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The reason, there was a question mark at the end of my sentence is because, her figure was completely different from the image of Fiona in my mind.

Just like my equipments, the witch-like, always wearing all black clothes, that Fiona.

However, currently she is wearing clothes of completely light hue, this gap is just too much.

「Err, is my appearance, strange?」

To Fiona saying something that sweet with a downcast look, I, unintentionally blushed.

「No, it’s looking perfect on you」

I hate myself for saying that over-used line.

But, Fiona’s casual wear of robe or cape, and doesn’t reveal any of her body, it even concealed her bodyline.

Her this blouse and pleated skirt, resemble the summer uniform of a girl student, and it has the impact to completely annihilate her image of wearing boring witch costume.

Doomsday Idol From the half-sleeves of that blouse two white slender arms peek out, and from the miniskirt which barely reaches her knees, two bewitching legs are seen.

Her clothes are perfectly fit, and her body line is being seen, which seems more girl-like considering her real age.

Particularly, the belt of her sling handbag, is passing diagonally from between her blouse, resulting in twin peaks exerting pressure on the cloth of blouse, telling its size, if Fiona is doing this intentionally, then I have to say that she is also a witch in seducing men.

「I see, I’m happy to hear that」

Fiona slightly smiled, seems like she hasn’t noticed my impolite gaze, or maybe she is ignoring it, well either way thank you.

「Sorry, I’m always in apprentice robe, I should’ve wore some better for this occasion」

「No, the robe suits you Kurono-san」

No, it’s not the problem of it suiting me or not, but……No, if Fiona is not bothered by it, why should I, let’s take on good will.

「However, Fiona also had common clothes like this, it was completely out of expectations for you to appear in this beautiful appearance」

「Eh, am……Beautiful, is it」

「Yeah, truly」[2]

「I-Is that so……」

Saying that, Fiona; looked away.

Huh, did I just speaking something bad–or rather, this is strange, wasn’t my remark just now way too embarrassing.

Why am I saying something with the nuance of「You’re truly beautiful」as if natural, this going to be bad, if not a proper cover-up she might even complain on me for sexual harassment.

Don’t tell me that there exists some punishment rule again harassing a girl in the guild or maybe, stopping my shitty idiotic thinking in middle, and I tried to change the subject, at least my rational reasoning told me that.

「T-That’s right, Fiona, I got a present for you! If it’s fine, can you accept it」

At that point, I took out the precious gift I bought just before.

「Eh, no way Kurono-san, it feels somewhat bad」

「Hey, before I bought the white robe for Lily, but there wasn’t anything for you though. Ah, is it by chance bothering you, righ–」

「it’s not like that, I want Kurono-san’s present」

「I, I see, it’s good that you are accepting it」

She interrupted me with great force, even I got back somewhat.

But, she might have thought to not waste my good will, Fiona does understand that much, albeit being a natural airhead.

The over-excited me, took out a dark blue case with the ring inside, from my pocket.

「Thank you for everything till now, Fiona, and let’s work together from now on too」

「Yes, thank you very much, Kurono-san」

Is it alright to open it, to her question, I immediately nod.

Fiona’s slender fingers open up the lid of case, inside it was the ring I just bought emitting the luster of a new article.

「[Athena Guard Ring], this ring is embedded with the divine protection from a goddess named Athena, and protects the wearer from blades」

To put in simple words, it is a magic item similar to[Nana Blast Amulet], which both Fiona and I possess.

Divine protection is similar to magic, based on uses it can be weapon or defenses, and could be embedded in ornaments; of course, the strength varies from best to worst.

At a glance this[Athena Guard Ring]might seem like a normal silver ring, but on the interior of the ring exists a magic circle written with ancient characters for activating the power of divine protection.

「Hearing the name it might sound like a really great thing, but it’s grade as a magic item is not that high, so don’t expect much of defensive power」

It protects from blades, having said that, the Shield is automatically deployed to block against physical attacks, so, it is quite a popular accessory.

It is same as the cross which was hanging from the neck of Cyprus, of course, it is not a great item to that extent.

Well, Fiona would understand it even without explaining it.

「No, I’m truly happy, thank you for this lovely gift」

Fiona thanked me by bowing very deeply, and politely. I hesitated in saying, It ain’t something that great, so just ended this conversation by saying Your Welcome.

「Is it alright to wear it too?」

「Of course」

Like that, Fiona wore the ring, without hesitating, in the ring finger on her left hand.

「……Is something wrong?」

「No, nothing, it’s good that if fits you perfectly」


It ain’t a wedding ring that you wear in ring finger of left hand, I thought that, but it was a custom in my world, and it shouldn’t be necessarily the same in this world too.

The fingers good for wearing rings are index finger, middle finger and ring finger, these three, and combing of both hands, there are 6 fingers good to wear ring in, in that case, the probability of wearing wedding ring in the ring finger of left hand is going to be 1/6, so it’s almost impossible for this world to have same customs as that on earth.

No, there might not even be the existence of wedding ring present in world.

The reason I thought about wedding ring must be because I know of its existence, and nothing more. [3]

「How is it?」

「Yeah, it looks really great」

The one-sidedly excited me, was only able to give that safe reply to Fiona showing her ring in her ring finger to me.

But, because Fiona is smiling as if understanding everything from my reply, so it’s all good.

[1] He thought Fiona was an eccentric person.

[2] You’re just dense enough and quite shameless too.

[3] Am I the only one thinking that this world also has got the same custom, based on the fact that many things on this world resemble to earth. Like bunny costume and stuff. Book 13 Chapter 06 – Shi Huang Shows His Might

There is a Qin court in the west of Xianyang Palace. Xiao Pan is seated on the dragon throne on a platform that was raised three steps above the ground. Li Si the Imperial Librarian is seated behind him.

Empress Zhu Ji is seated one step below him.

The high ranking officials are seated on two rows on each side.

On one side were Lu Buwei, Cai Ze, Wang Wan and Meng Ao; on the other side were Xu Xian, Lu Gong and Wang Ling.

While they were in discussion over the Zhengguo Canal, a serious looking Lord Changping came in to report that Xiang Shaolong seeks an urgent audience. Everyone was caught by surprise.

Xiao Pan had expected this and order Lord Changping to bring Xiang Shaolong in at once.

Xiang Shaolong strode in and paid his respects to everyone. He detailed the entire situation and added: “Initially, this matter falls under my personally responsibility. However, Lu Xiong kept demanding he wanted Premier Lu to judge him. As this matter concerned Premier Lu’s reputation, I dare not act rashly and reported this to Crown Prince, Empress and Premier Lu.”

Lu Buwei is so angry his face is almost green. He furiously scolded: “Where is that son of a b1tch?”

From this sentence, everyone can sense how domineering Lu Buwei is.

Under such a situation, the Crown Prince Xiao Pan should express his views first before others can comment. Apparently, Lu Buwei’s comment is tantamount to insubordination.

Moreover, he is scolding Lu Xiong like a parent and not like a high ranking official.

Xiao Pan was prepared and started: “Right Premier need not by angry first; we must first investigate and clarify all the details.”

He turned to Zhu Ji and inquired: “Empress! Am I doing it correctly?”

Zhu Ji looked down at the awe-inspiring Xiang Shaolong and her eyes are filled with mixed emotions. Noticing Lu Buwei also winking non-stop at her, she slowly sighed: “Yes. We shall let you decide.”

Under such circumstances, she can only support her beloved son.

Lu Gong and Xu Xian were stunned that this young Crown Prince is capable of handling such a complicated case.

Everyone can tell that this is actually a clash between Lu Buwei and Xiang Shaolong. It can be an easy or complicated case.

Xiao Pan suppressed his delight and ignored Lu Buwei. To Xiang Shaolong, he calmly enquired: “Lu Bang did not successfully committed his act as he was stopped but this attempted [email protected] is still a serious crime. Does Subject Xiang have any witnesses?”

Xiang Shaolong responded: “The young couple are right outside the hall. We can summon them and Crown Prince can question them.”

Cai Ze interrupted: “The Crown Prince’s time is precious and need not fret over such a small matter. The law bureau can handle this case. I suggest that we must first clarify whether Assistant Commander Lu was misled and thus clashed with Commander Xiang. The Imperial Army are two important pillars of our City defences. It is important to maintain good relationships between them and bury the hatchet.”

These words are obviously meant to help Lu Xiong.

Cai Ze is an ex-Premier and is well respected. If this was another case, Xiao Pan may relent but in this case, he will push his way through.

Xu Xian and Lu Gong were about to say something but swallowed their words for the time being.

Lu Buwei’s expression relaxed. Just as everyone except Xiang Shaolong and Li Si expected Xiao Pan to accept Cai Ze’s suggestion, this future Qin Shi Huang slammed his armrest and stood up. He stepped down to Zhu Ji’s front and coldly retorted: “Subject Cai’s words make no sense! Since Qin has undergone Shang Yang’s reforms, we hold military law as our top priority. The strict chain of command and our obedient soldiers have made our Qin army invincible.”

He stepped down even lower to the lowest step and scanned the officials with his sharp eyes and officially state: “If someone violates the military law and is insubordinate but we did not handle this matter well, it will have further repercussions on the morale of our soldiers. I will judge this case personally. If it is proven that Assistant Commander Lu is guilty, we will punish him according to military law.”

Everyone present was dazed as nobody imagined a young teenager using such strong and domineering words.

Lu Buwei and Zhu Ji reacted as if this is the first time they met Xiao Pan.

Only Lu Si is jumping for joy as these words originated from him.

Lu Gong barked: “Great! This is befitting our Crown Prince. Strict military command with fair rewards and punishment has always been the backbone of our great Qin army.”

Xiao Pan smiled but was flustered when everyone is now staring at him. He hurriedly went back to his seat and in a weaker tone, he asked: “Does anyone else have anything to say?”

Cai Ze has been scolded by him and dare not voice his opinions. He lowered his head with dejection.

Lu Buwei was furious and was in a dilemma regarding Xiao Pan. He dared not rebut him as he knew that his words make sense. He could only look towards Zhu Ji and hoped that she will speak up for him.

Zhu Ji knew that Lu Buwei is hinting to her for assistance but because the person involved is Xiang Shaolong, she pretended not to notice his hints.

Meng Ao dryly coughed: “Shaolong and Lu Xiong are people that I am well-acquainted with. By right, such a thing should not have happened. I am guessing that this could arise from the differences between the Cavalry and the Infantry. Moreover, both men are newly promoted and it can be easy for them to misunderstand each other.”

Zhu Ji finally nodded: “Great General Meng’s words make sense. Crown Prince must conduct this investigation properly and not affect the harmony of the Qin military.”

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