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You XiaoMo cupped his head and discarded the idea. He had wanted to give his ball team each a set of armor. Looks like that wasn’t possible anymore.

After mating for three days and three nights, Ping Pong didn’t want to face anyone, hiding in You XiaoMo’s clothes. As their owner, he really couldn’t tell that they would be so shy, they were usually so thick skinned.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Jin, what do you have to report about the two you followed?” After dealing with Ping Pong’s heat, You XiaoMo finally remembered this and set the Metal Swallowing Beast on the table.

The Metal Swallowing Beast’s expression twisted.

You XiaoMo felt that his expression was very similar to how Xiao Ping looked when shy, and his mouth twitched. “It can’t be that your heat is approaching too?”

Metal Swallowing Beast nodded shyly. He wanted to have a heat too.

Ling Xiao almost spat out his tea, choking.

“What?” You XiaoMo noticed his uncharacteristic behavior.

Ling Xiao wiped his mouth and said, calmly, “There’s only one one Metal Swallowing Beast in the entire world. He can’t change shape, so a heat is impossible, unless he’s willing to mate with different demon beasts.”

You XiaoMo suddenly stopped.

Ling Xiao asked him what was wrong.

You XiaoMo turned the Metal Swallowing Beast around, revealing his round belly and soft member. He couldn’t help but poke it with his finger. It was even smaller than his thumb. “If he doesn’t have a heat, can this thing even stand up?”

Metal Swallowing Beast struggled to get back on his feet.

Ling Xiao’s gaze slid down from the Metal Swallowing Beast’s little dick. “It doesn’t matter if it can stand up or not.”

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded. “Why?”

Ling Xiao’s gaze didn’t move. “So long as the backdoor works, everything’s fine.”

You XiaoMo and the Metal Swallowing Beast clenched their butt cheeks. That was… too harsh.

Scared out of his skin, the Metal Swallowing Beast didn’t dare randomly ‘go into heat’ anymore and informed Ling Xiao of everything he had heard in the manor. Ling Xiao then repeated it to You XiaoMo. This language barrier was a permanent thing. Not even contracting could fix it.

After Yan Hui had given Su Lang a good wake up call, Su Lang hid inside the cultivation room, refusing to come out. It seemed that it had really struck him hard, and now he was cultivating like crazy, completely throwing his mentor’s words onto the backburner. Yan Hui didn’t bother reminding him.

As for Yan Hui, he was constantly waiting for their master to contact them. These few days, he rarely left the manor. The two disciples seemed to put their master first. There were rarely any outsiders who’d visit them, so they lived like hermits

You XiaoMo contemplated for a while before deciding to continue to monitor them.

In the end, the golden winged insects finally got over their embarrassment and he sent them to the manor to keep an eye on a person each. If anything happened, they could inform the other. It was very convenient.

That day, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left WuShan Town and prepared to return to their cave.

When they left the cave, they didn’t set any restriction barriers. It was located in a rather hard to find area, so normal people wouldn’t be able to find it, or so You XiaoMo thought. However, reality rarely went as hoped.

They hadn’t even neared the cave when they sensed that there were people inside, and not just one person. You XiaoMo exchanged a look with Ling Xiao.

When they approached, they could smell a faint scent of blood.

You XiaoMo volunteered himself to check the situation in the cave. Yet, just as he arrived at the entrance, a cold light flashed towards him. The attacker acted ruthlessly and had calculated their angle. If it hit, his entire face would get slashed open.

You XiaoMo swiftly stepped backwards to dodge, throwing a kick without hesitation. Immediately, a grunt and the sound of heavy objects falling could be heard, as well as several whooshing sounds.

You XiaoMo darted inside the cave. There were no light pearls to light up the cave, but he could still see three figures in the dim light. They wore pitch black clothing, almost melting into the darkness. The one lying on the ground was the one to ambush him.

The scent of blood came from them. None of them were masked, but You XiaoMo didn’t recognize them at all.

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“I arrived not too long ago…” Gu Xijiu answered. She leaned against his arm and enjoyed the familiar scent of his body. Her emotions were deeply affected as she enjoyed his hug and was very reluctant to leave him. She cuddled him. “I miss you.”

Di Fuyi held her hand tightly as he laughed. “It is a rare sight to see you being so girly.” He touched her hand and her little face.

Both her hands and face were freezing. Di Fuyi frowned as he guided her away from the ice palace. “You are so cold. Let’s go to my house to warm your body up.”

Gu Xijiu replied, “As the moon is shining so brightly tonight, I want to take a walk with you instead.”

Di Fuyi looked up at crescent moon in the sky. He laughed at her remark. “Are you sure the moon is bright?”

Gu Xijiu also looked up at the sky and saw that the crescent moon was casting a pale light. She coughed and tried correcting herself. “It is not necessary for us to only enjoy a full moon. The crescent moon is also nice too. What’s wrong? Don’t you want to take a walk with me? Alright, I will leave now.” She tried struggling out from his arms.

Di Fuyi pulled her closer. “Alright, let’s go.”

It was a starry night, and there was a hill behind Fucang Hall. At first, the mountain was not well known. However, it had become very famous in the continent with the existence of Fucang Hall, and it was referred to as Fucang Hill.

The ice house where Gu Xijiu’s original body was sealed was located on top of Fucang Hill because it was the place with the most abundant amount of spiritual power.

There was a pathway leading up to the ice house from Fucang Hall. The path was made from greenstone, and the end of the road could not be seen in the dark.

Along the pathway, there were weeds on both sides. The weather on top of the hill was slightly warm as it was currently spring, and the weeds were getting greener. Both of them exchange pleasantries while walking.

The night wind was quite cold. Gu Xijiu looked at Di Fuyi who was wearing his pajamas. Though it was just an ordinary pair of pajamas, he looked like a god when he wore it.

“Are you feeling cold?” She was concerned about him.

Di Fuyi could not help but giggle again. He pulled her into his arm and said, “Yes, I am cold. Please, warm me up.”

Even though his clothes were quite thin, his arm felt warm. Gu Xijiu was rather cold at first, but now she felt like she was about to sweat after Di Fuyi had hugged her.

She looked at him and spoke, “It seems you have recovered pretty well. How many percent of your spiritual power has been restored?”

He had been recuperating for almost two months; basically, he was fully recovered.

“I am almost fully recovered.” Di Fuyi glanced at her and continued, “You have reached a spiritual power of level eight!”

Gu Xijiu struggled out from his arms and asked him in a serious tone, “Am I beautiful?”

She was well dressed today. She had a pair of shiny eyes, and her lips were dewy. She was wearing a blue dress, and the dress portrayed her curvy body very well. Her waist was thin and her breasts were plump. She could easily attract any man with such a body figure.

Di Fuyi suppressed his desire and said, “You are wonderful my baby! I never knew that your body figure was this good!”

Gu Xijiu chuckled. “Are you fascinated by this body? I never thought that my outlook was important to you.” She seemed to recall something and sighed. “You are also preserving my original body quite well. If it matures well, it will become a beautiful lady too.”

Di Fuyi paused for a while before replying, “Of course it will be very beautiful.”

Perhaps the ambiance was too good, and she would like to try it again. Chapter 963: The Final

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Lin Chi-Ling had been hired as the female brand ambassador of J Clothing. In an effort to challenge the Hunan Station, the Dragon Station had changed the show’s airtime and tried its best to improve the program all around.

They had also invited some famous stars, including Fan Pingping and Annie Yi, for publicity reasons. They were both talking with Lin happily.

Huang Xiaoming, who had also been invited, was sitting with his fans. By that time, he had already become known as the most handsome guy in the world. Wherever he was and whatever he did, the expression on his face was always confident.

Unfortunately, Qin Guan arrived right at that moment. Although he was the same age as Fan Pingping and Huang Xiaoming, he took the lead. The way he walked to his seat wordlessly spoke volumes about his status.

Dragon Television had set strict criteria for the audience on site. Only loyal fans with fan club certificates could get an invitation. They had to keep the competition smooth by helping the staff maintain the order. Thus, when the judges and guests started to arrive, the fans controlled themselves and tried not to get over-excited.

However, Qin Guan’s arrival broke the silence. The girls screamed out in an effort to express their love and waved LED boards in the direction of Qin Guan’s seat. The other stars felt a little embarrassed. They had only heard a couple of claps when they had entered the site.

The response of the fans was the final acknowledgement of a star’s value. Huang Xiaoming couldn’t stay in his seat. Although they were the same age, he stood up, walked over to Qin Guan and stretched out his right hand.

“How are you, Brother Qin? I’m Huang Xiaoming. I’ve heard a lot about you from Director Zhang Jizhong.”

“How are you?” Qin Guan shook his hand. “You are really polite. I thought you were older than me.”

Fan Pingping approached them. She came from the same town as Huang.

“I can confirm his words. Qin Guan is the same age as me. We were all born in 1980.”

Her words made Huang feel awkward.

Qin Guan changed the topic. “So you are the protagonist in Director Zhang’s film? It’s a good film.”

“Yes, it is. I would like to thank you. I only got the role because you were abroad at the time. I also want to thank you for not leaking the news. I wouldn’t have accepted the role otherwise.”


Because I didn’t want the audience to compare me with you!

They talked happily until the final eventually began and everyone had to return to their own seat. Qin Guan was sitting in the middle of the judge panel, so that the cameramen’s job was easier.

People were never treated equally.

When the music started playing, everyone began to anticipate the start of the exciting final.

“All the contestants of the final round will show up now,” Fan Pingping whispered to Qin Guan. She had studied them all carefully.

Qin Guan shot a meaningful look at her. Fan flushed.

“I had to get to know the next generation.”

Qin Guan turned his eyes to the stage. As Fan had said, the 10 contestants had gotten on the stage.

Qin Guan found their outfits terrible. He had worked in the fashion circle, so he was a pretty picky guy. It was fine even if they lost some equipment; Captain Sanders’ Belt was level 30 and was going to be replaced soon anyway. What Lu Li cared about the most was his experience bar. A 20% experience loss nearly left him in tears; that would be equivalent to two days of effort for him.

After using seven rare materials on the Blood Fang Altar, his experience bar had only increased by 20%.

Guild members could edit their own statuses. For example, they could set their statuses as ‘doing a dungeon’, ‘PK’ if they were on the Battlegrounds or ‘spare’ if they have nothing to do. Lu Li looked through the list of guild players to find Thieves who were on ‘spare’.

Most guild members set a status, especially those from the elite group.

Four Thieves from the elite groups joined the team – Wolf Fang, Scarlet New Moon, Insufficient Energy and Bloodlust Sun. They were chatting in the guild channel and seemed as if they had nothing to do, which was why Lu Li picked them.

These four were among the earliest members to join the guild and were the first to enter the elite group. Lu Li had also met them in real life and they were more trustworthy than the others.

“What’s up? Are we being invited to pick a fight with someone else?” Scarlet New Moon asked in surprise.

“I’ll do anything – no objections!”

Insufficient Energy was a little too enthusiastic about gaming and was one of the regulars in Fat Monkey’s battleground team. His technique was quite decent; he was a very standard PVP player.

“Since you guys are happy to do anything, come and be cannon fodder,” Lu Li sighed.

He had to apologize to them as he wanted to use these players as scouts. The reason why he had chosen players from the elite group was because the average Thieves couldn’t handle this task.

“Sure boss. Give us the location,” Bloodlust Sun requested with determination in his voice after a brief silence.

After he grouped them, Lu Li called over Hachi Chan, who had been diligently working on her quests. Of course, a little girl like herself wasn’t going to be used as cannon fodder. If the circumstances permitted so, she would revive her team members if someone died.

Self-resurrection resulted in a 20% experience drop, while there was only a 10% penalty when resurrected by someone else.

A few dozen seconds later, they appeared at the portal of the Hinterlands.

The team that had expanded to eight players set foot on their journey.

The first one to die was Wolf Fang; his level was slightly lower and so was his technique. However, the location of his death was further away from the monsters, so Hachi Chan could still bring him back.

With this method, it took them two hours to travel to the black Trial Tower.

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