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Standing in the wide fan-shaped hall, on Yang Chen’s side sat a fat man with an oily head and coquettish face, narrow spectacles, fully clothed in Armani branded goods.

“Hey, brother, which flower have you taken a fancy to?” The fatty got closer and said with a wretched smile.

Yang Chen uncertainly asks: “What do you mean taken fancy to which flower?”

“Still pretending!” Fatty mischievously smiled and said: “Brother, you don’t need to act so cold and reserved, at worst I can go first, I’ve taken fancy to the Public Relations department’s chief Mo Qianni. Alright, your turn!”

Yang Chen was speechless to the fatty’s honesty, and said: “I’m just here for the job, I already have a wife.”

“Fuck you! Who believes such a fake story!” Fatty gave Yang Chen a look of incomparable contempt, “Honest people don’t speak lies, which of the other brothers sitting here aren’t here because they have money yet have nowhere to spend it and so have come to find women? You are wearing this summer’s CK’s (Calvin Klein) newest fashion to apply for a small PR job, do you think I’m the fool or you’re the fool? And even a wife…….If you said you have ten lovers I would believe, but who has nothing better to do than marry a wife to manage oneself?”

Yang Chen was astonished, he quietly shook his head, sighed and said: “How is it that this country is even more open than overseas, has the world changed so fast? Could it be that I’ve become a good man of this generation?” and he no longer paid attention to the fatty’s groundless torment.

Right at this moment, the hall’s doors were pushed open, a lady in a fitting black dress, snow-white shirt, and hair rolled into a bun slowly walked in, behind her followed four beautiful OL carrying materials.

“She’s here, she’s here! So Mo Qianni is personally supervising the test……” The fatty beside him starts acting like he took some Ecstasy, he was excited to the point that he started shifting his butt on the seat, his two wolf-like eyes stares hard at the lady in uniform named Mo Qianni. It is not just fatty whose mood got excited, even the other men also reveal earnest gazes, they too obviously viewed this tender flower as their prey! Chapter 26: I Am Used To Never Looking Back

Yang Chen raised his head to look, at this moment the enchanting figure of Mo Qianni has already arrived in front of the candidates, and she raised the small microphone.

With only a rough glance, Yang Chen already understood why Fatty and the other men were so infatuated in Mo Qianni.

This was indeed a pretty woman, with a fit body and cutesy face. If one had to compare, in Yang Chen’s opinion she could compete with Rose. However, Rose has a more wild and flirtatious vibe, while Mo Qianni here, has a more confident and intellectual beauty vibe.

Obviously, to these men who have played enough with plain and ordinary girls, this sort of white-collared female leader was exceptionally difficult to resist.

“Everybody, please remain silent.” Mo Qianni spoke formally with a smile, and with a voice as clear as a bell, “What we have next is a written exam regarding you candidates’ foreign language capabilities. This is because PR work requires facing many types of customers.

With regards to us Yu Lei International, international customers are extremely common. In the future if one is unable to properly communicate on the job for the benefit of the company, that would be considered extremely irresponsible behavior. As according to everybody’s declared information, we have prepared test papers on six foreign languages namely English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

Later on, everybody can choose according to their two preferred foreign languages for the test, applicants with a test score of 60% and above will enter the final interview. Therefore, everybody please seriously and carefully fill in the test papers we’re about to give out. The time limit is one hour, thank you.”

With that said, Mo Qianni signaled to the few other beautiful assistants by her side, the four assistants then spread out towards the four corners at the same time and started to give out the test papers from the corners towards the middle.

The majority of those present who understood foreign languages had definitely started to learn since childhood. When learning they acquired English, and a language with similarities to English such as Spanish or the simpler Japanese. Which was why once it was time to choose test papers, English and Spanish test papers were chosen the most.

Yang Chen sat at a rather central position, when an assistant asked which test paper he wanted, Yang Chen felt distressed by the choices, in the end he awkwardly smiled and said: “Whichever, giving me any two will do.”

The beautiful assistant was seemingly stunned, this man is either a fool or is truly formidable, is it possible he knows six foreign languages!?

However she naturally wouldn’t say anything unnecessary, with a mischievous heart, she also wanted to deliberately make things difficult for this man who thought too highly of himself, the assistant pulled out from the bottom the German and Italian test papers, no one else has chosen these two languages before this!

This examination may only require 60% of the total marks, but the lower the passing mark required, the higher the difficulty of the test.

Yang Chen didn’t mind at all, upon receiving the test paper he writes his name, and began filling the blanks.

The atmosphere of the examination room turned heavy in five minutes, most importantly, few of the scarcely remaining male candidates were considerably unhappy. The reason is the contents of the test paper. In the test paper, majority of the questions were regarding ladies cosmetics and ladies clothing. This type of specific knowledge was something they probably can’t answer even if it was in Chinese–they know how to play with women, but they don’t understand women!

The men were going mad from being bombarded by specific cosmetic ingredients vocabulary, breast pads, bras, and thong professional designing vocabulary!

In less than 10 minutes, 4 out of the 7 or 8 remaining men dropped their pens and left. Before leaving, they still greedily glanced at Mo Qianni’s fiery figure, and unwillingly left the examination room.

Fatty who sat beside Yang Chen was sweating profusely with a painful headache, but he continued to endure and battle bravely.

When 15 minutes passed, Yang Chen creases his eyebrows while staring at the test paper, he raises his hand and says: “Excuse me……proctor, I have a question.”

Mo Qianni maintained her formal business smile, nods at Yang Chen and leisurely walks to him, “What questions do you have Mister?”

Mo Qianni’s career womanly charm was substantially increased when she entered close proximity, the faint smell of the Chanel perfume on her body matched well with her intellectual temperament and exquisite face, she’s a beauty radiating brilliance.

Fatty at the side had let go of his pen long ago, he stares infatuated at Mo Qianni while swallowing his saliva.

Perhaps it is because there are too many beauties by his side, at this time there is Rose, Li JingJing, and more importantly his wife Lin Ruoxi who is one grade higher than Mo Qianni, Yang Chen doesn’t fervently gaze at Mo Qianni, and points at his German test paper saying: “About the question regarding “Vereiturn”, I think that when you guys were setting the test, you mistyped the word Vereitern. In fact, when it comes to T-back easily causing ulcers on a lady’s vagina, it is good enough if you use the suffix “eitern”. It’s simpler and more precise.”

(TL: This stuff is a little too high level for me, sorry if it doesn’t make sense to you. Does anyone who understands German know what’s goin on?) (Reader Dummkopf has a rather convincing explanation in the comments)

Yang Chen did not intentionally lower his voice, although he spoke faintly and indifferently. When he finished, the surrounding people all displayed amazed expressions as they gazed at him. A few ladies in the group even started blushing. It was strange to hear a man talk about women’s private parts in a public setting.

Mo Qianni was stunned, she never expected that the question Yang Chen had was not a personal question, and was instead a problem with the test paper, after glancing at Yang Chen with a peculiar look, she signals her assistant to immediately go online to check.

In just a short moment, after searching through the German dictionary, the assistant informs Mo Qianni that the word “ulcer” is a mistake, and likely caused by carelessness.

With this, the surrounding people’s impression of Yang Chen immediately changed. From suspicion and surprise into admiration and jealousy, several of the Yu Lei International’s lady employees began whispering amongst themselves, staring at Yang Chen with interest.

When Fatty saw this scene, he couldn’t help but cry out in his heart: Damn! To think he is pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, a true expert in the art of picking up girls!

Mo Qianni pursed her lips and smiles, “Mister you are truly a genuine talent, thank you for pointing out our negligence, please continue with the test.”

“Continue?” Yang Chen chuckled as he picked up the two tests, “Proctor, I’ve already finished, I wish to turn them in”.


Noise erupts from all 4 corners of the room , at this moment, everybody in the examination hall was shocked.

Is he still human!? Only 15 minutes have passed, not only did he spot a high level mistake, he has even finished both papers and is now submitting them!?

Mo Qianni’s unperturbed expression finally had a change, and revealed a slightly cute expression of surprise, “Mister, are you sure you want to hand in your test papers? There is still more than 40 minutes remaining, don’t you want to check?”

“I am used to never looking back, there is no need to go over it.” said Yang Chen as he shakes his head to decline her well-intentioned advice.

“Alright, we will grade the test paper on the spot.”

Mo Qianni did not continue with any superfluous words as she took the exam papers and passed it to the assistant, then continued to look over other applicants. However, time after time, Mo Qianni would give Yang Chen a glance, unable to fully suppress her curiosity.

While feeling bored, Yang Chen wanted to take a smoke but suddenly remembered that it was prohibited, so he raised his hand and asked, “Proctor, I want to go to the bathroom and take a smoke while I’m at it.”

“Puchi….” Several ladies couldn’t endure from laughing out loud, they did not expect that this handsome young man who seemed well-educated would speak such “vulgar” words, but such a character was refreshing to them. After all, majority of the men that appear in front of these white-collared ladies are all pretending to be perfect men. In comparison with Yang Chen’s undisciplined manners, calling it a difference between heaven and earth isn’t an exaggeration.

Mo Qianni, not fully understanding the thoughts of an eccentric person like Yang Chen, knitted her brows as she nodded her head, “Alright, however, rather than going to the bathroom to smoke, I would prefer you do it out of the building. Also, come back on time”.

Without waiting for Mo Qianni to finish speaking, Yang Chen had already ran out of the room, and even forgot to close the door! Chapter 27: Bohemia

Outside the Yu Lei building, Yang Chen was taking a smoke when he noticed a group of crestfallen people, including the wretched Fatty, walk out of the building in succession.

Upon seeing Yang Chen, Fatty’s face displayed a look of anger. “I must say, brother, how is that brain of yours grown? How can you answer such difficult topics? I could only understand 80% of the English test and don’t even mention to me about the French test!”

“Hehe, it’s all luck, luck.” Yang Chen responded. He couldn’t tell Fatty that because of the strange martial arts he practiced, he could learn something just from seeing it once. Yang Chen could successfully utilize a language after memorizing a dictionary of its language.

Dejected, Fatty says: “Forget about it, only someone with a brain as abnormal as yours can enter Yu Lei International. The rest of our brothers have all failed, you must uphold the image of us men, as the final torchbearer!”

(ED: gasps)

“What! Are there no other men remaining from this round?” Yang Chen asked.

“Who in the right mind would spend the whole day doing nothing but researching the purpose of underwear designs, and in French and Spanish vocabulary?” Shaking his fat head, “The way I see it, including you, there won’t be more than 5 people remaining!”

Yang Chen rubbed his head in distress, to be honest, this exam didn’t feel as hard as how Fatty described it to be, but Yang Chen felt that he exposed too much, he should have intentionally answered a few questions wrong. If he got too good of a result, wouldn’t that be too conspicuous and contrary to Yang Chen’s original goal of finding a laidback job?”

Fatty, letting out a long sigh, patted Yang Chen’s shoulder and said, “Alright, I’m going to drink with some of the other brothers who dropped out, otherwise the pain in our hearts cannot be quelled!”

After talking, a group of people all wearing the same expression of regret walked to the parking lot.

With some worries, Yang Chen slowly walked back to the examination hall. Inside the hall, there were only 3 beautiful women left, and if you counted Yang Chen, there were only 4 people who passed the exam!

Upon entering inside, Mo Qianni and the other examiners all looked at Yang Chen strangely, as if he was a freak.

As Mo Qianni had seen it all, after pausing for only a brief moment, a smile appeared on her face as she said, “Congratulations, Mr. Yang, you are the sole remaining male applicant to proceed to our final interview. You are also the applicant who scored the highest on the foreign language test, getting the max score.”

While paying attention to how respectful Mo Qianni was when she spoke to him, Yang Chen was certain that he had showed off too much. His skill in German and Italian caused all these ladies to be thoroughly amazed.

Awkwardly chuckling, he sat back down and waited for the final interview.

As there were only 4 applicants remaining, Mo Qianni no longer required a microphone and spoke with a smile, “The 4 of you were capable enough to pass our difficult foreign language test, it seems that all of you do have genuine talent. For the final round, we will be testing your understanding of the fashion industry and your ability to appreciate fine goods.

As everybody knows, every year, our Yu Lei International’s clothing design changes. And so it is considered a rather difficult task for new employees to identify which clothing belongs to our brand.

In a while, there will be 10 models wearing this year’s new clothing designs shown to the 4 of you. In 5 minutes or less, the 4 of you must pick the outfit that isn’t our company’s design. There is only one chance, and if you get it right, you’ll be granted a 2 month trial contract no questions asked.”

Yang Chen wrinkled his brows, in all honesty, his understanding towards fashion could be considered nonexistent as he does not care about what he wear. In the past his clothes were all custom-made and he never came in contact with clothing belonging to any brand.

At the same time, in the exam room, a curtain was being pulled open revealing 10 tall models leisurely walking forward. The spotlights shone at them as they stood in front of the 4 candidates.

At that moment, the eyes of all 3 women displayed admiration and released a gasp of surprise. Women, innately love all things beautiful, when looking at the 10 outfits in front of them, they all had different thoughts coming in and out of their mind as they started to examine each and every outfit carefully.

Only after repeatedly examining their boobs, did Yang Chen smack his lips together and start focusing on the outfits.

Each and every one of these outfits had different sorts of patterns and styles. There were leopard print dresses, lacy one-piece dresses, Tutus made of chiffon, and pink long dresses with straps. There were even elegant business suits for women. The only thing they shared in common was that none of them had any traces of a brand.

When Yang Chen saw the 10 models, he first stared blankly for a while. Right after, Yang Chen began writing his answer on the given paper without any hesitation.

When 5 minutes passed, Mo Qianni clapped her hands and an assistant walked up to collect their answer sheets. After finishing, the assistant handed the papers to her.

Giving them a brief glance, Mo Qianni displayed a flash of surprise and looked at Yang Chen with curious eyes. Pursing her lips and smiling, “The results have already been decided, I am representing the entire Yu Lei International to warmly welcome our new colleague, Mr. Yang Chen.

After finishing, she took the lead to clap for him. The other employees, after hearing the announcement, all looked at him with curious eyes and started to happily clap to welcome him.

However, the other 3 applicants found this hard to swallow. Their evaluating skills lost to a man who speaks so vulgarly?. One of the three was displeased and inquired, “Proctor, can you tell us the correct answer?”

After Mo Qianni quieted the people around, smiled toward that female applicant, looked at Yang Chen and asked, “Mr. Yang, please tell us how you arrived at the correct answer”.

Although Yang Chen didn’t care about how people viewed him, he knows it isn’t good to not give face to his future superior in front of this many people, Yang Chen sighed and raised his hand, pointing to the 10th model and said “I chose her.”

It was evident that the other 3 applicants blanked out for a moment, but afterwards, they started to look at the 10th model again.

This model was wearing a classic European Bohemian styled long dress, because Bohemian ladies clothing seemed complex and difficult to grasp. Various tassels and pendants required careful matching, moreover this type of ancient wandering gypsy freedom, along with the clothing’s mysterious air was not something modern ladies can control, and so this type of dress was not well liked.

But because of that being too obvious, the three lady candidates only took a short glance at number 10 before ruling it out. They did not believe, that after giving them such a difficult foreign language exam, such a big loophole would appear, after all this Bohemian dress was too gaudy! They kept thinking that it is a trap!

Yang Chen does not care about the 3 ladies’ shock and regrets, he unenthusiastically explains: “If I’m right, the Bohemian dress Model number 10 is wearing, was handmade by an old-fashioned Italian designer. The crystals on this dress’ girdle and pendants on the fringed skirt are all real and elaborately polished crystals. The diamond pieces on the chest are also real South African diamonds. In my opinion, although Yu Lei International is one of the top 10 fashion brands in the country, they can’t possibly be using this many high-class natural crystals and diamonds just to make this dress right?”

This time, not just the three candidates, even all the other Yu Lei International’s employees revealed an expression of disbelief, they originally thought Yang Chen could only tell that this dress isn’t cheap, but did not expect, Yang Chen could even recognize the origins of this dress clearly!

What everyone present doesn’t know is, Yang Chen was extremely happy inside. The designer of this dress was the old fella who used to make custom-made dress shirts for him.

I wore the clothes for so many years, how can I not recognize this style, this level of extravagance, is by whom? Nobody else in this world can compare with me in understanding this guy’s style!

Looking at the grand and refined Bohemian dress, Yang Chen revealed a wistful expression. He softly spoke in his heart, “Ron, you stubborn old man who refuses to wear reading glasses despite suffering from presbyopia, are you living well?” Chapter 28: I Am Proud Of Selling Mutton Skewers

Due to Yang Chen’s performance at the examination, the attention of all Yu Lei International Headquarters employees were on him. Even women that he was going to work with looked at such an intelligent man as a popular discussion topic over tea time. Even before officially starting work, he has already been recognized by a vast majority of people.

After signing the contract, Yang Chen was led by Mo Qianni over to the PR Department located on the 18th floor of the Yu Lei building. This whole floor belongs to the PR Department.

Entering the workplace, Yang Chen found a group of people standing up and clapping for him. Since the absolute majority of the people there were women, when a man is capable enough of joining, the women all become excited.

After having Yang Chen make a simple self-introduction, Mo Qianni has him enter her department head’s office.

In the office, other than a few pots of carefully placed Scarlet Kaffir Lilies, the rest of the room was extremely simple. The desk was neat and tidy, while on the wall there were several plaques, declaring the owner of this room as someone who has great accomplishments and efficiency in her style of work.

Towards his new superior, Yang Chen did feel admiration. This woman may appear beautiful and seductive, but she is even more confident and witty. One cannot feel any inkling of wrongdoing from her, it can be seen from the fact that she got to such a position at such a young age and all of that is not possible just by being beautiful.

“Please take a seat, would you like a drink?” Mo Qianni politely smiled and asked.

“No thanks, I’m not thirsty.” Yang Chen responded.

Mo Qianni laughs at him while shaking her head, and continued with pouring a cup of water for him. “The reason I asked you what you want to drink is not to help you relieve your thirst, it is a hint to you that I want to have a long talk with you. By saying you’re not thirsty, aren’t you rejecting a lengthy talk with me? From here on out, you are a member of our PR department, don’t miss simple hints such as this.”

Yang Chen feels a little conflicted, he only just entered the company and was already receiving a show of superiority, he helplessly says: “Erm…… Miss Mo, I’m a boorish person, being an errand boy is fine by me, but this type of business is not something I’m adept with.”

“I don’t believe that a man who is fluent in Italian, German and is able accurately identify the workmanship of an Italian-made handmade designer clothing with a glance can possibly be considered a boorish person.” Mo Qianni bright and pretty eyes stared straight at Yang Chen, leaning against the table, she looked slim and graceful.

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