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Yan tribe leader’s expression was calm as water as he tossed two Gu towards Water Demon.

Water Demon received it carefully, he did not use his hand to grab it, but instead let the two Gu fall onto the ground.

“You did not do anything fishy to these Gu worms right?” Water Demon squinted, looking at Yan Tian Ji sharply.

Yan Tian Ji’s expression was livid: “Hmph, go ahead and refine it.”

Water Demon snickered: “Step back by thirty steps.”

Yan tribe’s gang had no choice but to comply.

Water Demon stared at the Yan tribe Gu Masters, before squatting down and picking up the two Gu worms.

He first inspected them and found no problems with them. Next, he carefully started refining the backwater battle Gu.

Backwater battle Gu had Yan Tian Ji’s will, as he cooperated with Water Demon, it allowed him to refine the backwater battle Gu easily.

Water Demon chuckled: “Very good, Yan Tian Ji, you are very tactful. Next, I will inspect the primeval stones, if the amount of correct, I will return your precious daughter to you. Don’t worry, I do not wish to be enemies with Liu Wen Wu, your daughter is still a virgin, I did not even touch her hands.”

“Hmp!” Yan Tian Ji snorted, not saying a word.

He willed and aided Water Demon in refining the storage Gu.

Water Demon’s mind entered the Gu as he saw a large amount of primeval stones, unable to control his joy as it showed on his face.

But at this time, from among these primeval stones, a Gu flew out and crashed onto him at breakneck speed.

Rank four – immobilization Gu!

“Strike!” Yan Tian Ji shouted, and the elders surrounded Water Demon quickly.

“Oh no!!” Water Demon was grabbing the storage Gu, as he was unable to move, he watched himself get surrounded helplessly.

“Water Demon, today will be your death date.” Fang Yuan rode the hump wolf as he and a large group of wolves emerged from a nearby woodland. Chapter 471: Wolf King, are you crazy?!

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“Kill!” Yan Tian Ji shouted.

In an instant, Yan tribe’s Gu Masters starting attacking, using an assortment of moves.

Water flow, starfire, white bone, firebird, all sorts of attacks were unleashed and targeted Water Demon.

Bright rainbow color lights soon shone on Water Demon’s face.

These attacks were eye-catching and dazzling, they were like fireworks in the night sky, beautiful and lethal.

Water Demon was in a dangerous situation, but he did not dodge or evade, instead he showed a cold smile.

In his eyes, a piercing eerie light burst out, the light was shining brightly as it stunned a Yan tribe elder in front of Water Demon.

This Yan tribe elder grimaced as he felt his vision blurring.

This was Water Demon, activating the rank three sight blow Gu, his gaze had a strong attack and could bypass defensive measures, directly attacking the Gu Master’s soul.

Yan tribe elder who was attacked took three steps back, trying to regain his composure.

A mere rank three sight blow Gu could only be used as a surprise attack, it caused little damage to Yan tribe elder, it could not change this dangerous situation around for Water Demon.

But Water Demon’s lips curled into a cold smile.

He activated his rank four yellow gold primeval essence, injecting it into one of the Gu in his aperture.

Rank four – Location Swap Gu!


With a light sound, Water Demon Hao Ji Liu’s body vanished, and reappeared at Yan tribe elder’s location. As an exchange, the Yan tribe elder who was attacked appeared at his original location.

“Oh no!”

“Oh no, quickly stop!”

Yan tribe’s Gu Masters shouted, such a change caught them off guard, they were greatly shocked.

They wanted to hold back on their attacks, but the attacks were already formed, they could not be stopped.

That Yan tribe elder was scared out of his wits, he frantically activated his defensive Gu, but this Gu only lasted for half a breath’s time before dying.

“Academy elder!” Yan tribe leader Yan Tian Ji shouted, seeing his tribesmen dying in front of him, engulfed by the assortment of attacks, beaten to a pulp.

“Hahaha, great, great. It seems that Yan tribe Gu Masters are all dumb pigs, you actually killed yourselves. Hahaha…” Water Demon Hao Ji Liu laughed as he raised his head, saying in a mocking tone.

“Water Demon, Yan tribe will be enemies with you for all eternity!”

“Hao Ji Liu, I will tear your tendons apart to relieve this anger in me.”

“Kill, tear this demon to shreds!”

Yan tribe Gu Masters shouted angrily, their necks turning red from agitation.

But even though they shouted loudly, none of them attacked.

Water Demon had a rank four location swap Gu, this was beyond their expectations.

Rank four location swap Gu was a unique movement Gu. One had to make contact with the other party in order to swap locations. But the use of the Gu worm not only depended on suitability, but also its compatibility with other Gu worms.

Water Demon Hao Ji Liu used the rank three sight blow Gu together with the location swap Gu. As long as his gaze attack works, it means he made contact with the other party, and he could use the location swap Gu using this exploit.

Hao Ji Liu had such a Gu worm, he was not afraid of fighting a crowd. This was why he dared to challenge the entire Yan tribe higher-ups, kidnapping Yan tribe’s big missy Yan Cui Er, and extorting Yan tribe.

Although there were many Yan tribe Gu Masters, the academy elder just died in front of them, everyone was lost and did not have any confidence at the moment.

“Water Demon, so what if you have location swap Gu? This Gu causes intense primeval essence expenditure. How many times can you still use it? I’ll tell you, we invited the righteous hero Wolf King Chang Shan Yin who had just returned, you are now surrounded by the wolf group, there is nowhere to run.” At the crucial moment, Yan Tian Ji stood up, his words were like a tranquilizer that stabilized the people.

“Wolf King Chang Shan Yin?” Hao Ji Liu’s gaze concentrated on Fang Yuan who was sitting on his wolf.

Fang Yuan had a broad shoulder and thin waist, his gaze was sharp and divine. He rode the hump wolf as he was surrounded by wolves, like he was standing at the top of a mountain, although he was silent, he gave Hao Ji Liu a strong sense of pressure.

“Wolf King Chang Shan Yin, I have heard of your name since I was young. You are not dead?” Water Demon Hao Ji Liu concentrated on guarding against the Yan tribe Gu Masters as he tried probing Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was a little more than three hundred steps away from Water Demon, he observed him from far away with a plain expression.

Water Demon’s heart shook, although the sight blow Gu had a wide attack range and could attack anyone who could be seen with his eyes, the further the distance, the weaker the attack would be. A distance of three hundred steps was the limit of the sight blow Gu, and it had zero threat once the target was further than three hundred steps away.

Fang Yuan’s location made Water Demon very uncomfortable.

This was a very peculiar distance, if Water Demon moved a step out, he could hit Fang Yuan, but it felt like Fang Yuan was trying to trick him into doing so.

Hao Ji Liu’s heart felt greater pressure: “If this person really is Chang Shan Yin, I cannot use the sight blow Gu to attack him. Sight based attacks compete the souls of both Gu Masters, as an enslavement path Gu Master, his soul is definitely extremely strong.”

“Are you really Chang Shan Yin? What evidence do you have? Hmph, your Yan tribe randomly brought one person to impersonate the Wolf King, do you think I am a fool?” Hao Ji Liu purposely snorted.

Yan Tian Ji laughed coldly: “Water Demon, you really failed to recognise Mount Tai. Is the Wolf King so easy to impersonate? When we battle later, you will feel the Wolf King’s true power!”

“Lord Chang Shan Yin, it is up to you.”

“Kill this Water Demon, get rid of a great threat to the people!”

The other Yan tribe elders shouted, trying to make Fang Yuan fight for them.

Fang Yuan sat on the wolf back, looking around. When he saw that his wolf group was at their planned location, and encircled this battlefield completely, he knew the time was ripe.

His lips curled, revealing a cold and callous smile.

He nodded slightly, the killing intent surging in his eyes: “Indeed, you reminded me, it is time to strike.”

As he said that, the wolves howled as they opened their bloodthirsty mouths, flashing their sharp claws and teeth as they charged relentlessly.

In an instant, ten thousand wolves attacked and starting killing the Gu Masters.

The grand army caused everyone’s expressions to change.

“Chang Shan Yin, what are you doing? How can you attack us?” Yan Tian Ji shouted furiously, while feeling shocked and suspicious.

“Quickly stop! We are on the same side.”

“Wolf King, are you crazy? You dare to attack us? Our Yan tribe and your Chang tribe had already submitted to young master Liu Wen Wu!”

The other elders blocked the wolves as they shouted frantically.

“That is exactly why I am dealing with you all. Go in peace, I will send the Chang tribesmen to accompany you soon enough.” Fang Yuan said hatefully, his face distorting into a maniacal expression.

Soon after, he shouted: “Hmph, I swore long ago, I will take revenge for what happened back then one by one!”

“Back then, when Chang Shan Yin fought Ha Tu Gu and the bandits alone, Chang tribe did not send a single person to help him, there were hidden reasons after all!” Water Demon Hao Ji Liu felt his heart jump as he thought of something.

He did not expect such a huge change, he dodged the wolves’ attacks as he shouted anxiously: “Wolf King, I do not wish to be your enemy. The enemy of an enemy is a friend right?”

Fang Yuan gave him a cold glance, saying lightly: “Look at you jumping all over the place, you are simply like a flea, just die together with them.” Chapter 472: Power of the Enslavement Path!

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“What?” Water Demon Hao Ji Liu was furious.

Ever since he started travelling the world, no one had dared to make such remarks about him or showed such contempt.

“Wolf King, you are too arrogant! Today, I shall make you pay the price for it!!” Water Demon Hao Ji Liu roared furiously and pushed forward with his palms.

Rank four – waterfall Gu!

His primeval essence poured crazily into the Gu, causing water vapor to fill the air, then with a rumbling sound, an enormous water stream appeared out of nowhere.

The water stream was incomparably fast, just like a waterfall crashing down from a high altitude.

The light silver rapid stream brought with it an intense chilly might as it fiercely struck the wolf group.

In an instant, over a thousand wolves died or were injured. The rapid stream spread far away, thoroughly clearing the area around Hao Ji Liu.

At the same time, Yan tribe’s Gu Masters jointly activated a Gu worm.

This was a rank five wind barrier Gu; and when activated, it formed an enormous wind. The wind was silky, and brought with it some green threads as it surrounded everyone.

The wolf group’s assault was all blocked by the formless wind. The wild Gu on many wolf kings attacked the wind barrier, but it was like a pebble falling into a sea as the attacks vanished without trace.

“How can this be?” On crescent lake, Yan Cui Er who was taken as a hostage looked at the intense battle on the lakeside with a dumbfounded look.

She had never expected the situation would develop in such a way. She, who had been the main reason of the fight previously, was now a spectator instead.

Hump wolves retreated, pulling distance from Fang Yuan and Water Demon Hao Ji Liu.

“Idiots.” Fang Yuan sneered as he looked at Water Demon Hao Ji Liu charging over, approaching closer, and Yan tribesmen who were in a defensive formation.

Water Demon Hao Ji Liu and Yan tribe leader Yan Tian Ji were two rank four Gu Masters. Moreover, there were also Yan tribe’s higher-ups; a dozen or so rank three Gu Masters, their strength could be said to be truly formidable.

However, an enslavement path Gu Master’s strength was the ability to fight an army alone!

Back then, Chang Shan Yin led his wolf group and battled higher realm experts, not only killing rank five Gu Master Ha Tu Gu, but even exterminating Ha Tu Gu’s group of valiant generals.

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