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The fame of the [Middle Kill Gate] was even greater than the [Front Kill Gate].

Those people slaughtered here in the past were all the monsters and tyrants at the Sect Leader class.

But this [Middle Kill Gate] was not any different from the [Front Kill Gate]. It was decrepit, without anyone guarding it, withered leaves flying about…

When Ye Qingyu walked past the [Middle Kill Gate] into the third area, he could suddenly sense a powerful energy fluctuation that came from a platform a thousand meters in front of him.

He turned his head to look.

There was a martial expert currently training.

Ye Qingyu’s heart trembled.

The man wielding the halberd as a weapon should be the first true martial expert he had encountered after entering the [Light Palace]. It was only that he did not use yuan qi as he practiced his blade techniques, but his powerful and simple blade cultivation made Ye Qingyu sense his powerful aura even a thousand meters away.

This should be a top level existence at the Bitter Sea stage.

There was still top level experts within the [Light Palace] after all?

After having been made disappointed by the undisciplined and decrepit affairs, Ye Qingyu was finally interested after seeing this martial expert. Walking over, he came to twenty meters away from the arena, as he began closely observing…

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Next Chapter On the arena, there was a middle-aged man that seemed to be around thirty. His face was bronze and hehad clearly defined facial features. His figure could not be said to be tall, but there was an explosive power filled in his muscles. He wore rough and coarse fabric clothing with a black metal chain hanging at his waist. There was a sense of beauty as his muscles moved according to the change in his bladesmanship.

The blade in his hand was that of a war halberd that was rarely seen.

This type of weapon was even longer and heavier than a normal blade. No matter whether it was the back of the blade or the handle, it was thicker and wider. It seem to be extremely suitable for hacking and cutting. This was one of the favourite weapons of martial experts at the Ordinary martial level, the striking power they were able to instantaneously exhibit was really powerful. But for top class experts at the Biter Sea stage, the heaviness and thickness of a weapon was not the factor that decided victory in a battle. Therefore there were rarely any top class experts who used such a weapon.

Furthermore, this halberd seemed exceedingly normal. It should not be a Spirit tool or a Treasure tool.

It was only that, such a normal weapon, began exhibiting a terrifying aura in the hands and moves of this person. A cold and seeping aura before to materialize, encircling around the body of this person. And this was only power, without any yuan qi being used.

“The strength of this broad faced person is absolutely at the Bitter Sea stage. His cultivation is not as great as me, but the killing intent held within his blade is absolutely above me. He should be a warrior that charged out from within the army, but why is he within the [Light Palace]?”

Ye Qingyu could tell that the martial path followed by the broad faced man, was the military martial path.

But in this military killing aura, Ye Qingyu could faintly sense a dispiritedness within, as if something was wrong.

At this time—-


A blade filled with killing intent suddenly hacked at him.

This blade was extremely sudden, like a bolt of lightning that instantly came in front of Ye Qingyu.

“Chichichi…” The little white rabbit was so scared that it’s fur stood up straight. It’s ruby-like eyes were closed as it began sharply making sounds of distress.

In the instant that Ye Qingyu’s figure was hit by the blade light, his figure was like silken tofu, splitting into two.

But the next instant, the two pieces of his body blurred, then dispersed like mist.

Ye Qingyu’s true body was half a meter away.

On the arena.

The broad faced bladesman looked at Ye Qingyu, evaluating him up and down. “Who are you?”

Hearing these words, his heart was moved like he he had just seen his family. He was after all the new Lord of the Light Palace. On the way here, no one had paid him any attention, and no one had asked him what he was doing here. The previous speeches he had prepared beforehand, he did not have the chance to use them at all. But right now, was his opportunity finally going to appear?

Ye Qingyu cleared his throat, then said with a smile, “I am…”

Who would have that thought before he could even say a phrase, the broad faced swordsman swiped his arm. Coldly he said, “Fine, no need to say anything. I also don’t want to know. Who you are has nothing to do with me. To be able to avoid my strike, it’s clear you are not a nameless person… I don’t like people watching me sneakily as I practice, please leave.”

As he finished, his blade moved again, beginning to train in his bladesmanship once again.

Ye Qingyu: “…”

You’re the person who asked me who I was, but to think you would say such words now?

Could you at least let me introduce myself first?

Just what kind of people were within the [Light Palace]?

Ye Qingyu was about to say something, but there was suddenly a laugh that sounded beside his air. A faint smell of alcohol drifted over —–

“Haha, Yan Hengshui, it was evidently you who was the one that asked him first. To think you would not even let him speak. With your emotions and your intelligence, do you think you will be able to succeed? No wonder you can only wait here to die…”

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

He had previously not even detected this person’s existence.

Turning his head to look, he saw in the light soldier statue next to him that was tens of meters high, a figure was sitting in a slanted position upon the soldier’s forehead, with a complete lazy posture. The person that said such words was namely him.

It was a young man that seemed around twenty years of age. He had black loose hair, and clearly defined facial features. He wore a brocaded robe, emitting a noble young master aura. It was only that his facial hair was something that was different from his image, his beard rubble. Amidst his nobility, there was an air of laziness and deterioration, but still had a certain charm about him.

The person sitting on the soldier’s head had a jade green wine gourd. With a slight suction, there was a liquid that spouted out. The way he drank alcohol was extremely coarse, there was at least half the liquid that spouted to hit chest instead of going into his mouth.

He was another expert.

Ye Qingyu instantly made such an evaluation.

This young man that looked like a fallen noble had been able to evade his sense. His strength was definitely not any lower than that of the broad faced man, Yan Hengshu.

“Whether I can continue on or not, do I need a trash like you who weas trashed by a woman to manage?” Yan Hengshui was enraged, his blade striking out and his figure transforming into flowing light. An invisible blade aura exploded, a sword qi that was hundreds of meters in size cut towards the young man on top of the head of the soldier statue.

“Aiyah…” The young man let out a shocked cry and quickly fell down in a panic from the massive statue.”

But such a fall had just managed to avoid the blade that contained Yan Hengshui’s rage.

“”Li Changheng, do you dare to directly face my blade?” Yan Hengshui let out a roar of anger.

His blade qi could already be released as his heart willed it, reaching a pinnacle state. Since the blade had not managed to strike the young man called Li Changheng, the instant it hit the soldier statue, the huge force instantly dissipated like a light wind.

“I don’t have energy to continue on tarrying with a brute like you. I’ll come back when I’m annoyed…” Li Changheng’s figure seemed to quiver for a bit after falling down from the statue. But in truth, after several flickers, he was already several hundreds meters away, his body technique extremely exquisite.

Ye Qingyu saw this scene and instantly knew that this Li Changheng’s strength was also at the Bitter Sea stage.

It seemed like there were still experts within the [Light Palace].

It was only that these two people seemed to be people with strange temperaments. They should not be easy to discipline and command, and it would not be a simple task to turn them into subordinates he could use.

Seeing that Ye Qingyu could not touch Yan Hengshui, the halberd in his hand turned. The absolute blade glimmer was about to strike down at Ye Qingyu’s head. With a yell, “It seems your strength is not bad, you’re fit to receive a few of my moves.”

The blade glimmer was like lightning. Half the air seemed to have been cut apart by him.

Ye Qingyu activated the [True Will of the Sky Dragon]. His right hand instantly transformed into a dragon’s claw. With a punch, it struck squarely on the silver blade glimmer.


An invisible broken blade qi swept the heavens.

Yan Hengshui could only feel an unbelievable power striking at him. The halberd in his hands was like a mad dragon that could not be controlled, his entire person being sent flying by a humongous force. After sailing tens of meters through the air, he stumbled back another seven steps. Ultimately, he stabbed his blade into the ground, before he could stop flying backwards.

Astonishment was writen on his face as he looked disbelievingly at Ye Qingyu.

He evidenlty had not imagined that Ye Qingyu’s strength would be some much higher than what he had initially estimated.

Ye Qingyu smiled towards this broad faced man. Without saying anything, he continued towards the interior of the [Light Palace].

The broad faced man lifted his hand. He wanted to say something, but without knowing why, nothing was ultimately uttered.

Ye Qingyu came to before the Front Kill Gate.

This young noble master that was called Li Changheng was slanted at the side of the Front Kill Gate. His eyes were narrowed as he carefully evaluated Ye Qingyu. With a smile that was not a smile: “To be able to send Yan Hengshui, that brute flying with a punch, you must not be a nameless fellow. What is your reason for coming to the [Light Palace], where a bird would not even shit?”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

Because at that moment, there were suddenly two lights that flickered. A vast energy rumbled from in front of him, reaching him in the blink of an eye.

It was a figure that was as thin as a bamboo, a middle-aged man with a goatee.

A scholar with a fresh face.

From the energy that the two emitted, they were evidently existences at the Bitter Sea stage. Their strength should be at the same class as Li Changheng and Yan Hengshui.

The two appeared, then stared at Ye Qingyu for a moment. Looking at each other, they had a shocked expression before bowing as they paid their respects.

“Your subordinate, the Enoy of Light, Dai Youmeng, pays his respect to the Lord of the Light Palace.”

“Your subordinate, the Enoy of Light, Liu Jingyan, pays his respect to the Lord of the Light Palace.”

Seeing the two, Ye Qingyu was faintly surprised. “You recognize me?”

The middle-aged scolar, Liu Jingyan quickly replied, “Several days ago, his majesty had passad on a message to the [Light Palace]. He has already notified us of the matter of Lord Ye assuming the mantle.”

“That is so.” The skinny and high man, Dai Youmeng, also bowed.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Compared to Li Changheng and Yan Hengshui, these two were evidently much more normal.

“So you are the newly arrived Lord?” So young…” There was a light that flickered in Li Changheng’s eyes, then he once again returned to his relapsed state.

He still leaned against the wall and slightly clasped his eyes, paying a perfunctory respect. There was not the slightest attitude of a subordinate paying his respects to his superior.

“You dare. Li Changheng, you dare to be so impolite towards Lord Ye?” Liu Jingyan said in rage.

Li Changheng gave him a glance and coldly smiled, “Ai, you’ve learned to rely on the power of others. We are all Envoys of Light, we are all of the same rank. What right do you have to shout and order me around?”


Yan Hengshui at the other end had also recovered. He brought his long blade as he walked over, giving Ye Qingyu a bow, “I am the Envoy of Light, Yan Hengshui. I pay my respects to you.”

Since he came from a military background, even his movements in paying his respects was filled with power.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head without saying anything and continued onwads.

From the information received from Dugu Quan, there was an army of soldiers as well as seven Envoys of Light within the [Light Palace]. The four people in front of him were evidently four of the seven Envoys of Light. Why had the other three Envoys of Light not appeared?

Liu Jingyan did not know why the new Lord had come. They could only quietly follow behind Ye Qingyu.

Yan Hengshui held his halberd as he also silently followed behind.

Li Changheng hesitated slightly before ultimately continuing to stay where he was. He remained behind to bathe laziness in the sunlight on the city walls.

After the Back Kill Gate, it was the fourth area of the Light City.

Compared to the vastness of the previous three areas, the fourth area was somewhat quieter. In the ground, one could see the same strange trees that grew without order. Each of these trees were the thickness of two people hugging it. These trees were completely scarlet red, no matter whether it was the bark of the tree or the skin, and seemed like a sea of fire from far away, bright and resplendent.

There was a faint fire yuan qi attribute fluctuating in these trees.

“Eh? Could these be the legendary fire trees?”

Ye Qingyu was surprised.

According to the legends, in the most southeastern part of Snow Empire, there were such strange trees growing in the places were fire and magma flowed. It naturally possessed compatibility with the fire attribute, and could change the power of the world.

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