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With her red clothes partial removed, the young woman’s shocking and alluring white chest revealed itself. Her two bountiful peaks trembled violently, like they were trying to break free of their remaining shackles and burst forth with their phenomenal elasticity on full display.

Thanks to his full force assault, the woman seemed to have completely lost her ability to resist. Her dream like eyes gently closed, and her long eyelashes quivered lightly. Her soft snake like body writhed and twisted beneath Yang Kai. Waves of barely suppressed moans filled with infinite desire leaked from her mouth.

Seemingly resigned to her fate, she no longer resisted, and her hands gently reached up and wrapped behind Yang Kai’s head, pulling him up from her chest, her cheeks were dyed the same cherry-red as her luscious pair of lips.

Yang Kai had also secretly been on guard against her Soul Numbing Fragrance, but seeing her take the initiative to cooperate with him, he no longer acted polite, pounced like a wolf, and deeply kissed her.

A sweet and delicious taste instantly spread from the tip of his tongue, but after only sampling this wondrous flavour, the woman suddenly opened her enchanting eyes, a sly and triumphant light flashed across them.

Startled, Yang Kai quickly separated his lips from hers.

“You…” Before he could finish speaking another word, Yang Kai felt the world spin before his eyes and instantly lost all consciousness, falling powerlessly onto the young woman’s chest.

The young woman panted heavily, desperately trying to calm the raging heat in her chest, and took quite some time before managing to regain her composure. Lifting Yang Kai off of her body and rolling him aside, she slowly sat up, grinding her silvery teeth fiercely. Her heart was filled with anger.

After a while though, she suddenly smiled, laughed, and leaked a sigh from her cherry red lips as she said to herself, “To think a naughty rouge like you is so skillful. You must definitely not be anything good! Hmph, this Queen’s beauty isn’t something one can taste so easily!”

Finished with her monologue, she quickly stood and tidied herself up before bitterly glancing towards the comatose Yang Kai lying nearby. While gripping her ribbon artifact, she flicked her wrist and wrapped him up once more before flying away again.

Yang Kai woke up in a daze and felt a dull pain radiating throughout his entire body, like he was being pricked by thousands of needles. His surroundings were dark, and only the faint flickering light of a torch stuck into a nearby wall provided any light.

A sweet lingering aroma wafted past his nose, it was… somehow familiar. It had the same taste as that flirtatious woman’s fragrance.

Spiderman Evolution The scent was neither heavy nor light. It was truly a pleasant bouquet that carried with it a hint of an aphrodisiac effect.

Thinking about that devilish woman, Yang Kai suddenly sobered up and vigilantly examined his surroundings.

He quickly discovered the young woman sitting down not far away. Her True Qi surged ferociously, and her eyes closed as she circulated some kind of unknown Secret Art.

Checking his current physical condition, Yang Kai’s face couldn’t help cringing.

His strength had been mostly restored, and he was able to circulate his True Qi, but his entire body was somehow bound by a mysterious force, which left him completely immobile.

It seemed like he had been poisoned, and the more he revolved his True Qi the dizzier he became. Silently panicking, Yang Kai quickly ceased all his actions, not daring to act recklessly.

Glancing around, Yang Kai figured that right now he should be inside a cave somewhere. The cave was not deep, only a few tens of meters or so, and he was currently sitting cross legged in the innermost part of the cave. The young woman who had capture him sat just opposite him, clearly not wanting him to leave her sight.

Looking the young woman over once again, Yang Kai had to admit that she was very beautiful, and extremely attractive. Every part of her seemed to scream out the word ‘seductive’, especially the tiny tear shaped mole under her eyes. It was an extremely charming feature.

Seemingly aware of Yang Kai’s presumptuous gaze, the young woman slightly opened her eyes, and a faint haze still lingered within yet still contained a hint of spice, a watery exotic look that seemed to draw in one’s soul. Her cheeks flushed a delicate shade of pink, as she exhaled a hot breath.

“So you’ve woken up?” The young woman showed a sweet smile as she looked at Yang Kai with great interest.

“Elder Sister, what’s the meaning of all this?” Yang Kai gazed back at her unashamedly as a chuckle leaked from his mouth, “You’ve already imprisoned me. Is there any need to restrict my movements too?”

The woman laughed happily, “If I don’t tie you down, how could I stop you from running away?”

Yang Kai shamelessly shot back, “How could I be willing to run away? The night is still young, Junior Brother here is very reluctant to let Elder Sister be alone, in fact, if Elder Sister wants, all she has to do is say the word and Junior Brother would be willing to fulfil any of her requests, come hell or high water!”

The young woman frowned towards him, recalling how just before he had wantonly touched her, taking full advantage of her, causing her body to suddenly give rise to a burst of heat, and she grit her teeth in shame and anger.

However, Yang Kai’s eyes still blazed hot as fire as he licked his parched lips. His gaze presumptuously wandered all over the devilish women in front of him. An unparalleled greed and aggression seemed to radiate from him, and as if he couldn’t wait to strip the young woman before him naked, he boldly declared, “Actually, being honest with Elder Sister, when Junior Brother first laid eyes upon, he fell completely in love with her, so why doesn’t Elder Sister release me, and we can speak freely to each other? I really adore Elder Sister, in my heart she is my entire world, the sun, the moon, and the stars above!”

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Hearing Yang Kai profess himself to her, the young woman couldn’t help but giggle and tremble lightly as she tried to hold back her laughter while silently cursing this shameless little brat’s ability to speak such a mouthful of nonsense. Her pure white neck flushed a light shade of pink.

Seeing how she didn’t react in annoyance or anger, Yang Kai’s courage bloated a lot. In any case, with things having come to this point and considering her overwhelming strength, he basically had no hope of escape, so he might as well focus on trying to learn why she had taken him in the first place.

If she had only wanted to kill him, there was no need for her to suffer his presence for this long. She could have ended this long ago.

The young woman’s sweet smile slowly gave way to an alluring one. Her delicate white hand covered her red lips, causing her to overflow with seductive charm and infinite beauty as she gently whispered, “If you like me so… how could you have been so rough with me? What would have happened if I had broken?”

[This little fox!] Yang Kai cursed in his heart, almost losing his composure once again.

Hurriedly steadying his mind, he grinned mischievously, “As the saying goes, ‘the first time traveling a path is unfamiliar, but the second is not!’ Earlier, Junior Brother had not known what would please Elder Sister, so he acted too abruptly, but now with that experience, I wonder if Elder Sister has any interest in trying again? This time Junior Brother guarantees he will completely satisfy her!”

“You shameless rogue!” The young woman ground her teeth as she cursed under her breath, her vision slightly blurred.

Yang Kai was no doubt the thickest skinned brat she had ever met, and his ability to spout sweet nonsense was also first-class. Coupled with his skillful teasing actions before, how could he be an innocent romantic? Clearly, he was a veteran in these types of affairs and had certainly plundered many young girls’ innocence.

Although she also thought of herself as a rather unrestrained woman, Yang Kai’s blatant provocations had even left her somewhat embarrassed, not to mention that, right now, her condition was somewhat unusual, so she really couldn’t stand listening to these words.

Holding down the unease in his heart, Yang Kai boldly asked, “Has Elder Sister been poisoned by some kind of aphrodisiac?”

Clearly, she was not in a normal state and suffered from something that made her desires run rampant, urging her to seek out a man in order to ease the heat in her body, and she was currently reaching the limits of her endurance. All of this greatly puzzled Yang Kai.

Slightly surprised for a moment, the young woman’s expression became a bit strained as she let out an awkward laugh, “You’re somewhat right, yet somewhat wrong.”

“Somewhat right, yet somewhat wrong?” Yang Kai parroted back in confusion.

“It is just like you think, but this poison is my own doing!” The woman looked at Yang Kai, apparently with no intention of concealing anything as she explained, “My state is a result of my Secret Art about to have a breakthrough; every time I break through I become like this, it’s just that while I was traveling, I was ambushed and suffered some injuries, so the side effects are more violent than normal, I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist them…”

“So you captured me just in case?” Yang Kai suddenly realized.

A storm suddenly swirled in his heart; what kind of Secret Art would send a woman into an aroused state when she was going to break through?

Devil Path Cultivation Technique! It was definitely a Devil Path Cultivation Technique!

There was also an eighty percent chance this Secret Art was a Yin-Yang absorbing technique!

Yang Kai’s blood immediately ran cold, if his essence was really absorbed by this devilish woman, it would really be a sad end.

“It’s just in case!” The woman nodded slightly, not even attempting to deny it.

Yang Kai was imprisoned at the moment, unable to fight back in any way, so she obviously had no need to lie.

“Why did you take me?”

“Back there, in addition to you, there were only three old man and two young women… aside from you, who else was there to catch?” The young woman smiled at him sweetly.

[Fuck, such bad luck! Why didn’t that little brat Bai Yun Feng keep up with us? If he had been there maybe I wouldn’t have been caught!]

“Being able to service Elder Sister, it is Junior Brother’s pleasure!” Yang Kai said, a cheap grin plastered on his face as she stared at her hotly, “There’s no need for you try to hard to resist, if you just relax and give in we can get started right away!”

The young woman once more hid her smile and quipped, “You really think of nothing but beauties? The Secret Art I cultivate is quite special, although if I don’t succeed here I can still continue to cultivate, but before I reach the grand accomplishment stage again, my cultivation speed will be reduced greatly. I’m just one step away so how could I give up now?”

Yang Kai’s eyes glimmered, flashing a resigned light, “So Elder Sister was so close to reaching perfection! Good good good, it looks like Elder Sister and Junior Brother really are fated together by the Heavens! If you cannot resist any more, just let Junior Brother handle the rest!”

On the inside, Yang Kai’s heart was pounding like a drum; although he didn’t know what consequences there would be if he was drained by this woman, just by seeing the power of the evil Secret Art she cultivated, the end results would certainly not be good.

So even though he might very well soon be intertwined with this great beauty, Yang Kai didn’t dare have the slightest bit of arousal.

The young woman stared deeply into Yang Kai’s eyes, her own flashing a trace of pity and regret, quietly asking, “What is your name?”

“Yang Kai!”

“Yang Kai…” The young woman whispered softly under her breath before nodding once, “I will remember it; my name is Shan Qing Luo!”

“It’s a pleasant sounding name…” Yang Kai couldn’t help wrinkling his brow. This name… it was like he had heard it somewhere before.

But considering this young woman’s extraordinary strength, she was no dobut some world famous master, having heard of her before was normal so Yang Kai did not think too deeply about it.

“I haven’t sealed up your True Qi, so prepare yourself, don’t lose your senses!” Shan Qing Luo sweetly laughed and reminded him, “Your wit is quick but I don’t know how well you can resist what comes next. Other than that… you’d better pray that I succeed!”

“Or else?” Yang Kai’s heart filled with a bitter feeling.

“Hehe…” Shan Qing Luo giggled lightly, not answering his question. Her watery eyes simply stared at Yang Kai for a moment before saying, “You’re fairly handsome, and although you spout too much nonsense and act like a shameless rogue, but that’s not your true nature, so Elder Sister still likes you somewhat!”

Done talking, her cheeks gave off a faint reddish hue. She didn’t give Yang Kai any time to react before she suddenly closed her eyes and rapidly circulated her True Qi again! Having left the school building, the trio returned to the dorm and then went downstairs. Yue Kai took out his BMW car key and pressed a button on it. Zhao Liang then nearly popped his eyes out as he looked around the corner and saw the lights of a BMW 525 Sedan lit up.

“Good baby! You are a local rich redneck!”

Zhao Liang fixated his eyes on Yue Kai as he gasped in admiration.

With a bit of proud expression on his face, Yue Kai replied with a smile, “Rich redneck? Not really. But we’re studying in Shanghai and we better ride a car instead of stroll around by foot, no? I have a better one at home, but crowing over for myself is not my style. Anyways, I just bought this car on summer vacation. How is it? This car is not bad, right?”

Raising his thumb, Zhao Liang lamented, “‘Not bad’? This is simply a magical object for chasing after hot chicks. All the hot chicks surely will be happy riding on a BMW and Mercedes Benz. I was planning on spending 200 thousand yuan to buy a car and show off! But now, I find it embarrassing to buy it after looking at your car.”

“It’s alright,” laughed Yue Kai. “We’re all buddies, my car is your car. If you wanna drive it to flirt with chicks, you can tell me. So long as you don’t have sex on it, you can use the car as you like, to pick up chicks or go for a ride!”

Having sex on the car?

Stunned, Zhao Liang then immediately exclaimed, “Yue Kai, I only heard about it, but haven’t tried it yet! Don’t tell me you have done it before. If you did, then later you’re my eldest brother.”

Yue Kai coughed dryly as he chuckled to himself, “Nope, I haven’t done it actually. I usually take the girls to a ride and then to the hotel. But having sex in the car, I really never tried it.”

Immediately, Yue Kai looked at the all smiling Tang Xiu. The Origin Emperor He rolled his eyes and said, “But Big Brother Tang must have tasted it. Just look at his frivolous and fresh appearance. Recalling as how Teacher Han’s attitude of traversing a great distance to pursue him, he’s absolutely an expert on this kind of endeavor. Eldest Brother Tang, your body is neither fat nor thin, having sex in the car should be done in a pulled open posture, right?”

Tang Xiu replied in a complaint tone, “Never tried it.”

Shooting Tang Xiu a contemptuous look, Yue Kai then groaned, “Eldest Brother Tang, you’re not right! We’re all brothers, why would you hide it from us? I called you eldest brother, didn’t I? Just say it! How’s the taste of having sex in the car?”

“I really haven’t tried it yet,” said Tang Xiu reluctantly.

Letting out a dull look, Yue Kai then waved and said, “Let’s get on board and go shopping. We’ll straightly go to the restaurant after buying the things.”

After entering the car, Tang Xiu looked as Zhao Liang drilled himself on the copilot seat and smiled, asking, “Yue Kai, you should be a local, right? Listening to your parents, they had a strong accent of Shanghai locals.”

“Yup, I’m a local,” said Yue Kai with a smile.

“No wonder you’re familiar with Shanghai, so it turns out that you’re a local! Then, you lead the way for us!” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“Let’s go!”

Crying out in response to a strange accent, Yue Kai started the car and drove out. He showed off, speeding up with a proud expression, which made Tang Xiu frown. This place was, after all, the interior of the university, and there were many pedestrians carrying big bags due to the new students’ arrival for registration.

“Hey, slow down and be careful not to hit people,” Reminded Tang Xiu out of good intention.

Yue Kai rolled his eyes and hummed, “Relax, dude! This is my driving skill, I’m not joking. I raced with a few dudes of mine in Changxi, the neighboring city. I suppose you don’t have a driver license yet!”

Tang Xiu sighed inside. Though he didn’t like Yue Kai’s young frivolous attitude, he was not his father, thus it was naturally inconvenient to control him. Not to mention that he also knew very well the rebellious mentality young men had, as well as was aware of how young men were concerned about face. Let alone controlling him, even if he continued persuading him, he would perhaps only make Yue Kai livelier.

He didn’t feel like trying so hard for such a thankless job!

When the BMW drove out of the campus gate, through the glass windows, Tang Xiu saw the supercars lined in a row still there, whereas those six or seven young men stood around them, surrounded by several girls.

While pointing to that side, Tang Xiu asked, “Do you know those kids, Yue Kai?”

Turning his head to look, Yue Kai’s expression instantly turned ugly. After being silent for a moment, he bitterly said, “I know. Of course, I know them. They are a group of trash. When my Eldest Brother was not in jail, they were like babies in front of him. Now they are so unbridled and arrogant. But when he comes out, we will clean them up sooner or later.”

Tang Xiu shook his head and sighed inside. He suddenly realized that it was a wrong choice of his coming out with Yue Kai. This fellow was evidently not someone easy to deal with. It was no wonder that his parents wanted him to control and take care of this guy.

Quickly, the BMW was parked in the underground parking lot a few kilometers away from a large shopping mall. The trio got off and bought a lot of things in the mall. After a short half an hour, Yue Kai had spent hundreds of thousands yuan, with Zhao Liang also spending more than ten thousand.

Tang Xiu himself didn’t say anything, even though he didn’t approve of their extravagant spending. He only bought some toiletries.

“Tang Xiu, if you have no money, just tell these buddies of yours and we’ll buy the things you like. We’re dorm mates, so we don’t have to regard each other as strangers,” said Yue Kai in a stylish manner.

“I don’t lack anything, what I wanted to buy was just these toiletries,” laughed Tang Xiu.

Yue Kai no longer spoke. He didn’t care about money anyway. Whatever Tang Xiu wanted to buy, and didn’t want him to pay for it, he didn’t bother to stress himself over it.

After buying everything, Yue Kai smiled and said, “Alright, let’s go. I just called and booked a box at Riverwood Restaurant. Let’s drink fine wine there this noon. That reminds me, I don’t know whether those two dorm mates of ours arrived, but if they do it will be livelier.”

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