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Xiao Yu was naturally satisfied, and he had few people.

“Let’s do it this way! Well, how do we find treasures inside? Should we find it together or separately?” Xiao Yu said with a smile, he really didn’t believe that these guys want to find treasure together.

If they decided to find treasures together then everyone would get the same amount of treasures.

Greed is the nature of mankind. If there is a chance to get more benefits, then people will never give up.

“Separate! If I go with you then I will not be able to find anything.” Leonardo said with determination.

Xiao Yu licked his mouth and said disdainfully: “Who wants to go with you, hehe! Hey! If you can’t find any treasure then don’t cry in future!”

Seeing two of them arguing again, Nicholas persuaded and said: “Oh, why are you two fighting like children? Even if there is a big hatred between you two, can’t you stop for now? Ok, Let’s go inside together. We can separate later!”

Leonardo nodded, and Xiao Yu had no opinion. This was exactly what he wanted.

“Well, then let’s go now! Each one of us will take ten people with him!” said Nicholas while waving his hand, and went to his team after saying.

Just when Xiao Yu was feeling uncomfortable because from now on he was against Leonardo. Lin Muxue arrived at Xiao Yu’s side and arched her body slightly and then whispered something with full of tenderness.

“Okay! I know that you are in bad mood. How, do you like it? Oh, this is also to warn you to work hard, if you can’t even protect your own woman, then it is truly shameful.” And then Lin Muxue laughed softly. Hearing this, Xiao Yu began to salivate uncontrollably.

“Haha, don’t worry, my wife! Since I am here, no one can take even a little advantage of you! Oh, but I am an exception!” Xiao Yu confidently said.

Lin Muxue smiled helplessly, finally nodded and admitted.

“Oh, yes, who is going to follow you in? Can I also go in? I want to go inside.” Lin Muxue suddenly curiously looked at the situation at the mouth of the hole.

“What? Do you want to go inside? Grandma, you have to know there may be many dangers inside. Besides, Environment inside may be very dirty, cough, you are so beautiful. Can a beautiful girl like you who loves cleanliness be able to withstand it?” said Xiao Yu. He is unwilling to let a woman go in, especially when that woman is his own fiancée.

Lin Muxue didn’t say anything anymore, just nodded a little, but her pair of watery eyes flashed with pleading and expectation. It seems that she really wants to go in.

Helpless, Xiao Yu couldn’t withstand his fiancée’s pleading so he promised to take her in.

As a result, two places had been filled, Lin Muxue, plus the goblin.

Who else to be chosen for remaining places? Xiao Yu scratched his head; choosing candidate was not an easy task. Firstly, candidates who would go inside needs to be strong, and secondly, the guards who would stay outside should be strong too.

After pondering for a long time, an idea stuck Xiao Yu’s mind.

The bloodhoof was going to follow him inside. As for the little dragon, he would stay outside because the body of the dragon was too big, and it would not be easy to move in narrow places.

Maiev and Illidan also wanted to follow him inside, those two were very suitable for finding danger. If there was any danger ahead, they could find them in advance.

The next was Grom. This guy was the best bodyguard. There must be someone to protect Lin Muxue. Currently, the strength of Lin Muxue was not enough.

Now only selecting long-range attackers was left. Xiao Yu was struggling in choosing between Tyrande and Kael’Thas.

After some thought, Xiao Yu chose Kael’Thas. Tyrande would be left outside for safety, in case there was any danger.

As a result, seven places were filled, except for Lin Muxue, Goblin, Bloodhoof, Maiev, Illidan, Grom and Kael’thas, Xiao Yu chose two orcs and a witch for remaining three places. In any case, the witch is essential.

After a moment, Nicholas waved at Xiao Yu and walked toward him with his people.

“Hey, Xiao Yu, is this your team? What are you thinking?” said Nicholas. This Xiao Yu should have selected the heroes, after all, for safety, but what about those orcs? What about the witch? The most interesting thing is that there was also a goblin!

Xiao Yu licked his lips and looked at the Nicholas. He said, “It’s just my habit. Haha, what role do they play when they get inside? About this, I am not sure. Ah, since everyone is ready then let’s go”

Looking at Xiao Yu’s half-truth answer, Nicholas did not asked more.

Nicholas and Leonardo were similar. They selected few strong, plus a few errands, nothing more.

The cave was very wide. After all, the size of the Gorlocs was very large, and it was dark inside the cave.

With a snap of Leonardo’s fingers, a magician threw out a few fireballs inside the cave, which brightened the surrounding space and removed the darkness.

The cave was deep. As they went deeper, they saw the claw marks on the walls. It should have been done by Gorlocs.

After ten minutes of walking, everyone entered a hall.

Just lighting up the hall, Xiao Yu laughed. It turned out that there were a lot of gold coins piled on the ground, and there were also all kinds of valuable things like gems.

“Haha, we strike it rich! So many gold coins are enough for me to feed my people!” Xiao Yu said with a smile. His eyes flashed like a hungry man who saw a naked woman.

“Let’s devide according to the ratio we agreed before!” Nicholas said faintly. Although this wealth is a lot, if three people divided it equally, they could still get tens of millions of gold coins. But could he, Nicholas be short of money? Would his huge family lack money?

After that, the three of them let their people collect gold coins, after dividing them into three parts, they put them into their space ring.

“Okay, let’s go!” Nikolay waved his hand and proceeded forward.

At this time, Leonardo said. “What are you worried about? Don’t you see there is a passage there? Let’s look at it first!”

Nicholas and Xiao Yu did not expect Leonardo’s observation to be so keen that he could find the passage hidden in the corner.

After looking again, they found out that there were six passages in total including one found by Leonardo.

Xiao Yu squinted at the goblin, indicating that he had to now take a quick look to find the passage which most likely to have a treasure inside.

The goblin understood and immediately concentrated on passages. He had been paying attention to the surrounding environment since he came in.

After a while, the goblin informed Xiao Yu about the passage which most likely to have a treasure inside.

Xiao Yu was happy, he said with a smile: “have you finished deciding? Let’s separate here? Who will get the treasure will depend on luck.”

“Where do the remaining three roads go? Who knows if you will come back halfway?” Leonardo was not stupid and immediately saw through the Xiao Yu’s plot.

Xiao Yu was a bit uncomfortable. When did this guy become so smart? Had he always been smart? Xiao Yu licked his lips and finally said, “If you are afraid then everyone can split their team into two groups and can go in two different ways (passages)!”

Nicholas and Leonardo looked at each other, it is a good idea, but which one is the more profiteering?

Both thought that since Xiao Yu said this, he must have a way to maximize his own interests.

“How about it? You don’t think that I have planned everything long ago, no? Oh, do you think that I have the ability to know where the treasures are hidden?” Xiao Yu said very helplessly, these two guys were really being too suspicious. He got a little nervous because of it.

The two immediately felt relieved. They were afraid of being played by Xiao Yu.

“Well, then every team will get two passages, so it is fair. Everything will depend on their luck.” Nicholas nodded.

“Okay! Cut the crap. Let’s go! I am selecting first!” said Xiao Yu while waving his hand impatiently.

Following the suggestion of the goblin, Xiao Yu chose the two passages on the left side. He took the goblin, the bloodhoof, and Illidan with himself. As for the remaining people, they went to the next passage. He cautioned them to retreat immediately if they met any danger.

Looking at the back of disappearing Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo no longer said anything and jumped into the different passages with their team.

After Xiao Yu entered the passage, he let the bloodhoof check the passages. The goblin carefully searched for any place that might contain treasure.

This passage was very different from where they came in. The ground was very bumpy. They didn’t know how many times they went back and forth. The goblin was also tired and panting. After all, his physical strength was indeed bad.

After walking for hours, the goblin shouted: “Ah! Master! Found it! Found it! Haha, there is a secret chamber! The secret chamber!”

Xiao Yu was delighted, he came to the side of goblin and hurriedly asked: “Where? Where? Open it for me, I want to see all kinds of treasures!”

“Master! I don’t know what treasure will be, there may not be any treasure, and it may even have dangers inside!” The goblin whispered as if afraid of saying something wrong and making his master angry.

Xiao Yu nodded. This is truly possible. Since someone created the secret chamber here. How can he not prepare some traps?

“You still have to open it first! Remember to protect your own life!” Xiao Yu said loudly, he was unwilling to let the goblin being injured.

The goblin gratefully nodded. He truly met a good master.

Xiao Yu didn’t know how to open the secret chamber, so he let the goblin open the door.

The goblin groped on the ground for a while. From time to time, goblin whispered something. Xiao Yu listened for a long time but he still didn’t understand what it meant. He finally gave up.

After a while, the goblin finally opened the door of the secret chamber.

“Master! Get ready, I don’t know what’s inside, I’m going to open the door soon!” The goblin shouted at Xiao Yu.

When Xiao Yu heard it, he quickly let all people retreat and prepare for the battle. What if there was any danger inside?



With a bang, the door of this chamber was finally opened.

Xiao Yu and others observed it for a while. When they did not find anything wrong, they felt relieved.

“Hey, let’s go in and see if there are any good things!” Xiao Yu smirked and rubbed his hands.

After the probing the chamber once again, Xiao Yu finally determined that there was no danger, so everyone entered the chamber.

After entering into the chamber, Xiao Yu’s jaw dropped. He felt speechless for a long time!

It’s because the chamber contains many messy things, all kinds of bones, and some things that even Xiao Yu didn’t recognize them.

“Ah! This… this… haha, master! Master! This time you strike it rich!” The little goblin suddenly said with joy and even started to jump around in joy.

“This, what are you saying? You know these things?” Xiao Yu said with amazement. Although this guy was an alchemist, he really didn’t expect him to know so much.

But Xiao Yu was still suspicious of whether this guy was really true.

“Master! I don’t deceive you! Look at these! These are the bones of the Gorlocs. If it is used to make weapons, it can increase the chances of shadow magic by certain degree! These seemingly messy things are called Cherished Stone, if they got added to the armour, they can greatly improve the hardness of the armour. And…” The goblin excitedly talked with Xiao Yu about the things in front of me. What is this, what is that? What is their effect?

“Okay! Ok! You stop first! Well, do you mean these things are very good? Well, it does worth some money. For now, let’s just keep them!” said Xiao Yu to goblin, this guy is really obsessed with the alchemy.

With the wave of his hand, all the things in the chamber entered the space ring of Xiao Yu. These things would only be sorted out after they returned back.

Since there is a secret chamber here, there is a possibility of a second, even a third, fourth!

Greed can always make people work hard. After Xiao Yu knew the value of the things he got, he became even keener on finding treasure.

After some time, the goblin became fiercer and found out several secret chambers.

Different from the previous secret chambers, things in these secret chambers were very neatly placed.

After listening to the explanation of goblin, Xiao Yu knew what good things he got!

Elemental materials, source energy, eternal earth, eternal water, eternal shadow, eternal flame, etc., as long as these things used at the right place, the benefits they could bring were absolutely amazing.

Among the fabrics, three were very rare once, such as demonized frost cloth, moon cloth, and demon cloth. According to the goblin, these fabrics could be used to make armours more flexible and their effect could match some good magic item.

In fact, what made Xiao Yu happy was that there were many kinds of leathers here, including black dragon scales, red dragon scales, polar fur, gorgeous fur, knotted skin, etc. All these are good material.

There were all kinds of ores like silver ore, gold ingots, Saffron ingots, Yanji ingots, as well as Mitral ore, Thorium ore, Magic Iron Ore, etc.

Xiao Yu was so happy that his mouth was wide open. This time the adventure of the sunset swamp had been successful. No matter which one of these things, after taking it out, it could be exchanged for huge wealth. It would even shock the entire continent.

After all, this chamber contained a lot of things that had disappeared for many years.

“Hey, goblin, can you still find something? Hey, you have to know these things can’t satisfy me!” Xiao Yu said with a greedy smile.

“Okay! Master! I will work hard in the future. I will not disappoint the owner!” Goblin said with fear.

“Okay! You can continue!” Xiao Yu said helplessly. These goblins seemed to have been enslaved for too long, and the fear in their hearts had penetrated into their bone marrow so there was no way to rule it out.

A moment later, Xiao Yu and others came in front of a huge stone gate. This stone gate was three-foot-high. “Why is this door so big? Bloodhoof, open it for me!” Xiao Yu was surprised for a moment but he snapped out of it and then shouted.

Xiao Yu had not seen such a big door, especially this door was built of hard and unknown stone.

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