Ji Hao had made great contributions during the wartime and now was regarded highly by the human emperor. Ji Hao was close to Si Wen Ming and a batch of senior ministers and had many contacts in Pu Ban city. Ji Hao himself was a newly emerged talent of the Magi Palace and was regarded as important by many powerful senior Magi and elders of the Magi Palace…

Ji Hao had given his word that after the troop arrived at Yao Mountain, everyone would become a member of Gold Crow Clan. Since that moment, they would gather under the shine of the totem of Gold Crow, becoming people of one single clan. No matter which clan they were born in or which clan they used to work for, Ji Hao would treat them all equally without discrimination, treat them as his people, love them and protect them.

Shaosi also told those warriors to promise to those people on behalf of Ji Hao that after they arrived in Yao Mountain, Ji Hao would build the ancestral temple and altar, lighting up the holy fire to worship the ancestors’ souls.

Ji Hao would teach his people the secret cultivation method possessed by the Gold Crow Clan, and give out his own spirit blood as the trigger, leading everyone in his new clan into the door of Gold Crow’s power. After this, all those people would truly become clansmen who shared the same bloodline and inherited the Gold Crow power. They would love each other and share everything.

Shaosi’s advertisement had overturned the mental outlook of the entire troop. Under the lead of the Gold Crow battle flag, the distance traveled by the troop daily was now hundreds of miles longer than before.

To this, Ji Hao could only gasp in surprise.

He had never thought that a totemic battle flag could bring such a big hope to all these people.

More surprisingly, Shaosi was actually so good at dealing with domestic affairs. During this long journey, Ji Hao could manage such a giant migratory troop so well all thanks to Shaosi’s help, completely ordered and without any disturbance.

The Gold Crow battle flag had also delivered some additional benefits. Each day, as long as Ji Hao activated the fire lotus magic formation contained in the flag, the immensely great fire would light up the entire space. Consequently, rain clouds in the air wouldn’t be able to stand the great heat and would soon disappear.

It was constantly raining and was tough for the migratory troop to keep moving. But under the warm light of the Gold Crow battle flag, no rain clouds could linger upon the troop anymore. Thus, the moving speed of the migratory troop grew greater and greater.

Things had been going like this for a big half a year. Ji Hao’s troop reached to a hundred-mile wide river.

A few Magi Palace’s Magi, who were responsible for escorting the troop, built a wooden bridge over the river, through which, the migratory troop crossed the river slowly. After resting on the other side of the river for three days, the troop moved across three-hundred miles in radius highland, as a boundlessly broad plain covered in faint drifting mist appeared in front of them.

A few rivers wriggled across the plain. Standing on a five-hundred meter tall hill, one could see numerous glistening lakes decorating the boundless plain like sparkling pearls.

The ground suddenly began shaking, and followed by the deep buzzing noise that came from underground, large groups of curly-hole buffalo rushed across while snorting shrilly. The formidable arrays of wild black buffalos numbered tens of millions. Following a leader, these sturdy large buffalos swept across the land like a massive dark cloud.

In the surrounding areas of this dashing group of buffalos, countless gazelles, wild horses, donkeys, wolves, elephants, tigers and serpents, all kinds of wild animals were startled. Among big numbers of wild animals, some rushed up to attack, some fled away, and some headed far away towards lakesides where there was plenty of water and lush grass for a banquet.

“My good ancestors’ souls!” Countless people in Ji Hao’s migratory troop gasped seeing this fertile plain with their eyes and knelt down, unable to control their tears from gushing out.

So many wild animals! This piece of land, only this area that their eyes could reach, was able to raise tens, hundreds of millions of wild animals. What a fertile land! It was not hard to imagine how many people this piece of land could raise, maybe millions upon millions. This piece of land could definitely support a top-grade clan for development.

From the surfaces of lakes afar, large groups of different colored waterfowls flew up. Among these different sized waterfowls, some were big, even reaching nearly a hundred meter size while some were only about the size of a fist. These birds surged up from the surfaces of lakes like dark storms, piercing into the sky while screaming loudly.

Thick water columns swooshed up from the surfaces of lakes, within which large fishes could be seen. Fishes zipping around inside the water formed a beautiful scene with birds in the sky and animals on the ground.

An assistant sent by Emperor Shun rushed over while gasping quickly. He flicked his hands and spread a magic sandbox, quickly covering an area around ten meters in radius.

“Lord Earl Yao, this is Yao Mountain! From where we are standing on, a million miles to the east and west, nine-hundred and eighty thousand miles to the north and south, the whole area is your territory!” Chapter 210: Calm

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