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Shi Xiaobai was desperately hoping he could ask someone. He glanced at the other three rookies that were seated in front of him. One of them was a blond youth about 12-13 years old, while there was a 8-9 year-old boy, as well as a 4-5 year old loli 1.

Shi Xiaobai instinctively walked towards the blond youth, but was immediately met with a scornful look. With a turn of his head, he saw the boy giving him the middle finger, and when he walked to the loli, she made a face at him.

“Foolish humans, to think they dare treat This King with such disrespect.”

Shi Xiaobai sighed in his heart. He nonchalantly found a seat and sat down. He then looked at the four people on the right side of the room, who were distancing themselves like water and fire.

“The four people on the left and the four people on the right, could there be some connection?”

Shi Xiaobai pondered over this for a moment before feeling irritated. “Who cares? This King will adopt the necessary measures depending on the situation.”

After the two sides took their seats, the elder on the platform stood up once again and took a few steps forward. With a cough, he immediately attracted everyone’s gazes.

“Riko Minamiya, Mu Hongli, Zhao Xiong, Fang Qingshan, the four of you are the respective young leaders of [Annihilation], [Creation], [Order], [Chaos]. Your every action will indirectly affect the prestige of the four Divisions. Therefore, even in the annual Rookie recommendations, you should not relax in your efforts.”

The elder asserted eloquently, when he suddenly looked to the right side of the room. With a twist in his words, he said, “Riko Minamiya, the rookie you introduced two years ago has disappointed the organization greatly. This year, you are not only the young leader of [Annihilation], you are even the Oceanic Pontus. I wish you will take things seriously and not let the organization down anymore.”

Riko replied with an unhappy “Tch”, while Mu Hongli laughed with gleeful mockery while covering her mouth.

The elder continued, “The same old rules apply. After the rankings of today’s four rookies are out, the organization will announce it officially internally. The first ranked Division will receive an increment in Division points, and the last place will receive a reduction in Division points. [Gaia] encourages competition and will reward the strongest, as well as punish the weakest!”

As Shi Xiaobai heard the elder’s words, he was lost in deep thought. Suddenly, he saw the blond youth walk towards him, putting him on high alert immediately.

However, he saw the blond youth stop midway. His eyes were filled with burning disdain as he said to Shi Xiaobai with a mocking tone, “So you are just an ordinary person without any Psionic Power. It looks like Riko Minamiya is a rather unreliable person as the rumors go.”

Shi Xiaobai’s gaze turned a bit cold but he remained silent.

“For Senior Hongli to send me to take down trash like you, it is such an overkill.”

The blond youth suddenly revealed a ferocious smile and pointed his thumb at himself, proclaiming loudly, “I am a one-in-a-million Psyker!”

Upon saying the word “Psyker”, the blond youth’s arrogant look made it seem like he owned the entire world.

1. ‘loli’ (Japanese slang word which represents little girl) has entered the Chinese vernacular and is used commonly Chapter 10: People are born Unequal

The blond youth’s proud look seemed to be a proclamation of his superiority. At the same time, he was staring intently at Shi Xiaobai’s expression, hoping to see looks of shock and admiration from that handsome face.

However, the blond youth was disappointed. Shi Xiaobai only slanted his head and asked with curiosity, “What is a…Psyker?”

The blond youth was stunned for a second as he stared intently at Shi Xiaobai. He realized that Shi Xiaobai did not seem like he was acting dumb in anyway, so he could only let out a dry laugh and mocked, “So it’s just a bumpkin that doesn’t know what a Psyker is. Riko Minamiya has wasted her recommendation on you. She is truly a foolish girl. Such a foolish girl has no right to be a Pontus. I will prove this to [Gaia] in a time to come.”

After saying that, the blond youth turned around and returned to his seat. Shi Xiaobai was just about to say something when he immediately heard another derisive voice.

“Do you really not know, or are you pretending not to know?”

Shi Xiaobai traced the voice with his head and saw a boy, who was likely a rookie like him, sitting behind him.

“This King does not lie.”

Shi Xiaobai really did not know what a Psyker was. He had an impression of Riko mentioning this word before, but back then, he was only concerned about becoming a Hero, so he did not pay attention to what Riko had said. When he first arrived in this world, he had heard some things about Psionites, but he had no clue when it came to Psykers.

“Then you will soon find out.”

The boy’s child-like voice seemed earnest, and Shi Xiaobai could even detect a whiff of resentment. “A Psyker is someone who makes people despair.”

“The term despair should not be said out loud so simply, as despair will make people unable to speak.”

Shi Xiaobai mused with a smile.

“It just so happens to be that This King is good at fighting despair.”


The elder reiterated the importance of the recommendation chances to the four young leaders once again, hinting that if any of the four lacked confidence, they could take the opportunity now to switch their recommended rookie. Seeing the four people ignore his kind intentions, the elder sighed. He gave a meaningful glance at Riko Minamiya before he began to announce the rules.

“The Rookie Evaluation Test is split into two stages. The first stage is an evaluation of one’s natural endowment, while the second stage is an evaluation of one’s ability. The natural endowment evaluation shall begin now. [Order] Rookie, Yang Yang, please come to the podium.”

The moment the elder finished his words, the boy sitting on the left stood up. His hands trembled, reflecting the nervousness appropriate for his age. He took a deep breath before walking up to the podium.

The handsome teenager sitting on the right looked at the well-built youth and asked, “This Yang Yang is the trump card of your [Order] that has the highest likelihood of entering the A-Class rookies?”

The well-built youth scratched his head. He looked honest, and his voice sounded powerful and good-natured. “He’s a good prospect.”

The boy, Yang Yang, slowly walked to the middle of the podium. Suddenly, a square metal box rose up from the ground slowly, like a telephone booth that had suddenly risen.

“Go in.” The elder said with a deadpan expression. At the same time, one face of the square metal box gradually opened. The interior looked complex and intricate, and there was room only for one.

Yang Yang bowed respectfully at the elder before entering the metal box. Following that, the metal door closed and the dull metal box’s surface began to emit a faint golden glow.

Shi Xiaobai watched this at a loss. He was filled with curiosity, when suddenly, he saw a series of fluorescent text appear on a large metallic wall beside the podium. The entire wall looked like a gigantic liquid crystal display.

The text began to scroll from top to bottom in streaks, as the constantly changing numbers dazzled Shi Xiaobai.

After a considerable amount of time, a line of text appeared at the highest spot on the wall-“Mind Expanse: A+ Class.”

“Not bad.” A gleeful look flashed in the elder’s eyes as he made a praising remark. However, his eyes were still stared intently on the text shimmering on the metallic wall. It was not only limited to him. Other than Shi Xiaobai, everyone present was closely monitoring the changes on the metallic wall.

It seemed like they were waiting for something even more important.

Finally, at the top of the wall, another line of text appeared-“Psy-genes: None.”

When this line of text appeared, other than Shi Xiaobai, everyone withdrew their gazes. The numbers on the metallic wall also stopped scrolling.

“In terms of Mind Expanse, he is ranked amongst the top of the rookies of recent years.” The elder said lightly.

Yang Yang came out of the metal box. He did not seem any different on the surface. He nodded at the elder before silently returning to his seat.

“It’s sooo impressive to have an A+ Class Mind Expanse~” The blond boy said with a eccentric-sounding voice, causing Yang Yang’s facial expression to change.

“I’m so envious. To have A+ Mind Expanse, I want it too…Wu Wu Wu~” A loli with a bit of baby fat pursed her lips as she looked at Yang Yang earnestly.

Yang Yang’s eyes turned hazy as he sat in his seat with his head lowered, while remaining completely silent.

At this moment, the elder’s voice emerged once again.

“[Chaos] Rookie, Zhong Yue’er.”

The little loli smirked with a gleeful giggle as she briskly skipped over to the podium. She was eager to enter the metallic box and did not seem nervous at all, as if she was entering a most interesting game.

The illuminated text on the metallic wall began to shimmer, and in a while, another row of text appeared at the top-“Mind Expanse: D- Class.”

Shi Xiaobai was silently comparing A+ and D-, and then immediately realized the reason why Zhong Yue’er was looking at Yang Yang with earnest eyes. At the same time, that made him more at a loss why Yang Yang’s expression looked so heavy.

At this moment, another line of text appeared-“Psy-genes: F Class.”

“Nice!” The expressionless elder suddenly revealed a beaming smile. The middle-aged man and woman beside him also nodded their heads, looking very satisfied.

Fang Qingshan looked at Zhao Xiong and said with a chuckle, “This Zhong Yue’er can only be ranked third amongst [Chaos]’s batch of rookies this year.”

A tinge of heaviness appeared on Zhao Xiong’s good-natured face, before he said seriously, “Yang Yang is ranked first in [Order].”

Fang Qingshan seemed to immediately lose all interest. He turned his head and no longer spoke, while Zhao Xiong clenched his fists tightly, releasing a deep sigh.

At the same time, the metallic wall’s text was suddenly cleared, leaving two gigantic rows of text.

[Rank 1: Zhong Yue’er, Mind Expanse: D-, Psy-genes: F]

[Rank 2: Yang Yang, Mind Expanse: A+, Psy-genes: None]

The little loli was already out of the metal box as she carried on bouncing back to her seat. As she passed Yang Yang by, she made a face at him and said in a childish manner, “Hmph, I’m stronger than you.”

Yang Yang remained silent as his shoulders trembled.

The blond youth’s mocking laughter resounded at this moment. “Do you get it now? This is the difference between a lofty Psyker and an inferior Psionite. Regardless of how expansive your mind is, even the lowest Psy-gene is enough to reverse everything. No matter how expansive your mind is, in front of a Psyker, it is all trash.”

At this moment, the elder announced, “Next, [Creation]’s rookie, Kevin.”

The blond youth wiped the smile from his face and walked towards the platform with his chest up high. As he walked past Shi Xiaobai, he sneered and said, “This Young Lord will tell you what it means that people are born unequal.” Chapter 11: This King takes back everything he just said

The blond youth, Kevin spoke with a demeanor bloated with arrogance. When he walked into the evaluation box, he did not look nervous like Yang Yang, nor did he look as playful as Zhong Yue’er. To put it more accurately, he looked like a performer, as if the upcoming evaluation was just a performance used to flaunt himself.

Soon, Kevin’s first result came out-“Mind Expanse: B Class.”

It was higher than Zhong Yue’er’s, but lower than Yang Yang’s. It was likely an average result, as the expressions of the three older people did not seem change much. Their eyes were still staring intently on the metallic wall. By then, Shi Xiaobai already understood that the second result was key.

Under everyone’s attention, the number on the metallic wall rapidly changed, before the second line of text-the most important one-was revealed: “Psy-genes: C Class.”

“C.. C Class?” At the instant the results came out, the elder stared with widened eyes. He spoke with a trembling voice, while the middle-aged man and woman beside him looked exhilarated and began exchanging whispers.

The expression of Fang Qingshan, who was sitting on the right side of the room, changed slightly as the red-dressed Mu Hongli chuckled. She gave Riko a provocative glance which was ignored; however, Riko’s expression turned more serious.

After taking in the expressions of all these people, even if he did not know the true meaning behind C Class Psy-genes, Shi Xiaobai could tell that Kevin had succeeded in his game of ostentation.

“Kevin is a true genius.” A deep voice spoke out as Shi Xiaobai turned his head to look over. He realized Yang Yang was behind him without him even knowing it.

Shi Xiaobai did not respond. Very clearly, Kevin was currently ranked first amongst the three people who had undergone the test. He did not know this world’s definition of a genius, so even though he did not think highly of it, he did not express his views.

“Psionites and Psykers are like ordinary people and geniuses. A Psyker who reaches C-Class is already a genius amongst geniuses. Even organizations bigger and stronger than [Gaia] would nurture C-Class Psykers as valuable talent. Kevin would definitely be considered one of the most important rookies in this [Gaia] batch.”

Despite saying words that flattered others, Yang Yang’s child-like face had a matureness that did not seem to match his age. Following that, he said something that would even make adults ponder deeply.

“As for me, I’m just…an ordinary person with a more expansive mind. There will always be a most despairing distance between geniuses and ordinary people.”

Shi Xiaobai could clearly tell how indignant he was through the childlike boy’s eyes, yet he had to hear him say words that sounded like he had completely yielded. This angered Shi Xiaobai greatly as he said coldly, “In This King’s eyes, everyone is an ordinary person. A so-called genius is just an ordinary person who works harder.”

Yang Yang looked up, as if he was moved by his words. However, his eyes seemed to put up a wall of self-mockery as a self-defensive mechanism. “You are wrong. An ordinary person, no matter how hard-working, would never become a genius. That’s because a genius is innate.”

“That’s right. People are born unequal.”

Kevin was already standing in front of them, revealing a victorious smile. “Geniuses are destined from birth to surpass ordinary people. Be it this tiny evaluation, the resources the organization uses for nurturing, or the various kinds of competitions in the future, a genius will forever run ahead of ordinary people.”

“You are an ordinary person amongst ordinary people who are even inferior to Psionites. As for me, I am a super genius that possesses C Class Psy-genes. You are destined to be forever left behind by me!”

Kevin turned around to walk away after speaking. The thing he loved to do most was to mock weaklings and then heartlessly rob the the weak of the right to lament.

Shi Xiaobai saw Kevin, who had his back facing them, nearly covering his ears to indicate that he did not want to hear any retorts from them. Shi Xiaobai felt very, very depressed.

“Eh, after all this nonsense, This King still doesn’t know what a Psyker is!”

Shi Xiaobai sighed and suddenly heard the elder announce his name. Immediately, he stood up, feeling slightly disturbed. He gave Yang Yang a nod and then waved his hand at the distant Riko, as though he was about to enter an arena.

“It seems like This King can no longer remain silent.”

With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai came in front of the metal box. The elder gestured to Shi Xiaobai to quickly enter, but after a moment of hesitation, Shi Xiaobai suddenly said, “Wait a moment. This King has something to say.”

The elder’s expression froze. Clearly, he was quite surprised with the self-salutation “This King”.

By then, Shi Xiaobai had already turned around to walk to the middle of the platform, attracting everyone’s attention. He raised his left hand, pointing to the seats on the left and said loudly, “Blondy Narcissist and Pleasant Goat 1, listen to what This King has to say!”

Kevin, who had been pointed at, took a few seconds before he realized that “Blondy Narcissist” referred to himself. Immediately, he was not pleased with this. Yang Yang was stunned for a moment before his expression turned extremely strange.

“This King does not know what this ‘Psyker’ thing is all about, nor do I know why Pleasant Goat is so dejected, even more do I not know if Blondy Narcissist meant to say all that nonsense as a lullaby.”

Shi Xiaobai looked up to survey the people around him and had a solemn expression. It looked like he was delivering a stately lecture.

“However, This King knows that your theory about geniuses and ordinary people is flawed. It is tendentious, and something thought of using a goblin’s brain!”

“A so-called genius is just an ordinary person with charms, a hardworking ordinary person, an entranced ordinary person and an ordinary person who forgets himself! In the end, they are still ordinary people!”

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